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Geekscape Comics: Weekly Reads!

Wednesday 24th August 2016 by Karson

Welcome back to Weekly Reads! Where we take a moment on New Comic Book Day to reflect upon last week’s titles!

Before jumping in, an update: I’m starting a small, new, hopefully weekly post titled Best Bets (you can find the first post here). Simply put, it’ll be a recommendation of the best book (or books, depending on how many high-quality titles are being released) to purchase that week. That’ll be the core, then I imagine we’ll have some other types of recommendations come out of it too. It should be a lot of fun! Weekly Reads is probably going to see some formatting changes as well, but since I’m not sure what they are yet, I’ll save that for another day.

So they say that the first step of breaking an addiction is admitting you have a problem? Well, I have a problem. I’m getting way too wrapped up in the DC Universe and it’s causing me to get behind on a lot of (often higher quality) titles that I want to be reading. If anyone has advice on trimming back your pull list, that’d be greatly appreciated 😀! Until then, let’s talk about last week in comics… or at least in the DC Universe…

👎 – Skip, read at your own risk
👌 – Okay, not great, not bad, you might find something to like here
💪 – Great, highly recommended


If you’ve been following along for awhile now, you’re probably starting to see a trend in my DC section. Namely, I praise the same titles every other week. Which makes sense because most of their titles are being released biweekly, so instead of just gushing over Green Arrow and Batman, how about I gave you a few second breakdown on each book this week?

Aquaman #5 – 💪

This issue feels a lot like Action Comics, it’s pretty much non-stop action from start to finish, and a nice little surprise waiting for you at the end. “The Drowning” story arc will conclude next issue (two weeks from now) and I’m not going to have a problem recommending the trade when it’s released, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the title so far.

Batgirl & the Birds of Prey #1 – 💁

I didn’t read it! Maybe there is hope for me after all.

Batman #5 – 💪

Issue 5 puts a nice, little bow on the “I Am Gotham” arc. It answers a lot of questions and it’s a lot of fun to see some other characters coming to aid Batman in his battle against the god-like Gotham (or Gotham Man, or whatever you like to call him). I have no problem recommending this run to friends, it looks like Batman is in good hands with King.

Green Arrow #5 – 💪

Green Arrow wraps up it’s ongoing arch this week as well. This run felt very much like Miller’s Born Again Daredevil run (high praise). If you would have asked me when Rebirth happened what my favourite titles would be, Green Arrow wouldn’t even have been a consideration, so I’m glad I gave it a chance. Definitely a favourite of the Rebirth books.

Green Lanterns #5 – 👌

This series has grown more and more on me with each issue and this week is no different. The “Red Planet” arc is in full swing and Jessica is going to have to step-up to the plate in a big way next issue to save Earth from becoming the next home of the Red lanterns!

Harley Quinn #2 – 👌

This series is far from must-read, I was suckered into it because I was surprised by the first issue. Basically, this is DC’s Deadpool, so if that’ your thing, you’ll probably like this book… or if you just like Harley Quinn, that might help too.

Justice League #3 – 👎

DC’s flagship title is probably one of it’s weakest right now. The transitions between issues are jarring and while there are big action pieces, nothing feels like it will carry any weight in the universe. I’m sure this title will hit it’s stride eventually, it just hasn’t happened yet.

Nightwing #3 – 👌

Batgirl joins Nightwing and Raptor this issue. This arc is starting to get really interesting. I’m loving
Javier Fernandez’s art.

Suicide Squad #1 – 👎

This might be the first time I didn’t like an #1 as much as the Rebirth issue that come before it. Perhaps a new Jim Lee book makes it worth the price but right now there just isn’t enough going on for me to recommend it… hopefully it picks up the pace in the coming issues.

Supergirl – Rebirth #1 – 👎

Book is technically enjoyable, just not worth buying.

Superman #5 – 💪

Action Comics isn’t the only solid super hero book on the market, Superman is almost as hot! We have Superman, Lois, their son, and Eradicator all up on the moon. Oh, and as the cover hints, the Hellbat suite! This issue was a blast.


Black Widow #6 – 💪

Every issue Chris Samnee and Mark Waid deliver a comic book experience like no other. This book is unreal.

Power Man and Iron Fist #7 – 👌

The days of Power Man and Iron Fist being must-read are now behind us, but this book is still enjoyable and only loosely connected to Civil War II (that might all change next issue). The humour still exists but isn’t as commonplace as it was the first few issues. Go pick up the first five issues and wait and see how this story pans out.


I dropped the ball…