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Geekscape Interviews: ‘Major Crimes’ Tony Denison

Tuesday 21st November 2017 by Alexandra Gallarza

Sanctuary City, which premieres it’s penultimate episode tonight, is said to be an emotional episode. Tensions are high. As for the rest of the season? Well, Tony Denison, also known as Andy Flynn on the show, gave us a little bit of an insight into an event that fans are anticipating, the relationship between Flynn and Provenza, as well as the end of the show.

Andy Flynn last season was benched due to health problems. He watched the building his fiancée, best friend, and team were inside of blow up after trying and somewhat successfully being the hero. This season we see him back in the field with a few moderations.

“He’s recouping his health. He’s on the mend,” Tony Denison said. “There are some really heroic things that Andy does in the show and like James [Duff] said, not to toot my own horn, but some of the acting I’ve done this season is the best acting I’ve done.”

James Duff commented on the acting of Tony Denison and Mary McDonnell in a previous interview, which can be read here.

Coming on the heels of Mary McDonnell’s character, Sharon Raydor, passing out in the middle of the squad room, there is apprehension. As Duff said in his previous interview, she puts on the breaks.

“He wants to assure her that everything is going to be okay,” Denison said, commenting on the case his character had to make to Sharon. “That I’m going to be fine. She wanted everything to be clean or else she wouldn’t have gone through with the wedding.”

As for the wedding, Denison commented that, “they lit Mary in a way that when she walked down the aisle she looked like an angel.”

The lighter episodes that always seem to be fan favorites are those that involve Denison’s character and G.W. Bailey’s Provenza, a gruff and at times cranky Lieutenant who has years of experience on the force.

While they are not having as much fun as they used to have, Denison commented that, “It’s something GW and I miss. It’s difficult for us to go onto capers that go into mishaps. Maybe if the show had gotten another year, maybe that would have happened.”

Speaking to the end of the show and the possibility that the show may come back Denison remarked, “You never know. The only thing you can be sure about is that you can’t be sure about anything.”

Major Crimes airs on TNT at 9PM EST, 8CST on Tuesday nights.