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Geekscape 255: Walking Dead TV Writer Scott Gimple by Jonathan

This episode I sit down with Scott Gimple, producer and writer on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Scott and I met while playing Left 4 Dead a few years ago. Scott and I talk about his career writing shows like Fast Forward with David Goyer and the recent Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance. And of course we talk about The Walking Dead. How does he deal with fan criticism as both a writer and a fan? Also, Scott gives advice to Geekscapists looking to start a TV writing career!

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6 Responses to “Geekscape 255: Walking Dead TV Writer Scott Gimple”

  1. […] If you’ve been following Geekscape for a while now, what you’re about to read might astound you… I’m about to heap some serious praise on The Walking Dead. Now please keep in mind that I do like The Walking Dead. I’ve read the entire comic series, have watched every episode and this past weekend played through the first chapter of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead episodic adventure title. We’re even good friends with one of the show’s supervising producers, a recent Geekscape guest. […]

  2. […] that name sounds familiar to you, it should! Scott sat down with Jonathan back in March to talk Walking Dead, Ghost Rider, and plenty of other worthy topics! Listen to the episode if […]

  3. […] that current writer/producer (and Geekscape pal) Scott Gimple would be taking over the role. Scott sat down with Jonathan last March to talk about the show, Ghost Rider, and more. Today that rumour was […]

  4. […] the best episode since The Walking Dead‘s return from Winter break (it was also written by Scott Gimple; it’s clear he’s very capable of taking the reins as showrunner). It’s been some […]

  5. […] – If you’re interested in more Scott Gimple, he was featured as a guest on Geekscape 255 in March of last […]

  6. […] things further, so take a look at the awesome first trailer below, and let us know what you think! Scott Gimple’s the man, and I think we’re gearing ourselves up for the best season […]

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