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Geekscape 281: Wrestling Insanity and the SXSW Roundup! by Jonathan

After a week off, we are back from SXSW with a bunch of reviews, news and updates about all things Geekscape! I share my love for the new ‘Evil Dead’, the insane ‘Milo’ and the incredible ‘Zero Charisma’! Shawn calls in to talk news, including the return of Veronica Mars, a director for Jurassic Park 4, Guardians of the Galaxy news and Kick-Ass 2! Brent Moore gives his report on ‘Spring Breakers’ and ‘Lords of Salem’ and former-NFL player Otis Grigsby calls in to talk Skyrim and Powerpuff Girls! PLUS! Stone Cold Steve Austin provides us with some of the weirdest callers yet!



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  1. […] If you’re a regular around these parts, the titleĀ Milo may ring a bell; Jonathan spoke rather highly of the film (among others) on last week’s liveĀ episode. […]

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