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Fox Tries To Mix Heroes & Horror In “The New Mutants” Trailer

Friday 13th October 2017 by The_acz

Ever since the disaster that was Josh Tranks Fant4stic, the idea of a horror-based superhero movie has always intrigued people; the idea that young people are discovering their powers in horrific and painful ways could be something really interesting and fun to follow. Done wrong, however, it can come off low-budget and messy. Fox is throwing their hat in the ring for a second attempt at doing this right with The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone (The Fault In Our Stars). If any superhero group is perfect for a horror hybrid, it’s 100% no-doubt the X-Men. The trailer starts out promisingly; a young mutant is being asked about if she’s killed or hurt anyone with her powers. Sadly, as the trailer goes on, the film starts showing its cracks, as it looks a bit low-budget, descending into bad Blumhouse film territory.

Hopefully, this was just a bad trailer, as I think the idea of a horror-superhero hybrid movie could be something wonderful. Check out the trailer below for yourself and tell us what you think about it. The New Mutants will be released on April 13th, 2018.