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Geek Brief Blu-Ray Review: The Warrior’s Way

Wednesday 13th July 2011 by Saintmort


I didn’t know what to expect when I put The Warriors Way in my blu-ray player. I’d never heard of this film but it didn’t look particularly good, specifically for someone who doesn’t like Kung-fu films. That being said, The Warriors Way is an unexpected good time.

The Warriors Way tells the story of a warrior named Yang assigned to kill the baby of a rival clan. Being unable to claim such a young and innocent life, he now becomes an enemy of his own clan. He runs off to America and seeks refuge in a small town that was once a great carnival. He becomes friends with the local townsfolk, mostly made up of carnies. It’s here he meets and falls in love with Lynne. Her family was murdered by an evil Colonel when she was a young girl and she has vowed revenge ever since.  Yang trains her in all his warrior ways. Meanwhile his clan has discovered where he is hiding and is on their way to kill him.

What shocked me the most with The Warriors Way was how much comedy is in it. It’s a fun mix of action, suspense and comedy. It also blends classic sameuri films with westerns that creates a delightful blend of genres.

It’s definitely not a good movie. The dialogue is pretty bad and the plot line isn’t anything new, but at the end of the day I enjoyed myself and that’s what’s important here. Unlike Relaivity Media’s follow up film Season of the Witch, The Warrior’s Way doesn’t bore you. While it goes a little long, it’s still a fun way to waste 100 minutes of your evening.



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