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Geekscape Comics: Best Bets for 9/07/16

Tuesday 6th September 2016 by Karson

Best Bet


Eclipse #1

Imagine if sunlight burned you alive. In the near future, a mysterious solar event has transformed the sun’s light into deadly immolating rays. The world’s few survivors now live in nocturnal cities. But a killer emerges who uses sunlight to burn his victims, and when he targets the daughter of a solar power mogul, it falls to a disillusioned solar engineer to protect her.

I don’t have any knowledge of the creative team of this title, and that’s because this is pretty much their big debut. Regardless, I’m betting it’ll be good from the plot description alone (and the three page preview looks good too). If you consider yourself a sci-fi fan, you should be checking this book out.

Most Excited For


Kill Or Be Killed #2

There are a lot of awesome Image titles coming out this week. The tried and true Paper Girls has a new issue hitting shelves but the book I can’t wait to read is Brubaker and Phillips’ the second issue of Kill Or Be Killed! The first issue took some turns that I didn’t see coming and I can’t wait for what’s next. It’s not too late, pick up issue #1 and #2 tomorrow and get into what could be one of the greatest comics of the year.