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Geekscape 398: Camping Out With ‘Gravity Falls’ Composer Brad Breeck!

Tuesday 9th February 2016 by Jonathan

Brad Breeck is a musician and composer with some of our favorite TV credits, including Disney shows ‘Gravity Falls’, ‘Star vs The Forces of Evil’, Nickelodeon’s ‘Fanboy and Chumchum’ and MTV’s ‘Awkward’! He drops by to talk about how he got his start in TV composing and where he gets his inspiration… and maybe why it’s not always a plus to be first in school! I also profess my love for MTV’s ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ and we try and give Brad the perfect nickname! Enjoy!

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Jonathan is Geekscape's Editor in Chief. He started Geekscape in order to make new friends. He has yet to make any friends but everyone else seems to like each other just fine so something seems to be working. He can also be found on twitter!