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Geekscape Games Interviews Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski

Monday 23rd April 2012 by Andy Breeding

I love my Macbook Pro. It serves me well when I want to get work done on the go or just to keep in touch with all my news feeds to stay in the loop. What it can’t do for me is jump into some Super Street Fighter 4 AE sessions with my friends while away from my gaming PC. With so many choices out there, I was able to bend the ear of Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski to get some quick answers to some questions I had.

With all the competition out there in the custom PC market, what makes Origin PC stand out?

ORIGIN PC strives to offer the most customization options, the highest performance, and the best support in the industry.  ORIGIN prides itself by delivering the best gaming experiences and productivity by offering only the highest quality parts the industry has to offer.  We offer world class overclocking and performance and we have been building award winning desktops and laptops for over a decade.  . We do this by having a team of people who understand exactly what it takes to build a state of the art, bleeding edge machine that will always support you anytime you need it. Combine all that with our FREE Lifetime 24/7 Technical Support and you pretty much have all the bases covered.

Any company can build a PC, but a real high performance PC must be focused on Customization, Service, Performance, and Technology. This is ORIGIN PC’s specialty.

Did working at EB/Gamestop give you good insight on just how ORIGIN PC would take care of the customers who purchase an ORIGIN PC product?

Absolutely.  Working retail taught me a few valuable lessons including that great service leads to positive word of mouth and that leads to more business!  Interfacing everyday with real hardcore gamers was always fun for me, because I was just like my customers.  At ORIGIN PC we always treat every call/email/live chat/forum post/social media post/etc like a friend because we want every experience with ORIGIN PC to be positive.  Even if you are just calling us to kick the tires and ask a ton of questions, we are happy to help out.  Try doing that with an OEM and your experience will be much different!

I have always built my own gaming rigs and never bought a pre-made PC. For those of us who would rather build our own, how would you try to convince them to give ORIGIN PC a shot?

If you have the time, expertise, resources, and patience to build your own PC then that is a great option.  If you decide you would rather have an experienced team of hardware guru’s build your system and provide free technical support for life then ORIGIN PC is your best choice.  We will do all the work for you including finding and testing all of the best components from around the world, and our expert overclockers will get the most out of your CPU and GPU, and then just how valuable is it that you can call us for technical support 24 hours a day for life!

Some of the custom PC makers seems to make it a point to make their systems stand out with crazy case designs and a plethora of LED’s. What made ORIGIN PC choose a more sleek and stylish design for the custom PC’s and laptops?

 We design our systems based off of what we would like in our own homes and offices.  We also offer an endless amount of customization options so technically we can make your ORIGIN PC look any way you want.

I have to know, who came up with the concept for The Big O? How was this idea first received by everyone at the office?

We were invited to participate in an annual dream PC competition by CPU magazine and they told us to build the ultimate gaming system with price not being considered.  We huddled up and came up with the Big O, a liquid cooled gaming PC and liquid cooled Xbox in one!  Everyone loved the idea from day one and that first time you play a PC game while someone else is playing Xbox is just unreal!   Oh, and if you were wondering how we did in the competition we won almost every single benchmark and took home the crown as winner of the dream PC competition.

With everyone lugging around ultra portable laptops and using handheld gaming devices for their gaming needs, is there still a place for a powerful, yet bulky, gaming laptop in this day and age?

We don’t see consoles, tablets, and ultra-portable laptops as competition, we see them as part of the gaming ecosystem.  We are gamers here at ORIGIN PC, and we play games on all different devices.  There is no doubt though, that PC gaming is the best gaming experience and when console and tablet gamers want to upgrade their experience, they will end up getting an ORIGIN PC.  Play Skyrim or Battlefield 3 on an ultra-portable and then play it on an EON15-S and you will see how much better the graphics are and how much smoother the gameplay is.  Nothing beats playing the latest game at 2560 x 1600 with all graphics and special effects maxed out.  Just thinking about it makes me want to go home and play on my GENESIS!

I am still weighing the decision of getting a gaming laptop after my talk with Kevin Wasielewski. I still hate the fact that gaming laptops are bulky and now that Alienware has killed off their M11x 11 inch gaming laptop, It seems I would have no choice but to go bulky. Maybe I can convince Kevin to make a 13 inch EON laptop?