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Geekscape Comics: Weekly Reads!

Wednesday 7th September 2016 by Karson

Last week was quiet for releases, so I’ll keep this brief, that way there are no excuses for not reading the massive amount of exciting titles coming our way this week.

👎 – Skip, read at your own risk
👌 – Okay, not great, not bad, you might find something to like here
💪 – Great, highly recommended



💪 Amazing Spider-Man #17

Slott is firing on all cylinders! This was the title I looked forward to the most this week and it didn’t disappoint! The issue had zero Spider-Man as the focus was placed squarely on Hobie Brown, the Prowler and Spider-Man decoy. The chess pieces are being put in place for what Spider-Man will face this fall. Jackal’s crew is growing and it looks like we are going to take a break from that and start to see Doctor Octopus’ return the next few issues. Start reading this series guys, it’s going to be good!


👎 Spider-Man #7

I’ve been hot and cold on this series, and to a certain extent Miles Morales as a character, since his introduction to the Marvel Universe. A few issues into this series I thought it was going to start delivering what I was hoping for, basically focusing on balancing Miles’ personal life with being Spider-Man. However, thanks to Civil War 2, we have strayed from that the past couple of issues. Instead we get to watch Miles debate whether or not he should support Tony or not. On a separate note, the art in this book is great!



👌 Suicide Squad Special – War Crimes #1

A title that had quite a bit of hype due to it’s writer, essentially the creator of the modern-day Suicide Squad, John Ostrander. I’m beginning to feel that this franchise isn’t for me. Ostrander delivers a tight plot with plenty of action and there isn’t much to critique there, it just isn’t what I want from the story. I’d prefer to see a focus on each member of Suicide Squad that makes us relate to them and cheer for them to earn their freedom. Think how the Marvel Netflix series’ make you connect and empathize with their villains (Kingpin, Purple Man). If your a fan of the Suicide Squad this is the best version of it to come out in recent months, just don’t expect it to reinvent the wheel in any way.