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‘Fire Emblem: Fates’ Female Corrin Now Available As figma, Nendoroid

Saturday 31st December 2016 by Natalie Kipper

That Corrin amiibo Nintendo promised to make is still M.I.A. but thankfully, Good Smile Company is filling the void with both a figma and Nendoroid of the female version of Fire Emblem: Fates‘ hero.

figma Corrin (Female) looks graceful and is able to be posed in many positions , thanks to joints and flexible plastic in different parts. The heroine comes with two facial expressions, a calm, smiling one and a yelling one for battle scenes. She is also equipped with her trusty sword, Yato, as well as the Dragonstone. As with all figma, Corrin is packaged with an articulated stand to help support her in her various poses.

figma Corrin (Female) ships in August 2017 but is available to pre-order now at the price of ¥6,296.

If you decide to pre-order her from the Good Smile Company online shop, a bonus accessory, the Omega Yato sword, will be included as a bonus.

For those of you who prefer your warriors on the diminutive side, Good Smile Company has also created the Nendoroid Corrin (Female). The Nendoroid is also posable and comes with a variety of accessories. Unlike the figma, the Nendoroid gets both the Nohr and Hoshido versions of the Yato sword. Also included is a Dragonstone. The accessory that stands out most in my opinion are the head and arm parts that allow Corrin to perform her “Dragon Fang Shot” attack (seen in the last image). Additional facial expressions include a gentle smile and brave, combat-ready face.

Like the figma, the Nendoroid ships in August 2017 and is available to pre-order now. The price is moderately lower at ¥4,815 but there is no additional bonus for purchasing the figure at the Good Smile Smile online shop.

Which of these figures do you like best?