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Geekscape Comics: Best Bets for 12/07/16

Wednesday 7th December 2016 by Karson

It’s that wonderful time of the week again, new comic book day! Choosing what to read can be daunting (and expensive!). Don’t worry though, Geekscape has you covered. Each week we give our best bet for a comic book that you’re sure to enjoy. Let’s get into it!

I just got home from a trip to New Orleans and Atlanta, so I’m putting this together last minute. I apologize for the brevity, but perhaps the less writing of mine you have to read the better? 😅


Champions #3
You all know by now that I’m not a huge fan of all these new Marvel characters and teams, but I am a huge fan of Mark Waid and right now his talent makes this material worth reading.

Avengers #2
Honestly, I can’t even remember what happened in issue #1 but if Kang is involved, it’s bound to be interesting. Plus, it’s Mark Waid. 😉

The Unworthy Thor #2
Jason Aaron might not be Mark Waid, but he is one of my favourite current writers at Marvel, and it’s great to see him working on the original Thor.

The Clone Conspiracy #3
I’ve been raving about Dan Slott’s work on Spider-Man for the past few months, but this Clone Conspiracy has been moving very slowly. Hopefully this issues kicks things into high gear again.


Eclipse #4
A relatively unknown creative team delivering an awesome sci-fi story!


Batman #12
I’ve been claiming Batman All Stars was the best Batman book on the market, but that title might actually belong to Tom King’s Batman.

Superman #12
The best Superman book on the market.

Best Bet


Nightwing #10
📝 Tim Seeley
🎨 Marcus To
I haven’t spoke much about Nightwing since Rebirth began, but this series has consistently been damn good (as was the Grayson series before Rebirth). The latest arc, Bludhaven, starts this issue and I think it’ll be worth checking out.