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Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remake Has a Trailer

Thursday 1st March 2012 by Saintmort

When I was a kid Tim Burton was my favorite director. I didn’t know who he was but based on the fact that four of my favorite movies as a kid (Frankenweenie, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice and Batman) were all directed by him it’s obvious I was a fan of his style. Frankenweenie I caught on the Disney channel one day and I assumed it was an old film being that it was black & white. And now Burton is remaking the film in the stop-motion animation style he’s become known for.

The trailer looks great, full of the same energy and fun as the original. I find it funny that this film is being put out by Disney since the original Frankenweenie led to Burton being fired by Disney for ‘wasting company resources’ on something ‘too scary for kids’.