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The animated series from Community‘s Dan Harmon and House of Cosbys’ Justin Roiland follows a sociopathic scientist who drags his unintelligent grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe, and it’s absolutely freaking hilarious.

If you haven’t seen the show, I’d implore you to give it a shot. It’s one of the funniest things that I’ve seen on Adult Swim in some time, and Harmon and Roiland have created an absolute masterpiece. Seriously, the parodies and homages here are beyond perfect.

Back when it was renewed, Harmon said that “I am excited to make as much Rick and Morty as Adult Swim allows, and I’m relieved to be in a time slot of no strategic value to CBS”, while Roiland added “I am humbled and super excited by the positive response to the show, and we have no shortage of ideas for future episodes.” So hopefully that means this year won’t be the last we see of the series.

You can take a look at the brand new trailer below, and be sure to let us know if you’re excited! Rick and Morty returns on July 26th!

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Three Times The Nado: Watch A New Trailer For ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No’ Sat, 04 Jul 2015 05:10:18 +0000 Briefly: I am way too excited about this movie.

Yep, it looks fucking awful, just like the first two. But it also looks completely, undeniably, awesome, just like the first two. And with David Hasselhoff and likely a bunch of other unexpected cameos, July 22nd really can’t come soon enough.

Today, a new trailer for Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No debuted online. I think that I laughed more times during this trailer than during the last comedy that I saw, and that’s saying something. It would be really tough to not applaud Syfy here, for turing something that must have started as a joke, into a freaking trilogy.

Take a look at the trailer below, and let us know how you’re planning for the next Sharknado.

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The 11 Best Metal Songs In 90’s Horror Movies Sat, 04 Jul 2015 04:59:20 +0000 After assembling a list of the best 80’s heavy metal songs in horror movies, my brain was still swimming with more questionable horror movie metal. To alleviate it, I decided to write the next chronological entry in my quest to document metal songs in the consecutive decades of horror. Enjoy!

11) Soak – Me Compassionate (An American Werewolf in Paris)
Barely metal, but it was pretty sinister in the context of the movie (werewolf rave scene) than it’s actual execution. Overshadowed on the soundtrack by Bush’s best song ever, ‘Mouth,’ but that one’s even less metal, so Soak gets the mention. Congrats, I guess?

10) Judas Priest – Bloodstained (Bride of Chucky)
Bride of Chucky’s soundtrack reads like a who’s-who of 90s metal, but this Priest song is the only listenable song for me anymore. “But SLAYER!” you say… Well, I’ve never liked their slower stuff and South of Heaven bores me to tears. Marilyn Manson? Never been a fan. Coal Chamber! Meh. Process of elimination leaves us with Tim “Ripper” Owens screaming for someone to clean! this! carpet!

 9) Stabbing Westward – Save Yourself (Urban Legend)
I know, I know, it’s technically industrial and not metal, but I feel like the two were close enough in the 90s to warrant a slot on this list. It’s also a fitting song for a slasher flick, though of course the original subtext was drug addiction, since what industrial song wasn’t about drugs?

8) Fear Factory – Scumgrief (Hideaway)
You knew Fear Factory would eventually show up on this list somewhere. Dean Koontz hated this movie so much that he begged Tristar to take his name out of the opening credits. It was so bad, he only allowed Phantoms to be released after he saw the final version. I’ve seen Hideaway, and can back up Mr. Koontz’s assertion that this is indeed total crap.

7) Type O Negative – Summer Breeze (I Know What You Did Last Summer)
Another movie with a great soundtrack from start to finish, I Know What You Did Last Summer inspired me to get my hair cut exactly like Freddie Prinze Jr. Don’t say anything, it was the 90s. I’m sure my parents were first delighted I was learning a Seals & Croft song, then immediately disappointed when I cranked the distortion and added my best Peter Steele impression.

6) Two – I Am a Pig (Idle Hands)
I always loved this song but never knew who it was by until compiling this list, so I was pretty excited to find that Rob Halford sang it. The entire Idle Hands soundtrack was killer, but as with I Know What You Did Last Summer, the songs were all over the place and I’d say this is the best metal song from the movie. That said, ‘Beheaded’ by The Offspring is the overall best track. And best band cameo ever. Hands down.

I can’t take any more of these puns, I’ll try to contain myself.

5) System of a Down – Marmalade (Strangeland)
No list of 90s metal would be complete without SOAD. I may take heat for not putting Anthrax or Pantera here instead, but I prefer Marmalade to anything else from Strangeland. This movie basically felt like a soundtrack vehicle, with songs from most of the big nu-metal bands of the late 90s (and a bunch of nobodies). I have no desire to revisit most of it, so let’s just stick with SOAD. I broke Dee Snider’s heart by not picking the Twisted Sister song. I hope he understands.

4) Triumph – Troublemaker (Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth)
It’s 1991, you’re a big-time movie executive at Dimension Films, wearing a suit with huge shoulderpads, smoking a cigar and propping your crocodile-skin shoes up on the boardroom table. “We need more Cenobites for a new Hellraiser movie. How about one with CDs impaled in its head?” Applause, tears of joy, gnashing of teeth; Hellraiser 3 gets made.

3) House of Lords – O Father (Dr. Giggles)
I was only recently exposed to the spectacle of Dr. Giggles by my friend and podcast co-host Matt Saintmort when I visited him this spring. I didn’t catch this song in my first viewing, but came across it looking for the soundtrack from the film. While not as shred-tastic as most other entries here, it’s length and power metal vibes cement its #3 slot. Bonus points for parallelling the daddy issues which lead to Dr. Giggles’ rampage. Giggling intensifies!

2) Laaz Rockit – Leatherface (TCM3)
This one didn’t make the cut in my first list, mainly because it’s a thrash song, but I couldn’t exclude it here. TCM3 is almost a complete waste of time, unless you want to see Viggo Mortensen act kind of weird and (another) chainsaw duel. Skip the movie and go straight for the soundtrack, chocked full of thrash songs from Death Angel, Sacred Reich, and Wrath, as well as the custom-written title track. The stupid chorus gets stuck in my head constantly and I love it.

1) Morbid Angel – Rapture (Night of the Demons 2)
Who would’ve thought a death metal song would top this list? Aside from being a hearty slice of Florida DM, Rapture was featured in arguably one of the most awkward dance sequences I’ve seen on film. Angela somehow survived the first film and decides to table-dance to Morbid Angel in hopes of luring boys into her demonic bosom. Or something. There’s also a Super Soaker full of holy water involved, which is pretty much the most 90s thing I can imagine.


Non-metal honorable mention:
Birdbrain – Youth of America (Scream)
Gob – Paint It Black (Stir of Echoes)
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta (Disturbing Behavior)
The Offspring – Beheaded (Idle Hands)
Goo Goo Dolls – I’m Awake Now (Freddy’s Dead)
Letters to Cleo – Dangerous Type (The Craft)
Brother Cane – And Fools Shine On (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

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Watch Two New Promos For ‘Scream Queens’! Fri, 03 Jul 2015 05:05:16 +0000 Briefly: Well this looks completely ridiculous, and totally awesome.

Fox has just debuted two new promos for Ryan Murphy’s highly anticipated Glee and American Horror Story follow up, Scream Queens.

“Wallace University is rocked by a string of murders. Kappa House, the most sought-after sorority for pledges, is ruled with an iron fist (in a pink glove) by its Queen Bitch, Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts). But when anti-Kappa Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) decrees that sorority pledging must be open to all students, and not just the school’s silver-spooned elite, all hell is about to break loose, as a devil-clad killer begins wreaking havoc, claiming one victim, one episode at a time. Part black comedy, part slasher flick, ‘Scream Queens’ is a modern take on the classic whodunit, in which every character has a motive for murder…or could easily be the next blood-soaked casualty.”

The show is set to premiere on September 22nd, and with an all-star cast including Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis, this one is sure to do well ratings wise. As a fan of both Glee and American Horror Story, I can’t wait to see what sort of messed up world Murphy has come up with this time around.

Take a look at the promos below, and let us know what you hope to see in the series!

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‘Deadpool’ Looks Bad-Ass In New Photo! Fri, 03 Jul 2015 04:50:28 +0000 Briefly: Along with those brand new The Walking Dead season six photos, EW has just debuted a new image of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

And he looks so freaking cool.

The article reiterates that Reynolds has been looking to play the character for over a decade, and that this time around, it’s really, really Deadpool, and not that crap that we saw back in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Producer Simon Kinberg is also very adamant that “Deadpool is a hard R,” which is beyond exciting for fans. Take a look at the new image below, and be sure to let us know if you’re excited for the feature. Deadpool hits theatres on February 12, 2016!

deadpoolSource: EW

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New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Images Feature Daryl, Glen, Maggie! Fri, 03 Jul 2015 04:38:27 +0000 Briefly: We’re about a week away from seeing the first trailer for The Walking Dead‘s sixth season (it’s likely coming at Comic-Con), and AMC today debuted the first three images from the upcoming season.

Sure, they’re totally boring and not nearly as cool as the SDCC poster for Fear the Walking Dead, but WOOHOO WALKING DEAD!? Right? No?

In any case, you can take a look at the images below, and be sure to let us know what you hope to see next season, The Walking Dead season six premieres in October!




WD3Source: EW


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Check Out This Amazing Leaked Alpha Footage Of ‘Star Wars Battlefront III’ Thu, 02 Jul 2015 19:59:51 +0000 DICE and EA are gonna be PISSED that this stuff leaked, or it is all a clever ruse to pump out some Alpha Test footage and get the hype train going at full steam. Check out what our friends over at All Games Beta have curated.


۞ by AGB-Videos

۞ by AGB-Videos

۞ by AGB-Videos

It is really comforting to see the quality in game matches what we saw at E3 this year, and that even though the game size has been nerfed (20 vs 20), the battles seem to be very intense.

Star Wars Battlefront III hits stores this November 17th on PC, PS4, Xbox One

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Geekscape Movie Reviews: Magic Mike XXL Thu, 02 Jul 2015 15:28:53 +0000 It’s hard to believe, but it’s been three years since critics fawned over filmmaker Steven Soderbergh’s “male entertainer” drama, Magic Mike. While the movie sparked the rejuvenation of Matthew McConaughey’s career, one that ultimately landed him in Oscar history after his Best Actor win for Dallas Buyers Club, I was one of the rare voices that recommended audiences to look elsewhere. However, with a continuation of Magic Mike XXL that’s sure to bring the ladies to movie theaters in massive numbers, I must admit that this second go-around is a more fun and engaging adventure than the original.

The story picks up in real time and Mike’s (Channing Tatum) been out of the stripping game for a trio of years, working hard to keep up with production and costs at his custom furniture company. But after a shocking voicemail puts him back in touch with some “Kings of Tampa” friends from his old job, he learns that the remaining guys plan to take their talents to the Myrtle Beach strippers convention for one last money-raining blowout. Torn between whether or not to join them on the trip, Mike decides he can’t say “no” to a final adventure with his boys.


First things first, I need to give credit where credit it fully due. As someone who religiously bashed Channing Tatum throughout the early stages of his career, it’s about time that I vocalize my new-found respect for him as an actor. Tatum stood toe-to-toe with the Oscar nominated performances of both Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo in last year’s Foxcatcher, and he backs it up with a funny and heartwarming reprise in Magic Mike XXL. The sequel succeeds as a wild bachelor-style road trip where hysterical bro-mance banter paves the way for countless unforgettable onscreen moments. Yes, at the end of the day Magic Mike XXL targets lustful female moviegoers, but there are enough hilarious “boys will be boys” moments to keep the after-thought boyfriends and husbands content with the selection as well.


Despite the film’s modest ceiling, there aren’t many hindrances to Magic Mike XXL‘s overall quality. Clocking in at a lofty 115 minutes of screen time, the movie is paced surprisingly well. Although there’s a noticeable lull in the feature’s mid-section that’s held together by a cameo from former NFL Hall of Famer, Michael Strahan, like you’ve never seen him before, it becomes a distant memory once the story picks back up. Outside of that tiny blemish, my only other miscue would be that Magic Mike XXL provides a somewhat anti-climactic finale. However, these shortcomings are merely bumps in the road for an otherwise effective film.

The franchise’s first installment harped on a more dramatic angle while this new inclusion allows the guys to let loose. As a result, we’re given a highly entertaining and laugh out loud experience. Channing Tatum’s largely developed acting skills lead a collection of odd-ball characters that audiences of all genders will connect with automatically. Magic Mike XXL isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it embraces its absurdity and delivers all the necessary ingredients of a fun-filled summer-time title.

GRADE: 3.5/5

Find other reviews and write-ups at MCDAVE’s host site

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E3 2015: ‘One Piece Pirate Warriors 3′ Continues To Prove That ‘Dynasty Warriors’ Makes Everything Awesome. Wed, 01 Jul 2015 06:40:10 +0000 Look, if you’ve played any of the One Piece Pirate Warriors games, you don’t need me to tell you what to expect. Even if you haven’t, but played anything from Hyrule Warriors to Dynasty Warriors, this upcoming game based on the insanely popular manga series is going to be more of the same. With that said, this is far from a bad thing, since it’s been proven time and time again that the wackiness of Luffy, his crew, and his enemies lends itself quite well to destroying hundreds of enemies at a time. Promising to be a bigger, more realized version of the entire One Piece experience, our hands-on time showed that it’s on a path to do just that.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 E3 Screen 1

As you would expect from any type of Warriors game, this 3D beat em up will have you choosing from one of the many characters introduced across the hundreds of episodes One Piece has aired. Covering everything from when Luffy first set sail from Fushia Village to the latest story arc in Dressrosa, and told through a 3D comic book/cell shaded hybrid visual style, it’s safe to say that you’re going to be playing this for a VERY long time.

Naturally, all of this story content is amplified by the huge amount of people, (and reindeer,) you’ll be able to take down entire armies with. From the main crew consisting of Luffy, Zoro, Chopper, Nami and the like, all the way through Shanks and Ace, and new characters like Sabo, Donquixote, Doflamingo and Fujitora, you’ll never have a time where you feel like the game is too short on characters. If one isn’t enough, you can even take a partner with you into battle, triggering screen clearing special and double team attacks when the right conditions have been met. Did you expect anything different from an anime title?

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 E3 Screen 2

As you progress, the main goal is to travel across the map and capture bases, which usually involved beating down waves of enemies until a boss shows up. Objectives change as the game progresses, with the hopes of keeping the repetitiveness to a minimum. Even then, if you’re a One Piece fan, (and seriously, what are the chances you’d be reading this if you weren’t,) then it’ll be its own reward to see your favorite characters on screen, using their insane abilities to do what they do best. And based on the episode count, it’s definitely fighting, not actually finding treasure.

If you’re not a fan of these kinds of games, it’s not likely that Pirate Warriors 3 will change your mind. However, if you love the anime, love beat em ups, or love games with a ton of content, then this latest One Piece title is shaping up to be worth setting sail for. Make sure to stay tuned as more details emerge, and be sure to check back for all your gaming coverage!

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is set for a Summer release on the PS3, PS4 and Steam.

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Watch The First Trailer For ‘Creed’! Wed, 01 Jul 2015 03:57:31 +0000 The official trailer for ‘Creed’ is finally here released! The film stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Johnson, the son of Apollo Creed (who died before he was born). With the help of his father’s old rival, Rocky Balboa, he will try to make his way to a title shot.

I’m really digging this trailer a lot. It really showcases Michael B. Jordan and leaves Sly as an ancillary role as his trainer. Also lets hope history doesn’t repeat itself, last time Rocky trained a boxer it ended in a street fight with Tommy Morri err… I mean Tommy Gunn!

Take a look at the trailer below, and let us know what you think!

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Geekscape Games Reviews ‘Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation’ Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:50:47 +0000 When I heard that Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory was getting the remake treatment in the form of a third Re;Birth game, I was curious to see how that would turn out. After all, part of the purpose of creating the remakes in the first place was to improve on the first two games by designing them with the game play mechanics of the third title. So when it came to recreating Neptune’s most recent canonical adventure in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation, the game takes chances with tweaks to the game play mechanics, more plans to create, new story scenes, and larger environments. While it’s reassuring that the game is more than a copy paste job, not all of these updates are for the better.

Our return to Gamindustri is met with complete apathy from our CPU heroines. After enjoying years of peace after the events of the previous games, Neptune and the others have spent their time playing video games all day while neglecting their work, (which hits a little too close to home.) As word of restless citizens forming an organization that seeks to create a world without CPU’s spreads, Nep is finally forced to create some goodwill by getting off her butt and working for the people. As we’ve learned many times over however, work sucks, which is proven since Nep’s questing results in her getting transported to an alternate universe based on gaming in the late 80’s. Now stranded without her CPU powers, Planeptune’s goddess must help Plutia, this dimension’s constantly sleepy, (and secretly sadistic,) goddess of Planeptune, and the alternate versions of Noire, Blanc and Vert, while restoring her strength, fighting off the mysterious Seven Sages who look to rid Gamindustri of the goddesses, and building up enough energy to return home.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 Screen 5It wouldn’t be Neptunia without endless gaming references.

For those who thought the second game was had toned down the humor too much compared to the constantly lighthearted story of the first game, V Generation takes the narrative back to its roots along with its original protagonist. Rarely serious, the story serves as a parody of the game industry from the NES days, with bits and pieces of modern gaming mixed in. One of the highlights of the dialogue aside from the constant fourth wall breaking and gaming reverences galore, (does anyone else remember Fighting Vipers?), is to see how events such as the rise of Sony, the fall of Nintendo, and Xbox’s oversees struggles play out. These scenes are an interesting love letter to those who have been following the industry for so long, acting as a reward for playing in its own right. With that in mind, the experience would be even more enjoyable if more of it was voiced. It seemed like the dialogue here was only displayed through text more often than its predecessors, which was a bit disappointing.

Exploration is essentially the same as its always been, choosing which country you want to go to by selecting it on an overworld map. In addition to obtaining missions through the guild, shopping for items, or talking to the citizens of Gamindustri like in past games, a news based broadcast called the Nepstation debuts to break up the action at the start of every chapter. Usually delivering a humorous retelling of past events, selling bulk items, or offering in game trivia, I found this to be a small, yet memorable addition to the map. Once in a dungeon, the leader of the party plays an even larger role, with unlockable leader abilities that boost the whole party. Special challenges increase stats or award Plans as they are achieved as well, so actions like running or jumping a certain amount, attacking enemies in the field to initiate battles, or even accomplishments in battle like taking damage or landing a certain amount of hits all lead to these boosts, giving players an extra reason to rotate their party and its leaders.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 Screen 4Nearly every action, (or non-action,) will boost your stats.

Game play wise, battles are largely unchanged, but the way special attacks are handled was altered into a different beast,  resembling something more similar to what was featured in the original version of the second game. In this full range turn based battle system, characters move in real time while they position themselves to center as many enemies as they can in their attack range. Each weapon and ability has its own attack area, making positioning vital to achieving victory, (no pun intended.) Broken down into three types of attacks, Rush builds up the EX/SP meter faster with multi hit moves, (we’ll talk more about the meter soon,) Power does more damage, and Break weakens enemy shields, allowing more damage per hit when completely broken. Starting with three attacks for every turn, unlocking EX attacks that trigger based on how full your SP bar is, and using items to synthesize extra attack slots now give each character the opportunity to use five attacks each round.

While this all sounds almost exactly like the previous games, the biggest change comes with the removal of the EX meter and integrating it into the SP meter. In the past, the SP meter was used to pay for special attacks, and was replenished by attacking, using items or leaving the area to recover it in full. The EX meter on the other hand, was a separate bar that was shared by the party. It could only be filled by attacking, and could be used to allow EX attacks, (as mentioned above,) or pay for EXE Drives, ultimate abilities that served as the quickest way to defeat bosses. While this system was admittedly easy to exploit and abused to breeze through tough fights, the new system makes it much harder to do so.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 Screen 3The flashiest attacks now come with a huge price.

While trying to strike a better balance is all well and good, I found that aspect to be the only advantage of the new, (old?), system. With the two meters combined, the SP meter is divided into four segments, which also act as the levels of the EX meter. Using EX attacks drains the meter, while each character gets their own instead of sharing it. Draining the bar at the wrong time will leave your characters stranded with their standard attacks while they rebuild their SP, so wasting it is a surefire way to crash and burn. The reason why this comes off as much more tedious is that leaving dungeons no longer replenishes the bar, forcing you to either use a ton of items, or grind out hits against weaker enemies until it fills. Considering how even transforming now costs a fifth of the bar on top of the EXE Drives and SP attack costs, you’ll find yourself spending more time than you want to fighting for the sake of having fully functional teammates again. But the absolute biggest flaw is that unlike past games, most of the single character EXE Drive attacks have to be unlocked, while the ones unlocked throughout the story are mostly double team moves. While powerful, these attacks use up 50% to 75% of the meter for BOTH characters, making half of your four person party essentially useless against bosses unless that attack was the finishing blow. Even if it is, guess what? More SP grinding!

Once you reach the late game chapters, you’ll be begging for the exploitable EX meter to return too, if for no other reason than to keep yourself from shattering your Vita in a blind rage. While Re;Birth 1 had its share of difficulty spikes, and Re;Birth 2 was a bit too easy for my tastes, this third game literally goes from one end of the spectrum to the other, sometimes in the same dungeon. There’s nothing more frustrating than blowing through all of the standard enemies in a dungeon with one turn KO’s, worried that you’re over-leveled, to getting one or two hit KO’d by bosses in those very same dungeons. I’m all for a challenge when it comes to my games, but I would also want it to build up over time. Re;Birth 3 doesn’t do this, making grinding, item hoarding, or blind luck a must to advance through the late game, a factor I didn’t encounter with its predecessors.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 Screen 1You’ll need those extra attack slots to survive the late game battles.

That’s not to say that Re;Birth 3 doesn’t have its fair share of improvements. Most prominently, the frame rate in battles and dungeon exploration has been improved to display a smooth, steady pace. Big attacks don’t chug along as noticably, and running through the maps are free of the slowdown that served as an annoyance in the prequels. Ironically, it’s with fixing another past complaint that the slowdown rears its ugly head again. Another long running issue is the amount of reused maps. While this game doesn’t do away with them, new dungeon designs constantly pop up while old ones are expanded with new or bigger rooms, with the ability to expand them further with the Remake system. In fact, while some are reskins, Re;Birth 3 contains more dungeons than any other games in the series by a large margin. However, when the bigger maps show up, so does the slowdown, biting off a bit more than the system can chew processing wise. The same is true with battles, since some feature many more enemies on screen at once. As you can probably guess, more enemies means more slowdown. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate the effort to expand the scope of Gamindustri, it’s just funny that these expansions undue the improvement to the more stable framerate.

Outside of these areas, Re;Birth 3 has also revamped some of its side content, including treasure hunting, creating plans, and the dreaded Stella’s Dungeon scout mini game. Instead of scanning the area for hidden items, each map hides at least one invisible Nep block. Mirroring the exploits of a certain plumber, hitting these blocks uncovers coins to buy items with, while weapons, armor or plans appear in rare instances.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 E3 Screen 1Iris Heart tends to terrify friends and foes alike.

Speaking of plans, there are so many more this time around, bringing the best out of the Remake System. Basically a form of synthesizing from other RPG’s, the Remake System creates everything from new weapons, items, armor, outfits and dungeons, to changing the menu voice, battle music, adding attacks, changing the difficulty, and unlocking solo EXE Drives amongst many other features. On top of the discs that can be burned to create custom perks for your character, and its clear how customizable this game can be, more so now than ever.

Lastly, the Stella mini game from Re;Birth 2 returns, but manages to actually be enjoyable rather than terrifying and tedious. By equipping her with her own armor, weapons and partners to boost her abilities, Stella now climbs the Neptral Tower as she collects items for the party and herself. If you send her farther than her abilities can sustain, she’ll be KO’d by monsters, losing her armor and partner along the way. What helps me maintain my sanity this time around is that good equipment is easily obtainable if you do lose, and partners are recovered in a snap as long as you can reach the floor they fainted on. But most importantly, each map only takes about an hour or two of real time to passively progress depending on how far you are, even in sleep mode. Unlike the dungeons that could take literally over a day at their worst, only to fail right at the end, I would eagerly turn on my Vita JUST to check on Stella’s progress. Considering how much the original was universally reviled, to the point where separate DLC was released to make it manageable, to say this change is for the better would be an understatement.

Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 Screen 2You’ll actually want to play Stella’s Dungeon this time around.

When my time with Re;Birth 3 drew to a close, I found myself with an enjoyable, more ambitious effort than the previous games, with some fundamental flaws that keep it from being as great as its predecessors. Victory players will appreciate the expanded story, new translation, improved plan system, new maps and bigger environments. Re;Birth newbies will still find the laugh out loud humor and addicting battle system intact with the third game, with further improvements to Stella’s Dungeon and treasure hunting. Unfortunately, difficulty spikes, a tedious change to the SP Meter, and a story that’s a bit drawn out hold it back. Still, this retro trip through an alternate Gamindustri is one worth taking, and continues Neptunia’s trend of being one of the best RPG series found on the Vita. Want a lighthearted, self aware romp through a video game about video games? You can’t go wrong with Nep! Now, bring on Victory II!



+ Neptune is back with the same laugh out loud humor we’ve come to expect from the series.

+ The game runs smoother than before, with a more stable frame rate in most cases.

+ While some of the dungeons are still repeats, plenty of new maps compliment the old ones, which nearly received universal expansions.

+ Stella’s Dungeon is actually playable!

+ Both the Remake and battle systems feature many more options, and are expanded in ways to keep them as addicting as ever. With that said…

– The new SP/EX Meter mechanic renders EXE Drives nearly useless, forcing unnecessary item or battle grinding to replenish.

– The later portion of the game suddenly spikes in difficulty and suffers from poor pacing.

– While bigger dungeons and more enemies on screen is appreciated, these areas are when slowdown rears its ugly head once again.

– The story drags, with no clear goal or progression from about the half way point through right before the end of the game. Not to mention the villains aren’t all that threatening.

Final Score: 4/5

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Here’s The Awesome Comic-Con Poster For ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Tue, 30 Jun 2015 06:30:45 +0000 Briefly: So this poster is awesome.

AMC today debuted the official San Diego Comic-Con poster for this Summer’s anticipated The Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. We’re bound to see this poster everywhere next week, as The Walking Dead typically has a huge presence at the convention.

We know the series is set in Los Angeles, and this poster features a pretty big LA landmark, along with the tagline ‘fear begins here’. The ominous footprints are what really make the image, however, as those are clearly not the steps of a regular, un-infected human.

Take a look at the image below, and let us know what you think! Fear The Walking Dead premieres later this Summer!


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Geekscape Mobile: ‘Pokémon Shuffle’ Headed To iOS, Android Tue, 30 Jun 2015 05:45:26 +0000 Briefly: One of Nintendo’s first forays into free-to-play is 3DS hit Pokémon Shuffle. The game launched back in January, and since then, over 4.5 million players have downloaded the insanely addicting puzzler.

Today, Nintendo revealed that the game is set to take over the hearts, minds, and batteries of smartphone users everywhere when Pokémon Shuffle hits iOS and Android devices later this year. Just like the 3DS version, the game will be free-to-play (with in-app purchases, of course), though the mobile edition will also be ad-supported.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it plays pretty similar to Bejewelled or Candy Crush, except it’s way, way better. In the game, “your goal is to clear various stages by lining up the same Pokémon and clearing these matches from the puzzle area. Within each puzzle stage, you can deal damage to the wild Pokémon you face by lining up three of the same Pokémon to clear them. Battle and try to catch the Pokémon before you run out of moves.”

Take a look at the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile trailer below, and let us know if you’re excited!

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The ‘Amiibo Rap’ ‘Pokérap’ Parody Is Freaking Perfect Tue, 30 Jun 2015 05:29:14 +0000 Briefly: As an avid Amiibo hunter, this video was too hilarious not to share.

Many readers will remember the famous Pokérap from the insanely popular anime series, and YouTube creator D-Piddy has taken the gotta-catch-’em-all mentality of many Amiibo collectors and created the perfect mix of the two.

Take a look below, and get ready to have the tune in your head forever. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry.

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New ‘Ant-Man’ Clip Shows The Suit In Action! Tue, 30 Jun 2015 05:20:23 +0000 Briefly: Following the sweet international trailer from just last week, Marvel has just debuted the first official clip for next month’s Ant-Man.

I’ve been pretty on-the-fence on the film since its troubled production began, and especially following that less-than-stellar first trailer. It’s been a long time coming, however, and as the release approaches, the film’s ever improving marketing has definitely been raising my interest, and at this point I can’t wait to line-up on July 17th.

Today’s clip marks the first time that Paul Rudd uses the Ant-Man suit, and it’s pretty freaking awesome.

In the film, “Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world”

Take a look at the clip below, and be sure to let us know what you hope to see from the feature! Ant-Man hits theatres on July 17th!

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Geekscape Weekly TV Review Tue, 30 Jun 2015 04:38:28 +0000 Summer TV is now in full swing, with plenty of new offerings and some returning favorites. As the resident “you watch too much TV” guy, I’ve decided to entertain the idea of weekly reviews (after my failed attempt at a podcast) of everything television has to be offering over the Summer. This week, I’ll be covering ‘Ballers’, ‘True Detective’, ‘Halt and Catch Fire’, and ‘Mr. Robot’. I’ll be switching it up as new shows premiere, or as new ones gets my attention.

Ballers: S1E1 a “Pilot”

ballers.15.16 PM

At face value,  Ballers might seem like the love child between Entourage and Arli$$, but has more potential to takes us a little deeper than the aforementioned series, and bring something far more to the table. The pilot served mainly as a introduction to the characters, their faults, and the struggles within the life of being a NFL star, current or former. Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) is a former NFL player who had to retire early due to injury, who has been hired by Jim (Rob Corddry) as a financial manager at a top Miami financial firm. Jim openly admits that the only reason he hired Spencer was due to his access to his NFL friends, whom he sees as potential clientele. Overall, I enjoyed the pilot and I’m hoping for an even stronger second episode, maybe brining a sense of overall plot of the series so it can (hopefully) break away from any of the Entourage comparisons and be its own show.

Grade: C+

True Detective: S2E1 – “The Western Book of the Dead”

True Detective

The second installment of this anthology is here and boy does it have big steps to follow. This season, the story follows three officers portrayed by Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, and a crime boss played by Vince Vaughn. I admit I had to re-watch the first half of the episode because I was so lost and confused at what was happening. The first episode plays out in mini story lines of each character and at the end there is a murder that will bind them all together. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve learned about each character so far.

Ani Bezzerides (McAdams) is into presumably weird sex play, weird enough to throw off her friends with benefits. Her father comes off as a hippie cult leader, her sister is moonlighting as a cam-girl. Let’s just say that she’s got some serious family issues.

Ray Velcoro (Farrell) is a broken man trying to get custody of his son (who may not be his since the mother was raped 9 months before the kid was born), hates bullies and has a SERIOUS drinking problem.

Paul Woodrugh (Kitsch) has been accused of soliciting a BJ in exchange for not arresting a movie star, has a dark past that has left him literally scarred, and is probably suicidal exhibited by driving down the highway with the lights off going over 100mph.

Frank Semyon (Vaughn) is the crime boss with a “heart of gold”, lets see how long that lasts. Frank and Ray have a history together, and Ray is somewhat of a muscle man for him now.

I really think that we are going to get something different this season and its going to be great. I know last season i found myself caught up with the hidden meanings of the show and playing the “whodunnit” game. I will try not to get caught up with that this season.

Grade: B

Halt and Catch Fire: S2E4 – “Play With Friends”

halt and catch fire

Mutiny is still in disarray after the latest of Gordon’s blunders. They have to cut games and offer stocks instead of a paychecks resulting in fan favorite, YO-YO,  leaving the company. The the riff between Cameron and Donna gets wider after Cameron decides to scrap the online chat feature. Donna pleads with her to at least try it before she makes her final decision and after some reluctance, shoe does. Big mistake. Cameron decides to chat with one of the programmers about Donna and her marriage and kids, inadvertently sends the message to everyone, including Donna.

John is kicking ass and taking names! This guy is rising up from the ashes of his former life that has been burned along with the truck full of the Giant computers. Deciding he wants to feel useful and not fade away he decides to take on a role at Mutiny, going over their business plans and buy trying to regain the lost “White Whale” users with his southern charm.

Joe makes a power move at his new job, trying to configure servers for 24 hour access against the wishes of his employers (and without their consent). He manages to blackmail Gordon into doing it and in the same note Gordon decides to blackmail him back by setting up Mutiny with a sweetheart deal to host their games on the said servers. In reality Gordon is feeling useless and bored, he needs this to occupy his time and to feel need and important again. One thing for sure is that Gordon has put Mutiny in a collision course with Joe McMillian and his harebrained scheme, will it work out for them this time? Probably not.

After a long day of ups and downs and the ladies reconciling, Cameron decides to finally blow off some steam and join in the Mutiny dart gun fights, which sets in motion a revolutionary new idea. Cameron and her new beau come up with the blueprints for a whole new online gaming platform, first person shooters. Along with the beginnings of a massive online chatting platform, Mutiny seems to be headed down the right track. Side note, during the inspirational dart gun fight, one of Mutiny’s guys lets out a Wilhelm scream when he gets shot. I almost lost it.

Unfortunately it seems the number of viewers for this show is really low. Lee Pace might be a part of a new “brilliant but cancelled” tv show if the numbers keep up this way. Here’s hoping for some better DVR and App viewing numbers.

Grade: B+

Mr. Robot: S1E1 – “”


For whatever reason, I’m not much of a fan of USA Network shows, with the exception being Monday Night Raw (which is not a show they produce). That being said, the ads for Mr. Robot kept intriguing me and I decided to watch the pilot. I’m sure glad I did, as I thoroughly enjoyed the show and the nuance of the main character Elliot (Rami Malek).

Elliot works as a cyber security technician for a tech, who also moonlights as a vigilante hacker. In the beginning we See Elliot track down the owner of an unassuming coffee shop with unusually high and top of the line internet bandwidth. After some digging around, he exposes him for the runner of an internet child pornography site and has taken control of his servers and locked him out of his own system. It leads you to believe that hes trying to extort money from the owner but in reality he was trying to stall time for the police to show and not give him time to try and shut it down. A taste of Elliot’s prowess over computers and his psyche on taking down those that do wrong. This leaves him conflicted when he has to do work for the E (-vil) Corp stopping a massive attack on their systems, where he uncovers a message left for him to do the “right thing”. After trying to track the group, he’s approached by a homeless Christian Slater who ends up being the leader of the hacker group. Mr. Robot lays out the plan to him, set up the CEO as the person being the attack and topple all their systems.

Grade: B

What have you enjoyed watching thus far this Summer? What are you still looking forward to? Sound out below!

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Vertigo Films Headed To New Line! Tue, 30 Jun 2015 04:14:37 +0000 Briefly: In an interesting (and unexpected move), Deadline has just learned that Warner Bros. is moving its DC/Vertigo titles to New Line Cinema while it keeps busy with the upcoming tentpole films from its main DC lineup.

The lesser-known Vertigo titles are far riskier than the main DC titles, so it’s a smart move on Warner Bros. part. If the films flop they can avoid blame, and if they do well they can still take credit.

Currently. the most anticipated Vertigo film is Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. This is Joseph Gordon-Levitt pet project, who has been attached this for the past two years. Other Vertigo titles include Constatine, Preacher, and Lucifer, though we’ve heard nothing of film projects for those titles (though we can’t wait for AMC’s Preacher series).

What do you think of the move? Are you more excited for DC’s tentpole pictures? Or the less traditional Vertigo stuff? Sound out below!


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E3 2015: ‘Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul’ Mon, 29 Jun 2015 06:30:22 +0000 Action anime are a dime a dozen these days, especially with the international rise of popular series’ like Dragon Ball Z. Even then, outside of your DBZ’s and Sailor Moon‘s, there were so many popular anime to come out of the late 80’s and early 90’s that still remain firmly in niche status, despite their huge following in Japan. One of the biggest examples of this is Saint Seiya, dubbed Knights of the Zodiac in the West. With such insane levels of action, a huge cast of characters to explore and loads of power ups, it’s following here is smaller, but passionate all the same. With a new anime series debuting, it sounds like the perfect set up for a game, right? We sat down with a hands on build of the upcoming fighting game to see if Seiya’s big return is one to get excited for.

Saint Seiya Soilders Soul E3 Screen 1

Developed by anime fighting game veteran, Dimps, Soldiers’ Soul looks to cover a ton of ground, so even those unfamiliar with the source material should be able to get caught up quick. Following the Twelve Zodiac Temples arc through the battle with Hades, the game promises to deliver these, and other storylines across the series’ many chapters, its biggest moments will be retold through some fancy 3D cutscenes. Brought to life even further by the original Japanese voice overs, as well as English, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese subtitles, now the whole planet can enjoy the narrative! Or at least most of it…

While playing, it’s clear that the cutscenes aren’t the only part of the game getting gorgeous visuals. Watching the game in action looks close to what you would expect from 3D CGI scenes in an anime film. Taking a 3/4ths diagonal perspective that swings to a traditional side view as the fighters draw closer, this fully 3D fighter feels reminiscent to the perspective of the  DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi series combined with the special move mechanics of the recently released Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure brawler, and the core mechanics of the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series.

Saint Seiya Soilders Soul E3 Screen 3

Fast paced combos are performed using three of the face buttons, each with varying strength. A tap of the shoulder button will teleport you behind an enemy when you’re stuck in a combo, but this can only be triggered a certain amount of times before you’re stuck with playing defensively. If the course of the fight launches you into the air, new aerial combos and range variation attacks keep the battles flowing smoothly, mirroring the absurd levels of awesome the anime can reach. By building your Cosmo through either fighting or charging up, Seiya or one of the many other fighters will be able to unleash powerful special attacks, which are perfect for finishing off opponents who are on the ropes. Basically, everything you could want from a solid anime fighting game is found in Soldiers’ Soul.

With a varied cast, (complete with their Gold Saint and God Cloth forms,) fast paced fighting, beautiful graphics and a smooth, 60 FPS frame rate on PS4, and it’s looking like we’ll need to be ready to add a potentially great fighting game to our radars.

Any Saint Seiya fans out there? Tell us about your favorite moments in the comments, and look for Soldiers’ Soul when it launches on PS3, PS4 and Steam this Fall.


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E3 2015: ‘Sword Art Online: Re Hollow Fragment’ Takes Fan Feedback To Heart Mon, 29 Jun 2015 05:00:46 +0000 Back in August, when Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment released for the PS Vita, it was generally agreed that the game was serviceable for fans of the popular anime and manga series, but its slow battle speed, grind heavy game play, and poor translation ultimately kept it from being as great as it could have been. With that in mind, Namco Bandai has gone back to the drawing board with Sword Art Online: Re Hollow Fragment, taking fan feedback to make an improved version of the game. Joining many other popular Vita exclusives and jumping ship to the PS4, our hands on time showed that in this case, the move to consoles is like night and day.


Sword Art Online HF PS4 E3 Screen 1

If you missed our review of the original game, Hollow Fragment picks up at the end of the first half of the anime, branching off into its own “what if” scenario as Kirito and his friends continue to climb the 100 floors of Aincrad. Still stuck within an MMORPG where players who die in the game die in real life, the group must fight to survive long enough to complete the game, which will set all of the survivors free.

With the ability to team up with characters from the show, (some of which haven’t appeared yet at this point in the story,) level up abilities and weapon skills and build relationships with those around you, each floor has its own set of challenges and bosses before you can proceed to the top. The second part of the game is the game exclusive Hollow Area, where the meat of the game lies. Here, players can explore its huge environments with a friend through co-op play, or pair up with another CPU teammate to tackle its challenges. Featuring over 100 hours of game play if you were to complete everything this massive game offers, that time is likely going to be cut down thanks to the sped up battles.

While playing, it was instantly noticeable how much faster the game moved. In what felt like it was close to twice the speed, each one of Kirito’s attacks took much less time to cast and execute. Considering the game plays similar to what you’d expect from KOTOR or the original Dragon Age, the real time turn based combat never felt plodding like it did before. Naturally, this change applied to your teammate as well, forcing you to stay on your toes with a larger sense of urgency, especially when taking the praise mechanic into account. Trying to send the appropriate message to your partner to boost their morale mid fight was as important as ever, while managing your aggro, skills and health to take down tough enemies.

Sword Art Online HF PS4 E3 Screen 2

Thankfully for us, the game play wasn’t the only feature to get a boost from the new hardware. After being reformatted for big screen HD gaming, the world of Sword Art looks much more vibrant with its brighter colors and smoother frame rate. While cycling through the battle banter, the new translation was immediately noticeable, replacing the awkward wording and sentence structure with something that resembles functional English! It’s obvious that the localization team and developers learned from our complaints of the original, which will hopefully leave us with a more enjoyable SAO experience.

From what we’ve seen so far, Sword Art Online: Re Hollow Fragment seems to improve on the Vita version in nearly every way. If you missed out on the original or want an excuse to run through the game again, this is looking like your best chance to experience the definitive version of the game. With a second game, Lost Song, also launching this year, it’s clear to see why this is a good time to be a Sword Art fan.

Look for both games for PS4, with Lost Song returning to the Vita this fall.

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E3 2015: ‘Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel’ Is The Crossover Fighter We Never Expected! Sun, 28 Jun 2015 05:00:12 +0000 Typically, when you think of crossover fighting games, you think of some of the biggest games the genre has seen. From Marvel vs. Capcom to Street Fighter X Tekken and even Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, (okay, maybe not that last one,) pitting characters from different universes is always a huge selling point for fans of multiple franchises. Someone at Examu, the developers behind the Arcana Heart series of fighters, must have felt the same way, and are now teaming with the visual novel developer, Nitroplus, to create a fighting game spanning their multiple universes. The only problem is… I honestly have no idea who these characters are! Still, all that matters is whether or not it plays well, and so far, Nitroplus Blasterz is shaping up to be another great fighting game in Examu’s growing catalog.

Nitroplus Blasterz E3 Screen 3

Boasting an easy to pick up and play combo system, each character that I played with in Nitroplus Blasterz had their own unique gimmicks to help them stand out. Some use guns, many use swords, and one even grew flesh and destroyed everyone in her path Tetsuo style, each of which draw their move set from their source material. Some may be more recognizable than others to Western audiences, but characters like Saber from the popular Fate/Zero are sure to help bridge the gap between those who are new to these series’. With the promise of more characters that have a bigger presence in the West, including the popular Super Sonico, (who was regulated to a support character role in the arcade version,) we’ll look forward to seeing how the roster increases as we get closer to release.

Naturally, their individual traits mean nothing if the game itself isn’t fun to play. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with Nitroplus. Using the face buttons to link together attacks is easy to do, so if you know how to push buttons in succession, you’ll like like a pro in little time. That’s not to imply that the game is too easy, because your standard mechanics like special moves, air dashing, guard breaks, and other intermediate to advanced techniques are all here, topped off by some gorgeous looking over the top super moves. At its most chaotic, summoning combo extending support characters allows up to six characters on screen at once! Fights can get crowded and hectic, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Nitroplus Blasterz E3 Screen 2

Basically featuring everything you’d expect from a 2D anime style fighter, Nitroplus Blasterz is looking like a game to watch for fighting game aficionados. Releasing on both PS4 and PS3 this fall and featuring online cross play support between the two versions, there’s no reason not to log on and throw down with friends as your favorite heroines.

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