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Exclusive: Official My Little Pony: FiM Inspirational Posters and Trolley for SDCC

Friday 29th June 2012 by Shane O'Hare

The super rad fine folks over at The HUB have clued the Geekscape team in on some of the special things they have planned for this years San Diego Comic Con. They have made eight official “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” inspirational posters that will be part of the decor at their booth and their special Trolley car! Check out the awesome below!

They also let us know that they will have an “MLP:FiM” trolley that runs on the San Diego Trolley lines! It is a special trolley car called The Friendship Express. It starts running on the city trolley tracks this Saturday, June 30th, and runs through the entire month of July!

Also, SDCC released their Friday schedule today and there IS a pony panel going on.

10:00-11:00 Hasbro Studios: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Panelists from Hasbro Studios and The HUB TV Network’s My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic share details of the making of the animated series and how the “friendship” and “magic” are brought to life. Fans won’t want to miss it! Also includes Q&A time. Room 23ABC

So if you are going to be at the convention, make sure you get a ticket to ride with the Mane 6!

  • Adam

    I want one of those posters. Very badly.

  • Is this real? Cause that is my Pinkie Pie Vector up their and no one asked me anything

  • Pinkius

    Well if you want credits on the poster for the vector you’d better get your hustle on.

  • Kevin, I’d wager the task of designing those posters was ferreted out to a clueless intern. They’re horrid quality, have the markings of someone who does not know what they’re doing (jpg artifacts littering AJ’s png file, aliased edges in Celestia’s and RD’s posters), and probably does not know any better than to grab random images off the internet.

    Politely inquire with the HUB, and you’ll probably get an apology, but try not to get too upset about it. This isnt the first time it’s happened.

  • Shane O’Hare

    I got these posteps in PDF format and converted them to PNG. There may be a quality drop.

  • Well I left a post about this on their facebook page and i’m attesting to find a corporate email to email them. I’m leaning towards the “this isn’t real” category but I have no idea

  • Jordan Olling

    Kevin, you can probably contact them either through The Hub website (which, to inquire about the TV station, they redirect you to Discovery’s site), or Hasbro’s site (which makes you sign up for a customer account just to fill out a form and send an e-mail). Good luck, dude.

  • Kevin, could you link us to the page where your Pinkie Pie vector is? Show it to Hub officials too, as proof.

  • skrolnik

    Kevin, while it sucks that they’re using your vector without credit, that is always a risk when you make a piece derivative of someone else’s copyrighted material (you even put “Pinkie Pie © fyre-flye/Hasbro on your dA page, so you knew from the start that you were playing in someone else’s playground). Unless you (and/or tygerbug who did the line art your vector was based on) contacted Hasbro before using their copyrighted character’s distinctive likeness, and have a written agreement with regards to your own derivative work, you probably don’t have much recourse.

    Of course, the date you uploaded it to dA and the date that these posters will be appearing at SDCC are matters of record, so even if they don’t officially acknowledge the effort that you and tygerbug put into the piece, the two of you can certainly use the fact that your art was good enough for Hasbro to reclaim as their own for the purposes of self promotion.

  • lonlybrony
  • http://popmannn.deviantart.com/art/Party-Cannon-Use-63-301185203

    Yeah and I’ve already sent an email to viewer_relations@discovery.com inquiring as to the validity of this post and if so why the lack of any form of contact.

  • Bethani

    Yo, Kevin, if you want an honest response for The Hub about your PP vector, you might wanna use the correct form of “there”
    Just sayin’

  • its true! i caught the pony trolley! check it out! its the inside and out! 😀 -> http://youtu.be/6ZxcQ7E2m5A

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  • gsabram


    While Kevin is protected from liability for infringing on Hasbro’s Pinkie Pie copyright because his Vector is “fair use,” that DOES NOT mean that his Vector itself is protected from use by another. In fact it’s likely that Hasbro could argue their use of his Vector is ALSO protected under the “fair use” doctrine.

    Fair use is generally a two-way street; Just because you want somepony to share their private property with you (i.e. fair use of intellectual property, like Pinkie Pie), you don’t automatically get to keep whatever you create as your own private property.


    pleease take down he site this is making me want to kill myself

  • Stop being Obvious

    @PONYS R GAYYY Oh no don’t do that, that would be more tragic than hitlers death D:

  • Unanimous D

    I don’t suppose they’re going to give the artist who made this any recognition for designing part of the pinkie pie one … nah, I didn’t think so.


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