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Warning: Spoilers ahead! 


When we last left Ani, she had just killed a security guard, who tried choking her out, and rescued her missing person from the party. Our true detectives also secured papers that linked the mayor’s son, Osip, and members of Catalyst to the land deal Frank wanted in on. It’s also the ammo Davis needed to help bring corruption charges to city leaders.

TD 2x7 26

Needless to say, the party had a negative effect on Ani. Right off the bat, Ani confesses that she’s been waiting her entire life for man to put hands on her, giving her the excuse to kill him. This is obviously connected to what happened to her as a child, and even goes on to state, “When I ran out of the woods and they found me… ” This confused Velcoro, who was listening, and upset Ani even more once she realized she was actually talking about her experience with someone else. It’s perhaps the first time Ani has ever opened up to someone on this level and an emotional connection is established. Ani then tries to make a move on Velcoro, but he declines, stating that she’s out of his league.

The next day, Ani talks to her missing person, Emily. Emily gives some information on the pictures that kicked off the missing persons case and the search for the blue diamonds. As Emily explains it, Tasha, who was supposedly Caspere’s favorite girl to take to the parties, took pictures from the inside. She also took the pictures of the blue diamonds all in an attempt to build a portfolio to use as blackmail.

TD 2x7 x

Ultimately, Tasha ended up in the cabin we saw a couple of episodes back. In that same episode, forensics said that the blood belonged to a female, which we now know was likely Tasha. Building off this, it was Caspere’s coordinates that lead Ani and Woodrugh to the cabin, meaning that Caspere was present during the torture. Furthermore, Ani and Velcoro eventually learn that the small girl who hid while her parents were executed during the LA riots in ’92 is now in the party circuit, courtesy of Caspere.

TD 2x7 16

Woodrugh eventually informs Ani that she’s wanted for questioning in the death of the security guard she killed at the party. The situation she’s found herself in makes her realize that she needs to protect her family and sends them off to lay low for a while. She seems to make peace with everyone in this scene, even her father. She sees them off and prepares for the future.

TD 2x7 13

At the end of the episode, we also see a crosscut of an exchange between Velcoro and Ani. Both seem to connect on a more intimate level and consummate their newfound understanding of each other. I expect this to play a key role in the showdown next week.


Velcoro is also reeling from the party we saw in last week’s episode. While Velcoro does not have a heavy role in tonight’s episode, he is still very much involved. Velcoro informs Frank of Blake’s dealings with Osip and explains everything he learned at the party. This makes Frank very angry.

TD 2x7 22

Velcoro also makes the attempt to go into the city to hand the papers off to Davis only to find her corpse sitting in the car. She doesn’t look to have put up a fight, leading me to believe that she must’ve known whoever killed her.

TD 2x7 15

The prime suspect would probably be Holloway, since he seemed to be everywhere this episode. Velcoro has ultimately been set up, again, probably by Holloway, and is forced to go into hiding back at the motel.

TD 2x7 5

Eventually, he opens up to Ani, saying that he’s worried about what his son will think of him. Ani responds with, “You are a good man.”


After learning of Blake’s deception, Frank takes care of him.

TD 2x7 14

Frank also learns of everything being planned against him, which leads him to create a plan to take revenge and get out of the country. Frank secures money, plane tickets, fake passports, and some heavy firepower.

TD 2x7 12 TD 2x7 11 TD 2x7 7

It’s unlikely that we’ll see the Russians help out next week, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent some guys to lend a hand to Frank’s cause.

TD 2x7 4

On top of that, Frank burns everything the Russians have purchased over the last six months, effectively burning everything he’s spent his entire life working for. He’s also essentially burning his past and is on track to becoming a different person. There’s no going back after this, and he knows that.


Unfortunately, Woodrugh met his end his episode. I was rooting for him, too. After getting blackmailed into taking a meeting with the mysterious person behind the text messages he was receiving, Woodrugh uncovers Holloway’s connection with Black Mountain, Catalyst, and Ben Caspere. Before all that, Woodrugh hides his mom and fiancé in a small motel. At first, neither of them want to be there, but later on, it seems the mom and the fiancé bonded.

TD 2x7 20

Woodrugh then runs some errands at the police station where he figures out the Caspere-Holloway-Teague-blue diamonds connection.

TD 2x7 19 TD 2x7 17

Here, Woodrugh also finds out that Ani is wanted for questioning. All of this takes place as he’s being spied on by Holloway. The framing of this shot is a foreshadowing of how the two will meet again later in the episode. Expanding on this, it is now clear that it was Holloway who wore the Crow’s head when he shot Velcoro. The shotgun used pellets only available to cops. Now that we know that, it’s also clear Holloway dumped Caspere’s body on the side of the road, and may even had a hand in killing Caspere. According to Blake, the killers are still unknown.

TD 2x7 18

It’s likely Holloway tailed Woodrugh to the Black Mountain meeting, although it was awfully convenient that he’d just be behind the door Woodrugh comes out of. Maybe the building Woodrugh found himself in had only one door?

While waiting for Woodrugh to return, the mom and fiancé watch Splendor in the Grass. The film was released in 1961 and tells the tale of a forbidden love between a young girl and a man belonging to a powerful family. The forbidden love concept is one last callback to the strange Oedipus complex Woodrugh and his mom shared, but more importantly, I believe the last line of the film resonates a stronger message about where Woodrugh’s fiancé and mother will end up. The last line of the film is a voiceover and is as follows: “Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass of glory in the flower; We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what remains behind.”

TD 2x7 2

Well, there’s only one great thing left behind from Woodrugh’s legacy, and that’s his child. This notion is further reinforced by the last image Woodrugh’s fiancé sees after his death, which is a scene in the film in which one of the characters is holding an infant.

Overall, I thought this was a solid episode. I don’t know if Ani and Velcoro’s actions sit well with me. Earlier in the episode, Ani tells Emily that maybe she was not put on the Earth “just for fucking,” yet, Ani was sexualized right off the bat in episode one and ends up having sex with yet another peer working a case with her. I guess we’ve seen Ani be condescending and a little bit of a hypocrite all season when it comes to dealing with her sister’s sexuality, but it would have been nice to see Ani’s character make progress in that regard. I would’ve been happy if all we got was the encounter between Velcoro and Ani at the start of this episode. Still, maybe her character is progressing in that she is finally having sex with someone she has a true emotional connection with. Also, the scene was done tastefully.


With only one episode left, I think we can all expect a ton of shooting, a ton of driving, and maybe an explosion or two. The finale will also run for 90 minutes. We’ll perhaps see Holloway in his Crowman outfit, as well as find out who’s behind this empire. It can’t be the mayor, Holloway, Osip, Blake, the head of Catalyst, or the head of Black Mountain. It’s obvious they all answer to someone. Still, I believe whoever’s at the head is someone we’ve seen before. That leaves some wild guesses, including Velcoro’s father, the bartender at Frank and Velcoro’s meeting place, the two Mexicans who wanted to be besties with Frank, Ani’s father, Pitler, or even Ani’s ex-partner.

TD 2x5_17

As far as character deaths go, I can see Velcoro sacrificing himself for Ani and Frank. With Davis dead, and the details of this case leaking to the public, Velcoro won’t have much to live for other than to become a symbol of heroism for his son. Ani might end up quitting the force to pursue a different career path. A private investigator sounds right for her, but we already saw that in Marty from season one. After the exchange, and perhaps snagging a few million from the deal, Frank will be able to take his wife and live off the grid for the remainder of his life, should he choose to do so. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of that money made its way to Woodrugh’s mom and fiancé.

Got any theories of your own? Feel free the share! Until then, see you next week!

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Geekscape Games Podcast: Level 39 – ‘Congratulations China!’ Mon, 03 Aug 2015 07:01:43 +0000 Join Derek, Josh, Juan and (eventually) Shane as they discuss the last week in video games!

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This Week:

China lifts bans on video game consoles.

ZombiU getting ported to PS4 and Xbox One.

Hulk Hogan removed from WWE2k16 over racial remarks.

Terminator special character added to WWE2k16.

Paul London Hero of The Prophecy.

Nintendo TVii service stopping.

Square Enix announces DragonQuest XI PS4 and 3DS.

Castlevania Pachinko machine from Konami.

Smash Bros. update releases in US.

Valve insider speaks about the state of Half-Life 3.

Mark Laidlaw emails with Fun Haus.

Del Toro and Kojima wish to work on future projects together.

Hatoful Boyfriend.


This Week’s Listener Mission Objective:

What game should a Chinese citizen play first?

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Geekscape Interviews: Kevin Conroy of ‘Batman’ Is the Man Who Laughs in ‘Turbo FAST’ Sun, 02 Aug 2015 13:03:28 +0000 Years ago when I turned 4, I had a birthday party that was everything Batman. The cartoon on Fox Kids was hot at the time (which would soon be overtaken in the ratings by, of all things, Power Rangers) and my mother decked out the entire house. I still remember how vivid the dark blue cake was, and I still have the little figurine of Batman perched on a gargoyle somewhere in storage.

I’m not sure what I attribute my personal love of the character and his world to. The first movie I ever saw in theaters with my dad was Batman Forever, but at the same time I loved the cartoon so much. I grew up with that deep, gruff voice booming in my ears. Twenty years later, I nearly fell to the floor when I heard that voice say to me, “Hello Eric,” casual like we were getting Starbucks.

Kevin Conroy is a classical and Shakespearean-trained actor best known for playing Batman in the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, several animated feature films, and the extremely successful Batman: Arkham video game series.

This weekend, Netflix premiered the second season of Turbo FAST from DreamWorks Animation Television. In a two-part special, Turbo meets his hero The Stinger (played by Conroy) and becomes his protege until the cocky hero needs rescuing himself.

Last week, I sat down with Kevin Conroy to talk about his new role and its relation to Batman, as well as everything else Batman because I was talking to Batman.

You’re guest-starring in TurboFAST, playing a character called The Stinger. How different is playing The Stinger from your other, more notable roles? It looks like you’re letting your hair down for the first time.

Kevin: [laughs] He is in many ways, he’s everything Batman is not. He’s arrogant, he’s cocky. The wonderful thing about Batman is he’s so understated. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. He wants to do good, but remain totally anonymous. The Stinger is the exact opposite. He’s a complete narcissist. It’s so much fun playing this guy who’s outwardly similar to Batman, but just so cocky and such a narcissist. It’s so much fun.

I enjoy doing comedy a lot. There’s a thin line between drama and comedy. Comedy is basically drama in sort of a cockeyed world. It’s always funniest if you play it straight. If you play for the comedy, you kill it. You play it straight, but the whole world is slightly cockeyed. This character is, I think, hysterically funny.

How much elbow room did you have? Were you directed to be like, “Yes, play it like Batman,” or were you given more freedom than just playing it like a spoof of him?

Kevin: The nice thing about the casting process is the basically trusted my instincts as an actor. They let me play it the way I wanted to play it. I hope it worked out. I haven’t actually seen it.

Based on my understanding of you, you didn’t really grow up with comic books, but you’ve etched a legacy within them. Does it still ever catch you off-guard to think about that?

Kevin: Isn’t it wild? I love to quote the John Lennon song: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Because I didn’t plan on this at all. Yet, when the character came along, I mean, I was all geared toward classical theater, you know, Julliard, John Houseman, Shakespeare, the Greeks. That was all my early years, and Broadway.

Suddenly, the first animated role I go in on, this was the first one I auditioned for, was Batman. I had only been exposed to the Adam West Batman. The sort of campy ’60s, which is a wonderful show, but not at all what they were going to do with this. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini had to explain to me the whole Batman ethos. The Dark Knight legend, the tragedy of his childhood.

As they were explaining to me, I thought this is a classic, tragic hero. This is like a Greek tragedy. This is like a Hamlet character. This is an archetype. I can relate to that. I’ll just use my theater training. I just went to the darkest, grittiest place I could in my imagination. This voice came out of me. Taking him so seriously, so dead seriously was absolutely perfect for the character, so it was an odd, very unique kind of hand and glove meeting of my background, my lack of preconceptions about the role, my real naivety about the role, and meeting this character who’s a very classically-etched character. He’s really modeled on the great tragic heroes. It was a very unique meeting of actor and role, and it just worked out really well.

Back in high school I wrote a paper on Batman and Hamlet and how they were kind of similar. I believe it was you made that connection in another interview that inspired that paper. So thanks you for getting me an A!

Kevin: [laughs] Oh, great!

But before voice acting, actually, you were a stage actor and you also do screen work from time to time. Which do you find as an actor more comfortable for you?

Kevin: For me, the stage is the most comfortable. The stage is where the actors are in charge. Stage is the actor’s medium, film is the director’s medium, and television is the writer’s medium. The only place the actor’s in charge is on stage. I love being there. I am so comfortable there. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing that doesn’t pay. [laughs] It’s impossible to make a living there, which is why I haven’t done it in a long time. [But] I love it. I love it.

You are so associated with Batman, and The Stringer that you’re playing now in this guest role is, of course, an offshoot of that. Do you ever find your association with that character at times difficult or overwhelming?

Kevin: Typically, overwhelming isn’t an adjective I would use to describe it. What it is is I find it very humbling because he’s a really unique character culturally, in our culture. He’s the ultimate tragic hero who rises above his own adversity to do pure good for the world. He wants complete anonymity. He wants no one to know he’s doing it. It’s just a kind of altruism that’s so pure. Young people and older people, so many different ages, relate to this guy, especially young people though. They invest so much emotion in him because he’s a cartoon. He’s a character. He’s an animated character, so that’s a character that really lives in people’s imaginations. I find that audience members create a much more intimate relationship with him than they do with live action characters. There’s an intimacy with that man.

People come up to me at Comic-Con sometimes with tears in their eyes and tell me stories about their horrible childhoods and how Batman was the only friend they had or was the only escape they had or was the only sanity. A young woman came up to me in Chicago at a Comic-Con and said, “I was born in the projects on the South Side. Most of my friends are dead. I got out of there because of you.” I said, “Wait a minute, it had nothing to do with me. It was you that got you out of there. Don’t forget that.” She said, “No, it was your character. It was that world. Every day after school, I came out and you were there. It was such goodness.” I thought, wow, that’s amazingly humbling to be a part of something like that.

That’s gotta be heavy, to be told something like that.

Kevin: Well, it is heavy. That’s what I mean by humbling. He’s an amazing character that people invest so much emotion into, and then tangentially they project that onto me sometimes. It’s an odd position for an actor to be in, but it’s very humbling because he’s a wonderful character to be a part of.

One of my favorite stories that you’ve told about your impact as Batman was when you were a volunteer at a kitchen in 9/11. You’ve probably told it a hundred times already. Is there anything else you remember from that moment, how you felt that day?

Kevin: It was an amazing period to be in New York [at that time]. The thing I think people don’t realize about that week that that happened was that everyone was have that picture seared in their minds of people running from the cloud of dust as the towers were coming down … all those photos of people running away. But no one has ever seen or I didn’t see any pictures of were the people running back. The second the dust cleared, hundreds of people were running, trying to find people, trying to help. [New York] is a city of 8 million people, but it’s a lot of small communities. There’s a lot of neighborhoods in New York. Whenever they come to New York, they’re always shocked at how friendly everybody is. I always say, well, that’s because we all live on top of each other. We have to be familiar or we’d kill each other. New Yorkers are very involved with each other’s lives. Sometimes a little too much so. They’ll tell you exactly what they think of something and so we get this reputation of being very blunt.

I’m in Brooklyn right now. I totally get it, yeah.

Kevin: Or you’re in Brooklyn? Well, you get it. You get it. [laughs] The wonderful thing about New Yorkers is they’re very involved with each other. The turnout at ground zero wasn’t … There were so many people that when I first went down, I wanted to be helping with the digging and the tunneling, and they said, well, we have all the diggers we need. We have all the tunnelers we need. We need people to cook. Do you have any restaurant experience? I said, I’m an actor, of course I have restaurant experience! [laughs] You’re talking to the right guy. That’s how I ended up in the kitchen. I ended up doing a couple of weeks there.

It was the night shift, and the things you saw at night at ground zero for those two weeks after the attack were extraordinary. The human dramas. The people still looking for loved ones. The man who started screaming one night and throwing things at us in the street outside the restaurant, hurling things at us, screaming at us. The cops came out and circled around us to protect us. I thought, this guy’s going to be shot. I’m witnessing suicide by cop. He’s forcing the cops, I was sure the cops were going to have to shoot this guy. Instead, I saw them surround him, talk him down, calm him down, and then eventually escort him away.

This is happening at two in the morning with the ground zero digging going on a block away. In the midst of all that, this was going on with this guy. As the cops came back to me, I said I am so impressed with how you handled that. I was sure you were going to have to do something really drastic. The one cop said, “Well, thank god we didn’t. The reason he’s screaming is because his son hasn’t been found.”


Kevin: You know, the son probably never was found. Things like that were happening every night. It was a highly emotional period. In that moment when someone in the kitchen recognized me and said, “Hey guys, Batman’s been cooking your dinners!” Everyone roared and started clapping. It was such a great moment of release from all of that tension. It made me realize that the people who work in animation, you know, we’re not wasting our time. That it means something.

That’s incredible.

Kevin: That night the cops talked that guy down was really amazing to me.

After 20 years of portraying Batman, do you still find anything new after all this time? Does anything still surprise you?

Kevin: I’m always amazed at his decency. He goes to levels of decency that I wish I could find in myself. He is such a purely good person. It’s why he never kills anyone. He is vengeance, but he’s purely good at the same time. He’s a funny mixture of things, so there’s always more to find with him.

The second season of Turbo FAST is now available on Netflix.

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Horror Movie Night Episode 5: Frailty Sun, 02 Aug 2015 04:08:14 +0000 This episode of Horror Movie Night transports us back to the fantastic world of 2002, when Matthew McConaughey’s career was on fire, Bill Paxton was making housewives quiver, and the abundance of boy bands was a sign of the end-times. Our guest Rich barely gets a word in edgewise and adds us to his God’s Hand Killer list of naughty children; we discuss where we would like those magic hands to be placed. Listen to Horror Movie Night – it’s God’s will!

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Channing Tatum Is ‘Gambit’ After All Sat, 01 Aug 2015 17:38:05 +0000 Tatum is still a mutant!

Earlier this week it was reported that Magic Mike and Jump Street star Channing Tatum hit a rough spot in his negotiations with 20th Century Fox over Gambit, a spin-off of their X-Men franchise. If you were super into the idea of Tatum and his abs being the Cajun card dealer, you can rest easy. He’s going forward as Gambit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum and the studio have reached an agreement and Gambit continues. Somewhere, Taylor Kitsch is feeling pretty bummed.

Sources say that Tatum and the studio did hit a sensitive spot in negotiations, but such back-and-forth is a normal part of top-level talent dealmaking. The Magic Mike star’s participation hardly was in any real danger because the actor already had invested quite a bit in the superhero part. Tatum has been attached to the movie (loosely then officially) as both actor and producer for a few years and even made a surprise appearance at Fox’s X-Men panel at Comic-Con in July.

Now that’s out of the way, can we dwell on the fact that there’s going to be an official, stand-alone Gambit movie? Like, that is where I want to focus on, because of all the X-Men… GambitReally?

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Harmonix’ ‘Amplitude’ Pushed To The End Of 2015! Sat, 01 Aug 2015 03:39:26 +0000 Briefly: Back in January, celebrated developer Harmonix revealed that it would have to push its Kickstarter-funded reboot of popular rhythm game Amplitude to this Summer.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the game is taking the route of every Kickstarter project that I’ve ever backed and has been delayed once more.

Now, this isn’t just a case of shipping estimates being impossibly ambitious in order to procure more backers, but instead Harmonix has decided to vastly expand the title, and just can’t possibly finish the new content in time.

In an update to the project’s Kickstarter page, Harmonix’ Alex and Ryan detail just what’s going on:

Greetings, beloved backers!


This is Alex Rigopulos, writing to you through a cartoon speech bubble. Ryan and I are eager to fill you all in on a number big developments in Amplitude Land.


As the game came together this year, it became apparent to all of us that it was shaping up to be something really special. The gameplay is as fun and addictive as ever, the HD visuals are gorgeous and hypnotic, and the soundtrack is killer.

The game is fulfilling all of our hopes and ambitions for it, and at a certain point, we made a major call: We’ve decided to double down, increase the project budget, and make the new Amplitude bigger and better than the scope of game we originally pitched to you all last year.


I will now hand the mic over to Cartoon Ryan, who will tell you some more details.


Hey there…


Although we had originally promised about 16 songs total, we have decided to cram as much awesome music into Amplitude as possible. We now upped the total count to 30 songs! If you are a backer at the appropriate tiers, you will also get a 31st song too, voted on by the Song Senate—our group of backers that chipped in at the Song Senate tier. (Side note: In a display of true Amplitude community good will, the Song Senate decided to keep the “most wanted” song in the main game soundtrack, instead of keeping it all to themselves. THANKS, SONG SENATE!)


You guys may also recall that early in the dev cycle, we decided to add a concept album wrapper to the otherwise vanilla solo mode. This is all new for Amplitude and we think it adds a bit more depth and interest to the game and the songs themselves. The core campaign now includes 16 all-original songs, written in-house by our amazing musicians. You have heard some of these tracks in past posts and at the conventions… songs like “Decode Me” and “Wetware”.


In addition to the basic play modes that were promised originally, and the single path/single environment in which they would be presented, we decided to expand both of those dimensions by adding 2 more playable environments, unique path topology per song, and more play modes. We are now shipping a solo campaign, solo free play, 2-4 player “free-for-all”, and an all-new team play mode (1v3, 2v2).


Over the course of the project, we created the original nanoblaster and the backerblaster, and also made 3 additional nanoblasters for players to choose from in solo and multi play. (v0.9 Chubs is my personal fave, displacing v1.1 Raven)


We have added leaderboards, allowing players to compete asynchronously against each other online for score, both per-song and across the whole game.


Oh! One last thing: There is a new, still-to-be-announced way to play the game that will change the way you think about Amplitude’s 6-lane track. More on that at a later date! Now back to Alex.


Thanks, Cartoon Ryan. So that’s all of the good news. Now for the bad news that comes along with it: It’s impossible for us to finish all of these extra songs, environments, features and modes on the same schedule. Our previous target for shipping the game was this summer. Now that we’ve committed to this expanded scope, though, we won’t be able to complete and ship the game until the end of this year on PS4 (with the PS3 version coming shortly thereafter).


Kickstarter backers who paid for the “early access” reward will be able to play the PS4 version in December, prior to the holiday break. For everyone else, the PS4 version will become available in January. (We’ll follow up with the exact dates in December and January for PS4 as soon as we have them. PS3 will follow shortly behind.)


We know that this schedule slip will be a disappointment to many of you. (Frankly, it’s disappointing to us as well, as we’re all dying to play the finished game…) However, our judgment was that our highest priority is to deliver the best game we possibly can to our fans—the definitive version of Amplitude. We want to over-deliver for our biggest supporters, and that’s simply going to require some extra time.


Some of you might wonder—will this delay mean that synchronous online multiplayer will be added? I’m sorry to say, it will not, as that is impossible within our budget means for this game, even with the expanded budget. However, our hope is that this release of Amplitude will be successful enough to justify a sequel or feature expansion pack that could include this. In the meantime, the newly added leaderboard system will enable plenty of heated asynchronous online competition!


Finally, I should add that the physical rewards are beginning production, and we’ll have more news on those in the coming weeks.


From the whole Amplitude team, thank you for your continued support and patience. We think that when you see the finished product at the end of this year, you’ll agree that the wait as been worth it!

TL;DR? Basically, it’s coming in December for early access members, and January for everyone else. Game modes have been expanded, and the track list has increased from a decent 16 to a whopping 30 tracks.

Sound like a good reason for a delay? Yeah, I thought so.

Are you looking forward to playing the Amplitude reboot? Sound out below!

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’s Second Season To Consist Of 15 Episodes! Sat, 01 Aug 2015 03:19:52 +0000 Briefly: I’ve felt a little iffy about Fear The Walking Dead since the companion series was first revealed. Sure, the world wants as much The Walking Dead as it can get (you do know that there’s a comic book and incredible video game too, right?), but would this series simply be the same show in a different location, and without the survivors we already know and love?

Hell no. After having an opportunity to speak with the cast and producers of the series at San Diego Comic-Con (more on that this August), my qualms have disappeared, and I’m now simply excited to see where East Los Angeles, and the beginnings of the infection take this dysfunctional blended family.

Then, of course, the trailer came out, and solidified my excitement for this starkly different production.

It definitely looks as though we’ll have no shortage of our new survivors, as at the ongoing Television Critics Association press tours, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed that season two will consist of 15 episodes.

THR’s Lesley Goldberg has learned that the series’ second season will likely be split in two, just like in The Walking Dead proper.

I wonder what short of split we’ll see next year. I imagine we’ll see the first seven or eight episodes in the Summer, and the remainder in the Winter when The Walking Dead is on its Christmas break. This mean’s we’ll be seeing plenty of the under all year round, which sounds both awesome, and a little bit exhausting.

Are you looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead? Sound out below!


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Changing the Questions: A Tribute to Roddy Piper Fri, 31 Jul 2015 23:40:13 +0000 My friend Will is moving to Los Angeles on Sunday. This afternoon I was having dinner with a group of friends when a got a text message, “Can you do the Hot Rod passing write-up?”

What? Hot Rod? He can’t mean Roddy Piper can he? He was just in the news like… two days ago. I saw Jonathan post a picture of his brother on a set with him. I listened to his podcast a few days ago. Hot Rod can’t possibly be dead. Not now. The wounds of losing Dusty Rhodes haven’t even healed yet.

I got back into wrestling two years ago. Prior to that I hadn’t watched it for almost two decades. While most kids my age have memories of Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and D-Generation X… I have different memories. Having skipped the “Attitude Era” I grew up loving people like Hulk Hogan, Irvin R. Shyster and of course Roddy Piper.

Hogan was obviously my favorite. I was a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s… obviously I was a Hulkamaniac. But I also loved “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. It wasn’t until years later I found out he was the Bad Guy. I just knew he was a funny bad-ass who rocked a kilt and beat up people with coconuts.

Piper’s 40+ career contained countless accomplishments including 34 championship reigns, cult films, podcasting and countless WrestleMania appearances (including the main event in the first ever Wrestlemania). Piper broke new ground with his unscripted interview segment “Pipers Pit” which is still spawning imitators in the WWE even today.

Today the wrestling world lost a legend… a controversial, out-spoken man who was always changing the questions just when we thought we knew all the answers.


“Rowdy” Roddy Piper
4/17/1954 – 7/30/2015

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The Stars of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ Dish in Sweet New Featurette Fri, 31 Jul 2015 14:29:17 +0000 From Dusk Till Dawn returns to El Rey on August 25th at 9 PM EST. You have 624 hours (give or take) until the season premiere to catch up on season one, so what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Until then, El Rey has uploaded this sweet featurette centered on the pretty people whom you probably watch television for in the first place. It’s bite-sized, so que it up on your YouTube quickplay for your lunch break.

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‘ZombiU’ being ported to PS4, Xbox One, and PC as ‘Zombi’ Fri, 31 Jul 2015 04:50:32 +0000 After 3 years of being an exclusive for the struggling console, the survival horror game ZombiU is now making its way to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 18th as just Zombi. The game received mostly praise with it’s initial Wii U release, most of it which came from the very smooth integration of the Wii U Gamepad. I had the chance to rent the game back when it launched and felt it was a pretty solid experience. It should be noted that Zombi will be released only on digital platforms, so people hoping to snag a physical copy of the game are in for some disappointing news. Here’s the official announce trailer for the game. Will you be picking up Zombi when it launches?

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Watch The Teaser For ‘Beasts Of No Nation’ – A Netflix Original Film Thu, 30 Jul 2015 18:35:44 +0000 Beasts of No Nation‘ is Netflix’s first foray into original films. The film, based on Uzodinma Iweala’s 2005 novel of the same name, follows a young West African boy (Abraham Attah) who is forced to join a unit of mercenary fighters when a civil war tears his family apart. The boy is put to the test by the group’s Warlord (Idris Elba) who takes the boy under his wing, and molds him into a soldier.

Beasts Of No Nations‘ is scheduled to begin streaming on Oct. 16

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Win These Sweet ‘Lucha Underground’ Posters in Our Exclusive Contest! Thu, 30 Jul 2015 15:47:11 +0000 Last night, Lucha Underground aired Part One of its crazy “Ultima Lucha” season finale, and next week on August 5 will be the one to end it all. To celebrate, we’re holding a contest from now until the 5th for these SWEET Lucha Underground posters, courtesy of our friends at El Rey!

Courtesy of El Rey Network. Courtesy of El Rey Network. Courtesy of El Rey Network.

Five (5) lucky winners will win these three of Johnny Mundo, Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma posters. Here’s how: On our Facebook page and/or in the comments below, tag your best friend and give us your best luchadore tag-team name! That’s it. It’s silly, it’s goofy, and it’s all you gotta do to hang up these badass posters in your man (or woman!) cave.

You have from now until next week, August 5th, when Lucha Underground closes out with Part Two of its “Ultima Lucha” finale on El Rey Network. Good luck!

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Chris Pine To Play Steve Trevor In ‘WONDER WOMAN’ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 14:26:17 +0000 Steve Trover wonder woman

Chris Pine has signed on to play Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot in ‘Wonder Woman’. Pine joins the DC Movie Universe in a multi-picture deal that includes sequel options. In the comics Steve Trevor serves is a primary love interest for Wonder Woman, but its being reported that he would have a much bigger role than just that in the movies.

‘Wonder Woman’ will be a part of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as shown in that awesome Comic Con trailer due out March 25, 2016.

The ‘Wonder Woman’ solo movie hits theaters on June 23, 2017.

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Tommy Lee Jones Has Been Cast In ‘Bourne 5″ Thu, 30 Jul 2015 13:18:54 +0000 tommy-lee-jones-cowboys-john-wayne

Variety is reporting that Tommy Lee Jones has joined the cast for the upcoming ‘Borne’ 5 movie , stating that the role is most likely that of a superior officer at the CIA. Similar to the ones portrayed by Chris Cooper, Brian Cox, and David Strathairn in the previous ‘Bourne’ installments, meaning that Tommy Lee Jones’ character will probably be the one leading the hunt for Jason Bourne. So pretty much his character is set up for failure in this movie, since Bourne has yet to be ever caught in the film franschise. Tommy Lee Jones is not stranger to tracking down fugitives. In the role of Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard in the 90’s hits The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals, it was his task to track down fugitives that were later to be proven to be wrongly accused and set up.

Alicia Vikander and Julia Stiles are also on board to join the next installment, with Stiles reprising her role as Nicky Parsons.

‘Bourne 5′ is set to be released on July 29, 2016.

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Will Rachel McAdams Join The Cast Of Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Film?! Thu, 30 Jul 2015 06:30:00 +0000 In Rachel McAdams’ own words to the L.A. Times, “it’s still super-early days, and I don’t know where that’s gonna go, if it’s gonna go anywhere at all,” but word that she’s considering taking a leading role across from Benedict Cumberbatch—in the title role—of Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange is very exciting news. McAdams reliably turns in strong performances in romance (The Notebook), comedy (Mean Girls), action (Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes) and is lately proving her dramatic chops with True Detective. (Check out Geekscape’s coverage of True Detective here.)

Honestly—hopefully, without spoiling anything—I’ll admit that I was most into the Sherlock Holmes films when she was most on screen and part of the storyline. Hearing others in Hollywood tell it, McAdams already seems a sort of ethereal presence in Tinseltown—preferring to stick closer to her Canadian roots rather than getting lost in the glitz and glamour—which could naturally bring just the right energy to Doctor Strange.

Credit: Andrew Robinson
Credit: Andrew Robinson

If she ends up with the, as of yet unnamed, role in Strange, she’ll be joining Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor as well as Cumberbatch in the Scott Derrickson (writer/director of Sinister and Deliver Us from Evil) directed adaptation. I’m not sure if Derrickson’s resume gives me enough to get a bead on how he’ll handle the Strange film but I did sorta appreciate some of the choices he made directing the 2008 remake, The Day the Earth Stood Still. Overall, that film got a pretty cold reception and only almost made its budget back in stateside box-office receipts—but I doubted any update would ever be able to fill the big shoes of the original in the first place and did my best to remain open to it from there. I’m curious to see what Derrickson will do with Doctor Strange—want to give him a shot—but mostly I’m worried. I really want to see Strange a success—especially with the cast being assembled!—and I’ve got my fingers crossed.

As far as which role McAdams may be considering, at this time we can only speculate. So I will!—I’m speculating it’s Clea. I mean, who else? The Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension—she and Doctor Strange are practically a package deal—it makes sense to me. McAdams has that kiss of otherworldly beauty; all she needs is the white hair. Depending on what sort of origin story is told, if Strange is already sort of established from the beginning, the film could be the story of meeting Clea and facing off together against Dormammu! We could then extrapolate that Swinton may be Umar and Ejiofor may be Dormammu, yeah?

Let’s hope there’s a bit less speculation and a whole lot more details soon!

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Empire Debuts New Stills From ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’! Thu, 30 Jul 2015 05:56:14 +0000 Briefly: Still feeling mixed about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Even after that much better SDCC trailer? Really?

Well, maybe this new batch of stills from the latest issue of Empire Magazine will help.

The stills feature (naturally), both Superman and Batman, as well as Wonder Woman (in Diana mode). Supes definitely looks pissed in one of the shots, and we also get a great shot of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne getting ready to suit-up.

You can take a look at the images below, and be sure to let us know if you’re excited for the upcoming film! Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres on March 25th, 2016!








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MTV’s ‘Scream’ Renewed For A Second Season Thu, 30 Jul 2015 05:40:39 +0000 Briefly: Well, it’s not Teen Mom, but MTV’s found another hit in its Scream television series.

In response to the show’s impressive ratings, the network has renewed the series for a second season.

The official tagline for the series is “Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. Everyone is fair game,” and I have to say that, even though I don’t really remember Scream (I was a young boy when the first film released), I’m intrigued by the self-aware musings of the series.

MTV EVP Mina Lefevre notes that “W] are thrilled by how our viewers have responded to the reinvention of Scream. We look forward to another season filled with suspense, horror and more twists and turns.”

Have you been watching the series so far? How does it hold up to the films? Sound out below!

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Sam Claflin of ‘The Hunger Games’ Hints Joining ‘Power Rangers’ Wed, 29 Jul 2015 21:23:11 +0000 I had a hunch that Lionsgate were going to cast Power Rangers out of Hunger Games. I knew it.

ComicBook has picked up that The Hunger Games‘ Sam Claflin (I don’t know who he is either) tweeted “Go go power rangers.” a few days ago. In that exact spelling and punctuation. He seems very enthused. The tweet has been deleted, but ComicBook saved it.


Without remembering a single second of him on screen, he’s probably their best option. Handsome, white, inoffensive, with a superhero build? He’s obviously being looked at for Jason, maybe Tommy, but I don’t think Tommy would be introduced in the first movie right away, would he? Also, I thought Lionsgate were looking for totally new, totally unknowns, and Sam’s got like 500K+ followers on Twitter. But if you’re not Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, or Josh Hutcherson then who are you really, amirite?

Whatever. I’m game. So long as none of them are younger than me then I’m just fine.

Power Rangers, which will be directed by Dean Israelite with a screenplay by X-Men: First Class writers Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller, is slated for Jan. 13, 2017, for some reason.

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Universes Merge In This ‘Lego Dimensions’ Story Trailer Wed, 29 Jul 2015 17:47:35 +0000 It’s no secret at this point that Lego Dimensions is bringing over a dozen different universes into one huge game, ranging from Scooby Doo to Doctor Who. But how exactly do these characters come together? If this question has been keeping you up at night, WB Games has released a new trailer detailing the story of the game.

Primarily featuring the characters included with the Starter Pack, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle become caught up in a plot from an evil being who’s attempting to merge their worlds together. If you needed a sample of just how much we can expect from Lego’s Toys To Life game, the trailer includes appearances from Robin, Bane, Frodo, The Wizard Of Oz‘s Emerald City, Superman, Metropolis, Scooby Doo and so much more. Check it out below!

What do you think? Is seeing all these characters coming together as surreal to you as it is to us? And who else did you spot that we might have missed? Tell us in the comments, and make sure to check back for more Lego Dimensions news as we get closer to its Septebmer 29th release date.

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The ’13 Hours’ Trailer… Does It Mean Redemption For Michael Bay? Wed, 29 Jul 2015 16:24:31 +0000 Over the last ten years, Michael Bay has blessed us with not one, not two, NOT THREE, but four Transformer movies.  Aren’t we lucky?  If it’s possible, each one less successful than it’s predecessor (this coming from a Michael Bay fanboy).  So, when news broke that Bay would be handling a story based on true events in Benghazi, Libya titled ‘13 Hours’, my interest was piqued because it was finally something different (yes Pain and Gain also came out in this time period, but it was typical Michael Bay flash with no substance).  Now that the trailer has dropped for his new film, my interest has skyrocketed!  Check it out below:

The film based on true events follows a team of “security operators” who attempt to repel a terrorist attack on the United States embassy in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.  You can 100% tell from the trailer that it is a Michael Bay film based on the cinematography and score alone, but this looks to be a more sophisticated and reserved director who doesn’t look to be leaning on comedic elements like he often does in his films.*crosses fingers*

The film much more resembles Black Hawk Down, Lone Survivor or Zero Dark Thirty than it does any of Bay’s previous work.  Granted this is just a two minute snippet of a two hour movie, but this first look, and Jim Halpert looking yolked, is extremely promising.  ‘13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ is set to be released on January 15, 2016.

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