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Geekscape Comics: Best Bets for 12/14/16

Wednesday 14th December 2016 by Karson


A lot of so-so Marvel books hit shelves today. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Mosaic, and Power Man and Iron Fist to name a few.

More notable titles include:

lvX #1. Ok, I almost choked when I saw the price tag on this book, $5.99 is steep! Chances are the book will change the face of the Marvel Universe but the X-Men books ran me threw the dirt recently so my faith in this series is low.

Jessica Jones #3. You’d have no idea that it’s been basically 15 years since Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos first run on Jessica Jones (well, Alias). This books feels every bit as solid as their first run. Gaydo’s art has a very grounded in reality feel to it that makes the supernatural moments feel all the more memorable. The tone of this series very much matches that of Netflix’s Jessica Jones if you’re looking for more of that.


You should be reading Action Comics and The Flash, both have been great since the beginning of Rebirth.

A couple of weeks ago I advised waiting for waiting for the current, long-running, Suicide Squad story arc, The Black Vault, to finish before jumping in for Justice League vs Suicide Squad but they tricked me. The Black Vault part 8, out today, also serves as the beginning of Justice League vs Suicide Squad.

Most Excited For, Best Bet, aka You Should Probably Start Reading


📝 Mark Millar
🎨 Greg Capullo

MILLAR & CAPULLO’s epic sci-fifantasy story continues. Bonnie is captured by Dark Lands gangsters during her quest to find her missing husband—gangsters who will deliver her to evil General Frost and his boss, Lord Golgotha. But just as all hope seems lost, Bonnie’s warrior powers start kicking in.

I don’t know if the description does it justice or not. Millar’s words and storytelling is great but Capullo is knocking it out of this park with this title. His characters and world building are just off the charts good. If you’re a fan of Saga, this book will be up your alley. This third issue will probably determine whether it makes it on my Best Of 2016 list or not. Or maybe it already has a spot in it, haven’t thought about it enough.