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Geekscape Comics: First Look At ‘Uncanny Avengers’

Thursday 5th July 2012 by Shawn Madden

I will admit it is a pretty cool line-up. Anything with Havok on the team means I’m reading it. I love Havok…but why is he back in a version of his classic suit? It also appears that Cap and Thor will definitely be getting more movie inspired looks after ‘AvX’.

Source: EW



  • I tried using the AR app a few times. It was neither fun nor did it enhance the experience (or even work half the time).

  • mandatory headgear, for all!
    seriously though, that team is so freaking over-powered. can’t wait. Rouge siphoning them all at once!

  • xan

    Now Marvel’s co-opting Ron Paul? First theFav now marvel… Now wait if this is Remenders UncannyAvengers who’s that other team for?

  • That’s not a team. I blame Jon for not reading the article and stating this was a team in his podcast. It’s just promo image of Marvel characters that will be featured in their new/changed titles. By changed I mean such as Secret Avengers becoming Uncanny Avengers.

  • xan

    That’s stupid why don’t they just keep the secret avengers as is, and make a new team for uncanny, out of the the over 9000 roster of marvel’s character?… damn marketing..
    Has anyone been using/liking that AR stuff it’s not cool ruining art for such an insignificant fad. it’d be okay if it’s outside of the panels not right ontop of the action in the corner.