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Geekscape 292: Talking Blood Kiss With Leah Cevoli and Daniela Di Mase!

Saturday 1st June 2013 by Jonathan

‘Blood Kiss’ is an upcoming Vampire Noire film from television writer Michael Reaves, that stars Neil Gaiman and Amber Benson! Yes, Neil Gaiman is acting in it! After successfully hitting their Kickstarter goals, producers Daniela Di Mase and Leah Cevoli arrive on Geekscape to talk about the project’s stretch goals as well as what a “Vampire Noire” is in the first place! Daniela talks about getting Neil involved in the project and Leah shares her love of all things vampires! Oh, and I kind of give Leah a hard time about her vampire teeth while asking if I can have a special role in the film!

Cool thing from the episode: After listening, comic book and Blood Kiss artist Tom Mandrake drew this picture of me in my starring role: