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Geekscape 467: A Super Showdown With Casper Van Dien And Alexander Nevsky!

Wednesday 17th January 2018 by Jonathan

It’s time for some serious Super Action on Geekscape! Longtime Geekscape friend Casper Van Dien paradrops back onto the show and brings his Russian action star buddy Alexander Nevsky along for the ride! Together, the tag team is promoting the new action film ‘Showdown in Manila’, featuring not just Alexander and Casper but an all-star action cast including Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Mark Dacascos and more! It’s an explosive time as we talk about making the film, what each of them took from their fellow action stars and the challenges of making a modern day, independent action film! Alexander also discusses growing up in a Soviet Union where bodybuilding was illegal, discovering action movies as a teenager and his coming to America to follow in the footsteps of his Super Action heroes! Enjoy!

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