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husbands 2

(l-r) Brad Bell and Sean Hemeon as Cheeks and Brady in “Husbands.”

Espenson co-created Husbands with Brad Bell  in 2011, solely for distribution on digital platforms such as Blip, YouTube and Roku. Husbands follows Cheeks (Bell) and Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon) as a gay couple who drunkenly tie the knot in Vegas to celebrate the federal amendment for marriage equality, and stay married for fear that a divorce would devastate both the same-sex marriage cause and their careers.

The show quickly built up a large fan base, and for their second season, Epsenson and Bell ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, reaching 120% of their goal. The third season, and the upcoming fourth season, were  produced in partnership with CW Seed.

Husbands is known for its send-up of sitcom tropes, its brilliant humor (which often is layered over biting social commentary), and its intelligent and sharp comedic style. Guest stars on the show are another draw; Joss Whedon appears in every episode in season two as Wes; other guest stars include Jon Cryer, Mekhi Phifer, Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield, Dichon Lachman, Nathan Fillion, Amy Acker, Seth Green and Michael Hogan and Beth Grant as Brady’s parents.

So we were very excited to sit down and talk about the show, how it started, and where it’s going with Jane Espenson herself.

Jane Espenson

Jane Espenson


Q: So, did you work with Brad prior to Husbands? How did the show come to be?

A: This is the first thing we’ve done together, other than a little stage play we worked on together. He had developed the character of Cheeks online, on YouTube, and had a number of videos up there that I found and fell in love with, and I finally reached out to him over Twitter, and we became lunch friends. We started talking about what we could do together.

He had the idea of doing an online comedy, and he had an idea of him and Alessandra [Torresani]  as young actors in LA, and I was like, ‘What’s more current events-y? What’s more, going on in LA? What’s a show you can only do now?’ and he said, “what if it’s a show about newlyweds?’ and I  said ‘Yes, that show will exist in five years, and it will be on NBC, and it will be called Husbands.”  And we were like, ‘Let’s just make it oursleves!’

Right away it was clear that this was something we were going to make ourselves, we weren’t going to go out and pitch it, we had a very clear vision for it. And that night, he did the first pass on the script that become our first story. And we filmed that, and we put it out there, and it got so much positive reception and made it so clear that there was an audience. So, we used that as part of a Kickstarter campaign for season two, and then the third and fourth stories were all through the CW Seed. And they’ve been amazing. It’s really the best way, I think, if you want creative control. We also realized how valuable it is to have good input from someone who has objectivity on the series, so we have readings and producers read the scripts, for the feedback.

Q. So the first episodes were really short, only two or three minutes each. Why did you decide to go with that format?

A. It was one sitcom length story, we just released it a scene at a time. In later seasons we released it an act at a time. But it’s the same number of scenes, and they add up to standard sitcom length.

Q. Did you know beforehand that you were going to release just short scenes? 

A. We knew beforehand, because at the time no one would click on anything that was longer than three minutes. It was just how people used YouTube then. So we were like, let’s just make sure no scene is longer than two-and-a-half pages. And we were very strict about that. We’ve loosened up on that a little because we are releasing things of a longer length, but it’s still a standard sitcom length story.

Q. Did keeping the scenes so short affect the way you approached the writing?

A. A little bit, just because you had to be very draconian with yourself. You couldn’t indulge in a three page run of puns, it was like, no, this scene has to end now. So in that sense it tightened our writing up. But we both have very good instincts, about when a scene is over. If you look at our scripts now, it’s rare that a scene goes over three pages. We had a big exception, with the first scene of “I Dream of Cleaning” episode, was a really long scene, but it was really broken up into what we call French Scenes, where somebody exits and a new scene starts. So if you look at it that way, we still kept ourselves very strict. The scenes were still quite short.

Q. So the Kickstarter was very successful. What was it like using Crowd sourcing for your funding?

A. We knew it was going to be a certain amount of work. Tania del Rio, who’s an artist who works with us, she designs our T-shirts and our poster, and one of the stories in our comic book, she ran the Kickstarter campaign. Like, she ran the shipping, which is one of the bigger jobs. We already had content, since we had season one, so a lot of our work–those two difficult things–what do you present, and how do you get the rewards out–were already done. So we just sat back and watch the numbers roll. It was amazing. We knew, in just a few hours, that we were going to make our goal. I just kept texting Brad in the middle of the night ‘We just got $500 more dollars!”

But then it’s a little nerve wracking, because any one can take their money back. So we had one big donor, and for awhile, if he had backed out, we wouldn’t have made our goal. But once we had the cushion, then we started breathing.

Q. You have quite the list of guest stars in Husbands…

A. Yes. Jon Cryer, we were very happy to work in Jon Cryer. And Joss Whedon coming is as Wes was amazing. And there was Amy Acker, Michael Hogan…

Q. Including quite a few that also are on Thrilling Adventure Hour…

A. (laughs) That’s true. Nathan Fillion, Michael Hogan….I think Michael Hogan did Thrilling Adventure Hour because I recommended him, because I knew what a great sport he’d been on Husbands. I’d worked with him on Battlestar [Galactica], but with Husbands I got to hang out with Michael a lot more. Battlestar was in Vancouver, and I didn’t get up there much, so I never really hung out with Michael. Being here, on our set, what a fun guy Michael Hogan is. I would work with him anytime, any day. He’s a great guy. So different than Colonel Tigh.

I mean, I knew good people that I wanted to reach out to. And then to have all of them respond so positively to the material…and then to meet new people, like John Cryer, who Brad and I didn’t know, or Mikhi Phifer, who is just really, really great. And that was something that we wanted to do, we really wanted to have this be a part of the civil rights movement, and we wanted Brady to have a baseball friend.

Q. One of the things the series has been getting a lot of buzz about is the deftly it handles the social issues while still remaining a sitcom. Do you find that difficult?

A. That is all Brad. He is a very political animal, and a very socio-political animal. And he’s always got stuff, on any topic, and you’ll say ‘what about this? I haven’t really thought about this yet.’ and he’ll say, ‘oh, I have.’ He’s very well reasoned, and he has opinion that are the next opinion. He doesn’t go with the crowd, he’s always the guy going ‘Well, yeah, but…’

So when we all thought it was great that we have these very masculine men being written into these shows on TV,  Brad was going ‘Why is masculine being better? What’s wrong with femininity?’ And just like that, your eyes open. And in example after example after example, your eyes get opened. Like, if you say ‘Isn’t it great that so-and-so came out of the closet? Isn’t it great they’re getting all this recognition?’ And Brad’s saying ‘Not everybody had a choice to come out. Where’s the recognition for the people that were always out? That didn’t have a choice?’ And it’s really made the show something special. And Cheek’s moments, where he talks about that, are the most-watched part of our show.

Watch the Husbands trailer below and let us know what you think! Did we ask Jane all the right questions? What did you want to know?

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SDCC 2014: Syfy’s Defiance: Spoilers and Secrets Fri, 01 Aug 2014 00:52:36 +0000 Geekscape sat down with the executive producer, and series creator, Kevin Murphy, and Defiance cast members Grant Bowler (Nolan), Julie Benz (Amanda Rosewater), Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa), Tony Curran (Datak Tarr), Jaime Murray (Stahma Tarr), Jesse Rath (Alak Tarr) at Comic Con last week to talk about the show’s second season.

Spoiler Warning: There are some in the article below.


COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO -- "Defiance Press Room/Panel" -- Pictured: (l-r) Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Jesse Rath, Jaime Murray, Tony Curran, and Executive Producer Kevin Murphy -- (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Syfy)

COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO — “Defiance Press Room/Panel” — Pictured: (l-r) Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Jesse Rath, Jaime Murray, Tony Curran, and Executive Producer Kevin Murphy — (Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Syfy)

So the big news everyone was talking about is, of course, that Mia Kirshner’s Kenya is returning to the show mid-season. After her seeming murder by Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) at the end of last seasons, Kenya’s fate as been surrounded in mystery. While the details of her return are fuzzy, she will be back, returning in the Aug. 7 episode.

Meanwhile, the Tarr family drama will continue, with Datak running into more legal troubles.

“I think that, in the end, Stahma loves Datak. But in season one, she was trying to control events subtly, from within the strictures of her society. I think in season two Stahma is starting to get used to being an active, outward part of the town, and the business.” said Murray. “But in the end, her and Datak have been through too much, and are too entwined emotionally, to ever leave each other.”

Season two, which skipped forward nine months from the season one finale, has certainly shaken up the show, adding new characters and unraveling the lives of others.

“Amanda is really going through a lot.” said Benz, now a brunette, in keeping with her character’s darkening story line. “Losing Kenya and the mayorship was a big blow. She’s using drugs, there’s the whole device implanted in the brain issue. She’s gone a lot darker and has a lot of issues she has to deal with.”

Amanda Rosewater isn’t the only character dealing with dramatically changed circumstances.

“We definitely shook up the world of Defiance as much as we could.” said Murphy. “And for season three, it’s going to be even more of an upset.”

Defiance still has not been confirmed for a third season as of yet, however Murphy has said it will cover the Pale Wars and what happened to each person during that time.

Check out the Comic Con exclusive season two trailer here and let us know what you think in the comments!

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SDCC 2014: “The Last Ship” on the Navy, Michael Bay and the Apocalypse Thu, 31 Jul 2014 23:02:16 +0000 TNT’s new hit drama, The Last Ship, was at Comic Con to talk about the show, what to expect in the last half of season one, and where the show will go in the just announced 13-episode season 2.

Geekscape had a chance to speak with the cast and creators of the Micheal Bay produced virus-killing-the-world-apocalyptic series. With us were executive producers Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane, and cast members Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy), Adam Baldwin (Firefly) Rhona Mitra (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans), Charles Parnell (Fringe), and Travis Van Winkle (Happy Endings).

Ship press room

(l-r) Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Charles Parnell, Travis Van Winkle and Adam Baldwin at The Last Ship’s press room at SDCC.

Loosely based on the book of the same name by William Brinkley (or, as Dane said “we share a name and a title, and that’s about it”), The Last Ship follows Captain Tom Chandler (Dane) as the captain of the U.S.S. Nathan James, Dr. Rachel Scott (Mitra), who may have the cure; XO Mike Slattery (Baldwin), who’s loyalty to Chandler is tested by the decisions the Captain must make; Lt. Danny Green, the leader of the Naval Mountain Warfare Unit; Lt. Kara Foster (Marissa Neitling, Leverage) a combat officer in the CIC; and Command Master Chief Russell Jeter (Parnell), who leads the ship’s enlisted men and woman as they struggle to find  a cure for a deadly virus that is decimating earth’s population.

“In this world, 100 people die every day. So we’ve got this ticking clock occurring in the show.” said Dane. “It’s apocalypse now. It’s still unfolding.”

Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin in TNT's The Last Ship.

Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin in TNT’s The Last Ship.

The show has a very close working relationship with the US Navy, including shooting the majority of shipboard scenes on actual in-use Navy vessels. In order to work with the Navy’s schedule, show creators had to write the entire first season so that almost all shipboard scenes could be shot during a tight three-week window provided by the Navy.

“It was a little insane. We had no idea what we were doing, or where it fell into the season as a whole sometimes.” said Baldwin with a laugh. “We’d go from episode 3, scene 4, to episode 9, scene 8. It could get a little confusing. But being able to work on the actual ship, was incredible.”

In addition to shooting on Navy ships, the show has US Navy advisers both in the writer’s room and on set, and a number of the extras in the show are actual Navy personnel. To thank the Navy for all of their support, the cast and crew flew out to Washington D.C. for a special premiere of the pilot for the US Navy early this summer.

“Some times, they had a completely different reaction then non-military audiences.” said Van Winkle. “In the scene where I kiss Kara, most audiences were like, ‘whatever,’ but the Navy guys just blew up. ‘Cause they knew what a big deal it was.”

Kane elaborated: “I think the best moment I had so far was when we were in Washington D.C., and young Navy woman came over to me, and thanked me–and the show–for the moment with Christina’s character, [LTJG Granderson], for showing a same-sex relationship in the Navy with such honesty, and for having that in the show.”

(l-r) Travis Van Winkle, Adam Baldwin, Eric Dane and Christina Elmore on TNT’s “The Last Ship.”

As for what fans can expect in the rest of season one and going into season two?

“Slattery and Chandler definitely are going to continue to have some issues.” said Baldwin. “It’s the nature of the situation and the XO and CO relationship.”

“I think fans are going to be absolutely shocked by how season one ends.” said Steinberg. “Season two is going to build but also take us in some different directions.”

“Episode nine is the big musical episode.” said Van Winkle.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get anyone else to confirm this.

Watch the Comic Con exclusive trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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SDCC 2014: Konami Tips The Scales With ‘YuGiOh’ And Pendulum Summoning Thu, 31 Jul 2014 20:45:36 +0000 At Comic Con, Konami’s booth was a giant celebration of all things YuGiOh. Everywhere you looked, all of the best cards, characters, and even a con exclusive Kaiba themed play mat were on display for new and old players to see. But the main focus wasn’t on the past, but on the future of the game, starting with the newest game mechanic, Pendulum Summoning.

Debuting with YuGiOh: Arc-V, the new anime series that saw its debut back in April, the 2014 starter deck was the first chance that North Americans got to try out the new monster type. Having only been released recently, the card game experts at the booth had numerous tables set up for the demonstrations as to how these monster turned spell cards have the potential to completely change the way the game is played.

The most immediately noticeable change is the color of the card. With its orange top half and its green bottom, color schemes that are typically reserved for effect monsters and spell cards respectively, this visual difference further illustrates the hybrid nature of these new cards. Featuring attack, defense and spell effects, duelists have the choice of playing them like normal monsters, or using them in one of the two new Pendulum Zones. While placed on these spaces, players can use its spell effect once per turn until the card is destroyed. Essentially becoming a Continuous Spell Card, it avoids many of the counters that are designed to stop these effects , since the new cards aren’t classified as any existing spell. Not only that, but when they do get destroyed by an attack or monster effect, they go face up on top of your Extra Deck, keeping them out of the graveyard. Why does it matter? That’s where their real power comes in.

Pendulum Monsters each have a value that can differ depending on which one of the two zones they’re placed on. Now, once one monster is placed on each side, their respective values come into play, potentially allowing a Pendulum Summon. What that means is that any Pendulum Monster that is between the levels of the two cards’ values can be special summoned to the field from your hand or Extra Deck on that turn. For example, if one monster has a scale value of one and the other is six, you can potentially fill your field with level two through five beasts, all while the potential spell effects of the two monsters on the scales can still be used. The best part? Each summon is a standalone move, so to my understanding, cards like Solemn Judgment, which negates the activation of a card before destroying it, would only affect one summon. The rest are free to win you the game.

Of course, this is with the best case scenario in mind. While the mechanic is still in its infancy, if Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Summoning are any indication, then it’s safe to say that this new generation will add tons of support cards that will make us forget that these other summon types ever existed. But until then, the future looks exciting for the next stage in the popular card game’s evolution.

We hope to have some more detailed, hands on impressions with Pendulum Monsters, including a full breakdown of the Starter Deck, in the near future. Until then, stick with for the rest of your Comic Con news!

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Eon’s Elite Reintroduce The Best Of ‘Skylanders’ To ‘Trap Team’ Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:20:43 +0000 San Diego Comic Con played host to the latest Skylanders panel, featuring new details on the upcoming Trap Team. A questions that’s been asked since E3 is, if Trap Team won’t have any new Lightcore figures, (variants that would light up and feature different poses), but is planning to release about 50 new figures, how will they fill up that huge number? Will, it looks like we might have got our answer, thanks to Eon’s Elite.

Essentially reprints of select characters from the original game, Spyro’s Adventure, complete with the same poses as the figures that started it all, Eon’s Elite will consist of eight figures, each designed with metallic paint, a gold base, and a 3D background, which looks a lot like a themed screen behind the character. This premium line is likely to add even more incentive for collectors and gamers alike to open their wallets. Gotta buy ‘me all!

When in game, these variants will earn upgraded and grow three times as fast as regular characters, making them easier to level up again if you already maxed out the standard versions. Or you could just take advantage of the boosts they offer and plow through the enemies of Skylands! While Spyro and Chop Chop are the only two revealed so far, it’s almost a sure thing that fan favorites like Stealth Elf and Cynder will make the cut.

Love it or hate it, Skylanders continues to find ways to entice the kids, (and the kids at heart), to want to keep on collecting. But with current figures ranging between $9.99 and $15.99 at retail, even at the low end, a full Trap Team set will cost $500 on top of the game. Between this, Amiibos, and Disney Infinity 2.0 appealing to the Marvel fan in us, this is shaping up to be a very expensive holiday season.

Does anyone else plan in picking these up? While you mull that over, check out our E3 impressions of the game here, then check back for our first look at some of the new Trap Master characters that were on display.

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SDCC 2014: Grab Link’s Stuff In ‘Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate’ Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:06:21 +0000 With anticipation building for the upcoming 3DS exclusive, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, Capcom revealed some information in regards to its upcoming title that will surely please the Nintendo faithful.

Hunters will be able to don Link’s legendary equipment from the Legend of Zelda series, complete with his trademark green tunic, Master Sword and Hylian Shield. As you can probably guess, the items act as a sword & shield weapon type, with which players will be able to channel their inner hero while they take down the game’s most ferocious beasts.

As someone who is highly anticipating MH4‘s release, and a HUGE Zelda fan, I can’t wait to start putting the Master Sword to good use in this type of game. Of course, crossovers with other franchises aren’t new to the series, with InuYasha’s Tessaiga coming to Japanese copies of Monster Hunter Tri and 3 Ultimate, as well as some of the game’s most iconic monsters appearing in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It’s great that Link’s gear is actually going to make it state side. All we got last time was some generic sword in place of the fuzzy anime blade. Oh, how I loathe licensing deals.

But it begs the question, will the equipment be good? Usually with themed gear such as this, its strength is so low, that it’s not worth using. Even if this is the case though, being able to play dress up as one of gaming’s greatest icons can only be a good thing.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is planned for a January 2015 release.

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‘Disney Infinity 2.0′ Gets Evil With Its Villains Pack! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 19:02:19 +0000 In the latest of many trailers for the upcoming game, (including the Guardians of the Galaxy and Gravity Falls Power Disc reveals), Loki, Ronan The Accuser and Green Goblin have been revealed as the latest playable characters coming to Disney Infinity 2.0.

Using Loki’s magic, Ronan’s superior combat skills and Green Goblin’s pumpkin bombs will now be possible in the game’s Toy Box mode, showing that heroes aren’t the only ones who get the spotlight. While it’s assumed that each character will be usable in their respective Play Sets as well, don’t expect Green Goblin to show up in Knowhere, or Loki invading Ultimate Spidey’s universe. As mentioned in the past, only certain heroes will be able to cross sets after certain collectables are retrieved, but at least we’ll get the chance to wreck havoc on the world. Just not all of it.

This should come as no surprise to fans of the first game, considering a villains pack consisting of Davy Jones, Randy and Syndrome was released when the game released. However, they were implemented a little sloppily, allowing Syndrome to fight himself during story missions with no mention of how it’s even possible. Hopefully, there will be some kind of recognition of this improbable scenario when the bad guys are plugged in. The small touches go a long way.

Are the villains coming home with you when the inevitable triple pack releases, or are the many figures already on the way too much off your wallet to take without them? Disney Infinity 2.0 will release as a standalone title, a Disney starter pack, a Marvel starter pack and a Playstation exclusive collectors edition on September 23rd.

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GeekscapeTV: Our Shenanigans From The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ World Premiere! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:42:26 +0000 Briefly: Two days ago we debuted a brand new Geekscape episode in which Jonathan, Shane O’Hare, our new friend Stanley Wong and I talk about our experiences at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. For Jonathan and me, however, our geek spring break began one day earlier when we attended the world premiere of Marvel’s latest, Guardians of the Galaxy.

You can listen to the episode (in which I don’t really understand how a microphone works and am entirely too quiet throughout) for our full thoughts on the film, but you can also check out the video below to see just how much fun we had.

Jonathan is no stranger to selfies (my Facebook feed is constantly flooded with them), and he decided to go for some video selfies with the Guardians stars as well as some of the other celebrities walking down the red carpet. The results are pretty hilarious (especially the reaction from Elizabeth Henstridge).

Take a look at the video below, and be sure to subscribe and share if you enjoy it! We’ve got plenty more coming down the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy? Sound out below!

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Crowdfund This: ‘The Death Of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened’ Finishing Funding! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:11:43 +0000 If you were a comic fan, and more than a few years old in the mid-to-late 1990′s, you probably remember hearing about a little film called Superman Lives. The feature was set to be directed by (then arguably at his most popular) Tim Burton, written by Kevin Smith, and starring Nicolas Cage.

Production got to the point where filming was about to begin… and then it was gone. There have been plenty of different stories as to why, but in all honesty, nobody really knows.

Sure, it would have been weird (have you seen the leaked costume test), but that’s not to say it wouldn’t have been good. So what happened?

Early in 2013, director and Geekscape pal Jon Schnepp wanted to find out. He launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the film, you can now watch the full trailer for the film that just debuted at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

The film looks to be coming together very well, but as often happens, unforeseen circumstances have occurred, and more funds need to be raised. Schnepp has launched a new campaign at Here’s his explanation of the new campaign:

Dear Kickstarters,


I’d like to start by giving a SUPER THANK YOU to all 2,121 of my DOSLWH Kickstarter funders! Without your monetary input and creative support, I would never have even been able to start this Documentary, let alone get to where I’m at with the film now.


The trouble with some Kickstarters is the unseen, the unknown, the unexpected. I planned on making this film, and put the work in, but like many other Kickstarters, I did not allot enough money in my initial crowd sourcing goal for legal, for music, for image clearances, for travel and transport, for changing crews, for mailing out incentives, and most importantly, TIME. I did my best to estimate the projected cost of this documentary, but have since learned it was impossible to foresee some of the hurdles I’ve encountered.


I did not think it would take so long to make this documentary, but once I started to uncover more about this film and talked with the people involved in trying to bring it to life, the creativity and sparks just kept firing, and I realized that I needed to keep going. Could I have finished the film last year? YES, but would it be what it stands to be now? Not even close. I now have interviews running the gamut from Kevin Smith to Steve Johnson to Grant Morrison to Tim Burton himself. And patience is what has made each of these and ALL of the incredible interviews in the documentary possible.


So thank you all AGAIN for hanging in there with me throughout this process, and for understanding that although I did not make my ORIGINAL release date of winter 2013, ‘The Death of Superman Lives’: What Happened? will now be 1000 times better for the extra time, effort and expense put in.


I’m in need of your help now if you can give it. The last eight months have been full of incredible highs and unforeseen lows, and though I’ve gotten a ton of amazing interviews, in addition, I’ve had to contend with a slate of unexpected expenses including surprise medical bills, equipment repair fees, and various other unplanned costs.


The $103,000 that was originally raised for this project on Kickstarter last year (after Kickstarter/Amazon’s 10% was taken out), was $5000 over my initial $98,000 budget. With hindsight, this amount was roughly $75,000 under what I should have actually asked for. The eight months of additional time, on top of the above mentioned unanticipated costs, have left me in need of another wave of funding! Suffice to say, I’m in need of some crowd sourced super heroics from some of you!!!


I’ve come up with two new donation level rewards that I’m going to offer here first right now, and then expand it to the wider online web community next week. Once again, this offer will be exclusive to the 2,121 Kickstarters who helped me raise the initial money to get this doc on its feet, and will carry me 100% of the way to my newly extended finish line.


Before I officially launch my Finishing Fundraiser online, I’m first reaching out with this limited offer to all of you based on the overwhelming amount of emails I’ve received requesting higher donation tiers and additional rewards following the end of the Kickstarter last year. By going to my website,, and contributing the amount that you select below, you will be key players in reaching the Finishing Fundraiser goal I need to complete the film, AND I am offering some new fantastic rewards!!!

If you’re a regular ‘scapist, you probably recognize Schnepp’s name. Jon is of course a director and producer of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypseformer editor of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and director of the ‘W’ segment from The ABC’s of Death, and he’s also a good friend of Geekscape who we featured on the podcast for episodes 264, 311, and 318 (among other things).

Take a look at the new campaign’s video below, and you can head here to back the project! Are you looking forward to seeing the full feature? Sound out below!

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SDCC 2014: Here’s A Five Minute Sneak Peak Of The Upcoming ‘Simpsons’ And ‘Family Guy’ Crossover Special! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 06:55:46 +0000 In the next few months, the much hyped Simpsons and Family Guy crossover will be unleashed on the world. To hold fans over, the crowd at Comic Con was treated to a five minute clip of what we can expect from this animated sitcom mash up. Weren’t at Comic Con? Well, since then, the clip had been all over YouTube for the public’s viewing pleasures. The results? Well… See for yourself!

<p style=”text-align: center”>

As expected, there were laughs to be had, but the clip felt a little hit or miss for me, While there were some definite laugh out loud moments, (Ralph in the school bus, the Bob’s Burgers cameo and the jab at The Cleveland Show amongst them), hearing a rape joke in Springfield was just too jarring for me. It may fit Family Guy‘s style of shock humor, but it doesn’t fit with Bart in the scene. Oh, and by the way, is anyone else over the chicken fights? Even with Homer being involved?

Will the special live up to the expectations it’s set through about a year of hype? What did you think of the clip? The special is scheduled for September 28th.

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Grab Your Tissues, The New ‘Interstellar’ Trailer Is A Tearjerker! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 02:28:14 +0000 Briefly: All last weekend we were hearing just how incredible the Interstellar trailer that debuted in Hall H was, and finally (a whole few days later) you can watch it yourself.

The trailer is chock-full of incredibly beautiful new footage, but the video certainly doesn’t diminish the mystery surrounding Christopher Nolan’s latest feature. We know that the Earth is dying, and that it’s up to this group to find a way to save the human race by attempting… well, interstellar travel, but we still don’t know the why’s of anything.

The video is also a tearjerker, and I’d expect the same from the full feature. McConaughey surely looks prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to right some wrongs with his broken family.

In any case, Interstellar looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see more. Take a look at the trailer below, and let us know what you think! Interstellar hits theatres on November 6th.

Interstellar chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.

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SDCC 2014: ‘Atari: Game Over’ Premieres This Fall, Looks Phenomenal! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 01:43:09 +0000 Briefly: What an amazing world we live in.

I remember being little and hearing about the great video game crash of the 1980′s, complete with plenty of rumours that hundreds of thousands of copies of the game that caused it, E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial, were written off, crushed, and buried in a New Mexico landfill.

Turns out that the rumours were true, and earlier this year, Microsoft dug them up.

Why Microsoft? Well, they’re prepping a lot of cool sounding original content for the Xbox platform, including a documentary about the video game crash entitled Atari: Game Over. The documentary will premiere exclusively on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One this Fall.

The first trailer gives some amazing insight into what happened, and we are so excited to hear more. I haven’t powered on my Xbox One in a few months now, but this documentary will certainly get it warmed up again before Halo: The Master Chief Collection launches this November. Take a look at the trailer below, and let us know what you think!

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SDCC 2014: Could ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ Be The Xbox One’s Best Game? Thu, 31 Jul 2014 01:13:29 +0000 It’s been over a decade since the first Halo title released onto the original Xbox entertainment system. Since then, gamers have enjoyed multiple Halo titles and multiplayer experiences. Perhaps the most popular experience was, and has always been, Halo 2.  So when 343i announced there would be an anniversary edition of Halo 2, the hearts of gamers were filled. However, 343i wasn’t done. Halo: The Master Chief Collection will feature Halo’s 1-4, in HD, and each with their own respective multiplayer experiences.


So, four games, one disc, one experience. Where do you even start? Well, from the beginning, it has been 343i’s goal to create a unified Halo experience. This will include a new user interface menu system in which gamers new and old will have little trouble accessing their favorite title and mission. From the start, each Halo will have all story missions unlocked, allowing gamers to go straight to their favorite mission in any game.


Furthermore, gamers will be able to launch playlists that deal with campaign missions, as well as the standard multiplayer gametype. This means that you and I will be able to enter a playlist that includes missions that deal with heavy vehicles and weapons that span across all four titles. Maybe you want to just play the Arbiter’s missions straight through the end of the game. There’s a playlist for that. Speaking of the Arbiter, 343i has also put terminals into Halo 2′s campaign. The terminals will feature a side story from the Arbiter’s point of view.


As far as multiplayer goes, gamers will be able to vote on which Halo map they want to play on, each representing their respective experiences. If you should just want to play Halo 2 multiplayer matches, a playlist will be there. The collection will feature over 100 maps, and even include all PC maps that console gamers never saw. All mutliplayer matches will also be hosted on dedicated servers.


Perhaps the most stunning piece of news coming out of this collection are the new cutscenes designed by Blur studios. Blur, the same studio who was behind the Halo Wars cutscenes, has done an excellent job at recreating cutscenes from Halo 2.

Last, but not least, the collection will also feature Halo: Nightfall, a new series from Executive Producer Ridley Scott.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be released November 11th on the Xbox One!

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The Saint Mort Show Episode 093: Hero Chest Thu, 31 Jul 2014 01:09:09 +0000 This week Matt sat down with the team behind Hero Chest, a really cool idea that they’re trying to Kickstart. If you love comics or have had a desire to start reading them then you won’t want to miss this interview.

Donate to their Kickstarter and check out their website!

The intro music contains the song The Last Call by Mae on their debut album Destination Beautiful. 

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]]> 0 Comic Books,Deadpool,Effin Comics,Fantastic Four,Hero Chest,podcast,saint-mort-show This week Matt sat down with the team behind Hero Chest a really cool idea that they're trying to Kickstart. If you love comics or have had a desire to start reading them then you'll won't want to miss this interview. This week Matt sat down with the team behind Hero Chest a really cool idea that they're trying to Kickstart. If you love comics or have had a desire to start reading them then you'll won't want to miss this interview. Geekscape no
SDCC 2014: ‘Forza Horizon 2′s Cars And Culture Are Breathtaking! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 00:54:25 +0000 The Xbox One is steadily increasing its gaming library. One of the most stellar games to come out of E3 2014 and SDCC 14 is Forza Horizon 2. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Froza? Stellar? Didn’t they have a release last year?” Let me be the first to tell you that Forza Horizon 2 is the racing game for you and I.


Stemming from concepts and attributes from the first iteration, Forza Horizon 2 sets itself apart from competitors, and even the standard Forza series, by focusing on car culture rather than racing. For starters, Forza Horizon 2 seems to want to appeal to both sides of the car-lovers’ spectrum. For me, someone who only has a slight interest in cars, was dazzled by the amount of customization, freedom, beauty, and connection Forza Horizon 2 provides.


The game’s environment is inspired by European towns and villas, which is yours to explore. The accessible map in the game is three times larger than the original Forza Horizon. Players will be able to take their cars and participate in races, community events, and car showcases. There will also be up to 200 cars in the game, each coming from different makes and models. You can expect everything from off-roading vehicles to classic American muscle cars. The game will also feature 700 events that total to around 100 hours of playtime, and trust me, there’ll be lots of playtime.


Graphically, Forza Horizon 2 has decided to focus on light and the way light interacts with the environment and cars that fill the world. Presented in 1080p, Forza Horizon 2 looked stunning. This iteration is also the first to feature rain and dynamic skies that will change as you play. It only adds to an experience that seems to be soon filled with life. Gamers will be able to create 1000-member car clubs, host car meets, and compete against other clubs. Players will also be able to level up by driving skillfully. This means near-misses, drifting, etc. From there, drivers will be able to spend skill points on whatever they see fit.

Drivatars make a comeback and will function in a very similar fashion as they did in last year’s Forza iteration.

Look for Forza Horizon 2 this September 30th on the Xbox One and Xbox 360!

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SDCC 2014: ‘Escape Dead Island’ Steals The Show! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 00:46:56 +0000 One of my favorite titles out of SDCC was Escape Dead Island. This wasn’t my favorite necessarily because of graphic capability or even gameplay. Escape Dead Island features something that video games today sometimes forget about: Story.

To start, Escape Dead Island takes place six months after the initial events we’re all aware of. The island has been quarantined by the government, sparking a a plethora of conspiracy theories and discussions around the world. The game will feature new characters and a new protagonist, named Cliff. To say Cliff has daddy issues would be putting it lightly. In order to prove to his father he is worthy of inheriting the family company and money, Cliff takes a couple of friends out to sea to expose what the government is hiding on the original island. Luck would have it that Cliff and friends land on a neighboring island that also happens to be the source of the outbreak.


The majority of the demo I played took me through essential tools, stealth, and gameplay mechanics. In all, I probably spent about 15-20 minutes adjusting to the controls and the way the game is played. More on that later. After a series of weird occurrences, such as phones ringing in an abandoned factory as well as large shipping containers falling from the sky, the protagonist then wakes up where the story started, only to realize everything that was shown up to this point was a sort of dream.

The twist was great and reminiscent of LOST. After, I had a chance to ask whether or not this style of storytelling would continue, only to find out that these dreams and disorientation become much worse for poor Cliff.


As far as the gameplay goes, stealth is used much more than the other titles. The zombies in the game are attracted to noise, which forces the player to crouch around objects, create distractions, and move quickly form cover to cover. Some weapons and zombies make a return to this title, but they will not necessarily be back in the same capacity that we all know. There will also be new zombies unique to the game. Each gadget and weapon will feature upgrades that will allow Cliff to be more proficient down the line.

Escape Dead Island is set to release this fall on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows!

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SDCC 2014: ‘Outcast Odyssey’ Gets Us Excited For A Mobile Card Game Thu, 31 Jul 2014 00:24:47 +0000 Card games are and will always be popular among geeks everywhere. With the advent of mobile gaming, card games quickly invaded our mobile devices for the better. However, after many iterations of this genre of game, the field has gotten a little stale. Enter Outcast Odyssey, a game that rightfully dubs itself an evolution mobile card games.


I’ve played my fair share of mobile card games, but I find that each one does not keep me playing longer than a couple of months. This is mostly do to repetition and the ever-increasing pressure to conduct in-app purchases in order to avoid the risk of hitting a wall. This is where Outcast Odyssey sets itself apart.


The game features a blend of RPG, exploration, and traditional card game aspects to form an experience that will allow players to easily immerse themselves in this universe. Outcast Odyssey features a sort of open-world in which players can navigate through worlds by tapping dark squares that represent plains. For example, when a player chooses to see what exists on that plain, that player may find a monster. Rather than automatically engaging with said monster, players have the option of trying to bypass it. This, in turn, adds another layer to exploration.  Players may have several reasons to do this, such as not having enough energy, monster is too high of a level, or even too low of a level. Regardless, how many times have you been locked into a battle you didn’t want to be in?!


The game’s art is something to admire. Each card features a dynamic display with VFX. The game features artwork from both Warren Louw and Chuck Pires. Each card’s art also comes into play as each card upgrades. With each level-up and upgrade, the art on the card will change.

Above all else, it’s easy for me to say Outcast Odyssey will be an instant-hit for fans of the card game genre. Look for Outcast Odyssey on your iOS and Android devices this fall!

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SDCC 2014: Our First Impressions On Square-Enix’s Free-To-Play ‘Nosgoth’! Thu, 31 Jul 2014 00:10:24 +0000 At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I had a chance to sit down and play a little game called Nosgoth. To put it simply, the game pits humans and vampires against each other in a player vs. player environment. Coming out of Square Enix, Nosgoth is a planned free-to-play title that is currently in beta. We also took a look at it back at E3, and we’re happy to say that the game is coming together nicely.


Now, like every game that pits _____ vs. _____, replayability and repetition becomes an issue. From the few rounds I played, I found each session to be far different from the last. Part of the reasoning behind this are the abilities that are incorporated into the game. Some of the abilities include the standard grenade toss and such, but a limitation on said abilities employs a sense of strategy.

The art style and different player models also help Nosgoth create its own image. There are a variety of classes that players can choose from. Unfortunately for me, playing with a band of randoms did not make for great team strategy. Still, the door is open for team communication and domination.


While I was only able to play one map, the session made a lasting impression, part of the reason being that in each of the rounds, there was not one set meeting place between each team in which combat would ensue. For players that yearn for team-based combat, this should come as refreshing news. Perhaps the most telling aspect of this game are how weapons and upgrades work. In fact, there are no upgrades, but rather “side-grades.” This decision was made in an effort to create a fair free-to-play environment. The same goes for weapons. No one weapon is better than the other!

Nosgoth is free to play now, and from my first impressions, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

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SDCC 2014: 20th Century Fox Shows Off ‘The Maze Runner’, ‘The Book Of Life’, ‘Agent 47′, And More! Wed, 30 Jul 2014 23:59:24 +0000 Hey guys, Zack here! I decided to do some writing this Con so I am here to tell you all about the 20th Century Fox Panel. On Friday, Hall H had no line, so I was able to get right in to this particular panel. Which in my oppinion, was a total sleeper hit. All of the movies are ones that we know about already. There wasn’t any lame/headscratching King Kong remakes to be had here. Just kick ass footage. The panel started with an introduction from moderator Ralph Garman.

The Maze Runner

The first clip opens with the booming sound of gears clanking and whirling. The image of a stream of light can be seen. We then realize that we are on a lift being pulled up. Thomas (Dylan O Brien) lunges up into frame, gagging and wheezing. He realizes he is in a lift shooting upwards. As he gets to the top, light can be seen, the music intensifies and so did my pulse. This was an amazing way to open and we get a chance to witness this jarring moment with our protagonist as he ends up in this giant field called The Glade with a bunch of kids called Runners. My wife read these Maze Runner books by James Dashner last year. She says the Maze Runner is the best of all of them even though they are typical “YA books”. This opening scene really had me going guys. They showed a trailer and another clip but I was already sold. Director Wes Ball also showed some concept art for a future film in the franchise if it takes off. I really hope it does. The cast was comprised of mostly young actors I didnt know. Except for Kaya Scodelario (Effie from the BBC show Skins). Here’s the trailer:

The Book of Life

Let it be known, I have been excited about this film since the first trailer debuted earlier this year. I love anything Guillermo Del Toro produces in any capacity. So the fact that he speaks so highly of this film, actually means something. He isn’t like your typical exec producer who says “This movie is great” and runs away with a bag of money like a thief in the night. Every word that comes from Guillermo drips with love and a sort of fan boy nature that is addicting.

My personal hero.

My personal hero.

Garman glowingly introduced the panel to a ravenous Hall H. Director Jorge Gutierrez, producer Guillermo del Toro, Christina Applegate, Ron Pearlman and Channing Tatum. The panel had a few things to say about the making of the film before we were treated to some amazing footage.

Everyone loves this dude. Probably because he's super charming/hillarious

Everyone loves this dude. Probably because he’s super charming/hillarious

The first clip focuses on Manollo (Diego Luna) our mariachi protagonist. He stands in the middle of a bullfighting ring with his guitar. The music he plays is something beautiful and melancholy. He then proceeds to serenade his love Maria (Zoe Saldana) with the song Creep by Radiohead. This clip is so gut-wrenching and sweet at the same time that I literally had chills. They next showed a new trailer showing some new footage. All of it looked breathtaking.

After the footage was shown, director Jorge Gutierez said that being from Tijuana, popular music in America found it’s way down to him and he embraced it openly. As those words left his mouth, a music contributor to the film came out on the stage. And this contributor was none other than Biz mother flippin Markie. He was met with immediate cheers from Hall H as he belted out “Just a Friend” with the help of Channing Tatum. A moment that will forever be in my mind.  Forever for it’s pure awesome-ness.  After that, Ralph Garman opened up questions to the floor.

There were two standout moments from the Q&A portion of this presentation. The first was from a teenager who asked a question to Channing how it feels to be in a role that isn’t for his good looks or muscles. The second was Jorge’s answer regarding why he wanted to make a movie about Dia De Los Muertos. He responded by saying Day of the Dead has always been his favorite holiday. He even got married on Dia de Los Muertos because his best friend had passed away and he wanted him to still be his best man. That literally made me cry. I am tearing up as I’m writing this. Jorge seems like an exteremely passionate filmmaker and it shows in all the loving details of this film. No wonder Guillermo loves him so much.

Agent 47

After The Book of Life, we were treated to the trailer debut of the new Hitman film staring Rupert Friend (Homeland). Rupert was away shooting that film and wasn’t able to make it but he did manage to send a nice little recorded message. The footage opens with Agent 47 in an interrogation room. A man stands on the otherside of the table with a loaded sniper rifle pointed right at our Agent. 47 explains how he’s basically totally ok with this scenario. He then kicks the table up which pulls the guns trigger and he in a bad ass slo mo kind of way uses the bullet to shoot off his hand cuffs. We then cut to beautiful locations like Singapore and Berlin. A large scale car chase goes down. S.W.A.T. team looking guys all in black harpoon Agent 47’s car from all directions and zip line in as he starts to take them out one by one. This was probably my favorite scene from the trailer. There was a lot of kick ass stuff and Zachary Quinto so you can sign me up for this one. Also, bravo to the filmmakers of this one for having the balls to shoot in such beautiful lush places that normally don’t get play on film.  Once Agent 47 was over, “Lets Be Cops” took the stage.


Zachary Quinto in the house!

Lets Be Cops

This movie looks hilarious. The panel had Rob Rigel, Keegan-Michael Key, Nina Dobrev, and Daman Wayans Jr. Jake Johnson wasn’t able to make it due to shooting Jurassic World, but he had filmed a hilarious video for Hall H. The footage was mostly stuff you’ve seen in the trailer with a few extra curse words. However, it was all brilliant comedy. They also showed a scene of Wayans Jr. and Johnson’s fake cops meeting the valiant straight laced cop played by Rigel. In the clip, they respond to a break in at an Ace Hardware. The fake cops have fake guns and they even make fake gun cocking noises as they are next to their actual cop brethren. I don’t want to give the rest of the scene away, but lets just say it involves a large naked human. That’s all. It was refreshing to see Rigel play a non douche bag character, as he’s such a charismatic actor and I love that he is finally playing against type. Suffice it to say, I am seeing this movie opening day. It looks like it has a great blend of action and comedy.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

This panel was moderated by Mark Millar (why did we have to lose Garman?) He opened with how special Hall H to him because of how popular Kick-Ass became after it debuted there years ago. He explained how director Matthew Vaughn was in the hospital and couldn’t make it, but Vaughn recorded a special message for the audience. It opened with Vaughn in a Kick-Ass mask talking about how special it is that his new movie is in Hall H and that he got the chance to work with one of his heroes. The particular hero he was referring to was actually standing right next to him as the camera panned over to show Mark Hamill in a Hit Girl wig. Hamill had his Jedi beard going and mentioned that he had it for a “little space opera art house film you’ve never heard of”. Once they were done introducing the film, we were introduced to the world of the Kingsman.

I'd like to introduce to you my man crush, Colin Firth.

I’d like to introduce to you my man crush, Colin Firth.

The opening scene takes place in a snowy mountaintop cabin inhabited by several armed guards and a man tied to a chair. It’s revealed that this man is Mark Hamill, playing basically a Brittish doctor of some kind in his Joker voice (better than it sounds). As these dudes are interogating Hamill, they are interupted by a knock at the door. Then we are treated to a bevy of awesome gun fights and fisticuffs as the knock at the door belongs to a secret agent (very James Bond esque). This guy manages to kill every one and is about to untie Hamill when another knock at the door can be heard. The secret agent goes towards the door and is sliced in half by a girl with sword legs (completely crazy). She hastily covers up all of the dead bodies and opens the door for Sam F’in Jackson. If you’ve seen any of the trailers for this film, you know Jackson was a strange lisp thing going on. I feel like it really works well in this scene so I am excited to see how it works in the film.

We also got another scene of Colin Firth and his protege talking in a pub. They are rudely interupted by some hooligan dudes who Colin Firth kicks the shit out of using only his hands and a very tactical umbrella. I really want you to see the movie so I won’t spoil exactly how this marvelous fight goes. I will say that some of the music cues were super cheesy. I hope it’s just temp score because it takes away from the performances.

The thing I loved about the footage is that this is an old school kind of spy movie. Like a bat shit crazy Connery James Bond with some Brittish Avengers in there for good measure. If you have enjoyed any other Vaughn’s other films, I’m sure this one won’t dissapoint.

Sure this wasn’t a Saturday Hall H panel with all sorts of surprises. It was just a really amazing panel full of great moments. No punches were pulled during this one folks. If I were you, I would be on the look out for all of these films.

So what do you think? Are you excited for any of these ones?

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SDCC 2014: Up Close and Personal With the Creators of USA’s “Dig” Wed, 30 Jul 2014 23:13:47 +0000 Geekscape got a chance to sit down with the creators and cast of USA’s upcoming new show, Dig, at Comic Con last week. Dig is being billed as an “action adventure event series,” and stars Jason Isaacs (Awake, Harry Potter) as an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who, while investigating a murder, gets embroiled in a 2000 year old conspiracy of world-changing proportions.

We met with series creators Tim Kring and Gideon Raff, as well as pilot director SJ Clarkson, writer Carol Barbee and series stars Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy) and David Costabile (Breaking Bad)  to discuss the show’s world, mythology and creation.

(l-r)  Gideon Raff, Tim Kring, Alison Sudol and David Costabile at the San Diego Comic Con Dig Panel.

(l-r) Gideon Raff, Tim Kring, Alison Sudol and David Costabile at the San Diego Comic Con Dig Panel.

Alison Sudol stars as Emma Wilson, an American archaeologist working in Jerusalem. Sudol, well known for her work as front woman for the band A Fine Frenzy, has recently moved into acting with roles on Dig as well as the new series Transparent and the indie film Other People’s Children.

“Acting always terrified me.” Sudol said. “But I knew it was something I wanted to do. And I was really lucky in being able to start my acting career with just wonderful projects.”

On working with Isaacs, Sudal said “He was wonderful to work with. Just a great human.”

On the mysterious events that occur in Dig, Sudol, like her cast mates, was maddeningly mum.

David at the Dig press panel.

David Costabile at the Dig press panel.

David Costabile said of his character Tad Billingham “It was very fun. A lot of fun, because of the secrets he holds.”

Billingham is a TV personality and religious expert who backs a religious congregation with a global agenda.

“There’s a lot that he knows that nobody else does, so in scenes where he’s in the background, what he’s doing might be a clue to what’s really going on.”

Costabile was recently seen on Suits and Breaking Bad.

Dig Tim Kring

Tim Kring, Executive Producer for Dig, at the San Diego Comic Con press panel.

“I knew I wanted to do a show about archeology, and history. And Raff had this amazing idea, based on real history–if you search the items and elements you’ll see in the show, you’ll  see they’re real things–and the start of it was always in that, in Raff’s writing.” said Tim Kring, co-creator and executive producer. Kring is well known for his work on Heroes, including the upcoming Heroes Reborn.

“I was looking for my next project, and I’d had this idea for awhile,” said Raff, co-creator and executive producer. “And to see it come to life so well, with this amazing cast, is really exciting.”

Raff is currently the executive producer on Tyrant and the critically acclaimed Homeland, which was based on Prisoners of War, the Israeli series he created.

Gideon Raff, co-creator and executive producer of Dig.

Gideon Raff, co-creator and executive producer of Dig.

Pilot director SJ Clarkson (Heroes, House, Ugly Betty) invested a great deal of thought into how to make the disparate worlds of the script read through every shot.

“I used different lenses for each location–Norway, Jerusalem, and the American desert–and we spent a lot of time discussing the color of each world.” said Clarkson. “So that in the end, each location feels different, both in color but also in the shape and feel of the shots.”

Carol Barbee, one of the writers on Dig, added: “We are able to start scripting in January, so it really gave us a lot of time to work out the series as a whole, to know what bit of episode one was going to fit into episode six.”

“Which made shooting the pilot that much more fun…and specific.” said Clarkson. “Because I had to layer in, very subtly, links to what will happen later.”

When asked if they could give any hint to the mystery at the heart of Dig, neither lady could say.

“I will say,” said Clarkson, “that the color red is very important. Viewers will want to watch for the red.”

Dig will air on the USA network this Fall.

Watch the official Comic Con trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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