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Five Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’!

Sunday 22nd July 2012 by Shawn Madden

So, if you have not seen The Dark Knight Rises by now I advise you to not read any further because spoilers do lie ahead.

– Christopher Nolan loves Year One. Juno Temple played a version of Holly Robinson.

If you didn’t know by now, Christopher Nolan loves Frank Miller’s work. He even once gave his brother Jonathan an issue of Year One as a birthday present. So, right off the bat, I could tell who this character was from her first introduction. If you somehow have not read nor seen (there is an animated version which is great) Batman: Year One, here is a little info on the character:

Holly first appeared in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One as a juvenile prostitute who lives with Selina Kyle. Holly plays a small but significant role in the story when she encounters a disguised Bruce Wayne during one of his early attempts at crimefighting and stabs him in the leg. Wounded by this attack and a subsequent battle, Wayne escapes back to his home, brooding on the fact that his enemies do not fear him. This encounter is an impetus for his creation of the Batman persona. As such, Holly plays an indirect role in the Dark Knight’s origin.

Now obviously the character is different in the movie, as many of them are in the Nolan-verse, and she only had a very minor role, but it is definitely a cool little nod to the fans of Year One.

– Roland Daggett from Batman: The Animated Series

Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn portrays John Daggett in The Dark Knight Rises. In the animated series, Roland Daggett runs a rival corporation called Daggett Industries. In the movie, Daggett runs a rival company and uses Bane to take Wayne Enterprises down (which doesn’t necessarily work out well for him in the end).

– Killer Croc in the sewers

Remember when Foley makes the comment about Gordon seeing “giant alligators” down in the sewer? Now, some of you are going to say that this is far fetched but hear me out.

It’s not. Because Killer Croc already did appear in the Nolan-verse. I take it that many of you have already forgotten about Batman: Gotham Knight, the animated DVD that was released which took place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight? THE SHAME!

If you didn’t, you’d realize that Batman and Gordon have already gone into the sewer where they ended up fighting Killer Croc. Yup. This was the same animated short that also saw Jonathan Crane putting someone on trial and sentencing them to death. Sound familiar now?

– Yet ANOTHER Frank Miller reference during the chase scene

Remember during the chase scene when a veteran cop tells a rookie to “sit back, you’re in for a show?” As pointed out in our recent TDKR analysis podcast, that’s a wink-and-a-nod to an almost identical scene from The Dark Knight Returns, a story which features a similarly resurgent Batman after years of retirement, once again showing that Nolan does know his source material.

All of the numerous Robin Easter eggs. Yup. Robin Eggs. Both intentional and unintentional.

If you’ve seen the film than by now you know the ending. And you’ve probably figured out that John Blake is somewhat of a mixture of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake. Grayson was an orphan in the comics while Tim Drake figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman, thus leading to him becoming the third Robin after Grayson’s first.

Did you also notice the name of the one football player to survive the field caving in?

Now, Hines Ward was obviously playing himself but they definitely could have changed the name. But maybe Nolan and company left it as kind of a nod to Burt Ward who played Robin in the television series? Intentional? Unintentional? What do you think?

And I know quite a few people that missed this one. That R is the one that Tim Drake used on his Robin suit. Now, it’s a truly “blink and you miss it” moment, but Nolan could have taken it out and instead chose to leave it.

So, while none of these are really big deals, they are cool nods to the fans. Bravo Nolan.

Now, can you think of any that we might have missed?

  • Molly Mahan

    I’d also argue that Bane’s red helmet that he wears as he enters the stock exchange is a reference to the Red Hood. May be a stretch, but I love Jason Todd that much.

  • The scene with catwoman and the kid with the apple is very similar to a scene with the Penguin in the No mans land- event in the comics.

  • I’ve got nothing to add, but this is a great accompilation! Well done.

  • Well Colin I will add one that I forgot to post. I had already published this and then I realized “F***! I forgot an important one!” If you look at the bookcase behind Bruce the first time him and Jon Blake meet…there is a red phone and bronze head statue. If you don’t get that one…it’s a nod to the 60’s Batman television show. The Bat-phone was bright read and he had a bronze statue that he a button in the head they used to access the bat-cave.

  • Supposedly, in the scene where Blake visits Bruce in his library, there’s a Shakespeare statue and a red phone on the shelf in the background, an Easter egg to the 1960s TV show! Shawn tipped me off to it after he published the story! It’s a great one! Can anyone confirm it?

  • What Shawn said… I love you, mofos.

  • Nick

    At the stock exchange when the two guys are getting their shoes shined one man asks the other how he decided to do something and the man replies “I flipped a coin”, possible two-face reference?

  • I remember catching that one too, Nick, and not knowing what to think of it. What could it have meant?

  • Darklighter

    Pretty good but I think the Burt Ward one was a serrrrrrrrious stretch!

  • Robert

    A nod to kingdom come
    when catwoman disappears while Bruce is mid sentence he turns and says “so that’s what whats how that feels”… This is the same line Bruce uses when superman bails mid sentence in kingdom come

  • Robert

    “so that’s what that feels like”… Stupid iPhone

  • ageofalexi

    Maybe it’s just me but in the scene where Bruce is getting rearmed by lucius in the underground base from the second film; the camera pans over the contents of the equipment storage droors and the forearm gauntlet in the scene is the style of dick Grayson’s batsuit from Battle For The Cowl.. Am I mistaken?

  • Wow. Not sure on that one, Alexi. I’m sure the art department had a lot of reference material. Who knows? Maybe Battle For The Cowl was one of them!

  • ILDC

    Juno Temple was also in the movie Year One with Jack Black. Playing homage to that movie is apparently more out-of-it than playing homage to Frank Miller.

  • Gossamer97

    The number of the police car that John Blake drove started with 66-
    1966 was the year that the Batman TV series started.

  • Divine

    I have some to add! These aren’t easter eggs, but some plot elements/dialogue.

    If nobody has noticed yet, Nolan’s Catwoman’s appearance comes from the 1966 TV show. The scene where Catwoman steals Bruce Wayne’s car keys is a direct copy off of an episode (it’s the 3rd or 4th in which Catwoman appears) where Catwoman escapes from Batman by stealing his keys to the Batmobile from his utility belt to make her get away!

    Also, in the first episode that Catwoman appears in, she uses the line “cat got your tongue” just as Catwoman says to Dagget in TDKR!

    Also, the scene where Catwoman hops out of the high rise window with Dagget onto a scaffold is similar to a scene where Catwoman’s henchmen are climbing into a high rise window via scaffold.

  • Ken Flowers

    Wasn’t Dr. Harlow namedropped during the plane hijacking? I don’t know about his role in the comics, but I do know he was jn some animated Batman episodes. The more recent one that I remember was at the begining of a Brave and the Bold episode where The Spectre turns him into cheese.

  • Jonny

    I’m surprised that I have not come across anyone else that has noticed it, but there is a policeman with a badge with the name, ‘Allen’ on it that can be seen outside the stock exchange. This is a clear reference to Crispus Allen, a member of the GCPD and the third Spectre.

  • Whoah! Good eyes, Jonny!

  • Michael

    Actually I think the alligators might be a reference to an episode of the animated series entitled “The Underdwellers.” It involves a villain known as the Sewer King who puts orphans to work stealing for him. He used alligators as guard dogs and there’s a lot of Dickensian overtones that jives with the film’s literary inspiration.

  • I think that they left Hines Wards make in there on purpose. If you pay attention during the national anthem, when they’re showing the players, you can see Ward’s Pittsburg Steelers teammate Ben Roethlisberger.

  • Elliot

    *Hines Ward’s NAME

  • tomboi101

    i actually noticed somethin which i think is a refrence to the dark knight returns when batman goes out for the first time in years he uses a brace for his arm and in the movie he uses it for his leg & (kicks down part of a wall) it doesnt sound like an easter egg to some but after reading the graphic novel and then seeing the movie twice it feels like one 😀

  • feicof

    Nerds!!! Get a life and your hole…

  • clairbear

    When Bane walks into the Stock Exchange you see the back of his jacket which has DCS written on it – a nod to DCS Comics?