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Everybody’s Gaming For The Weekend Of August 10th, 2012!

Friday 10th August 2012 by Andy Breeding

With crippling back pain these past couple of days, I won’t be moving much, if at all, this weekend. At least my timing is good since this week there are a plethora of games to play on portable and non-portable devices alike.


Super Stardust HD Bundle – PSN

An oldie but goodie, the wonderful folks at Housemarque decide for the 5th anniversary of releasing the first Playstation Network game to offer trophies, they would put Super Stardust HD in a bundle for $7.99. Getting the game as well as all three DLC items released for it is a great deal for a fantastic twin-stick shooter that is as close to any game could possibly come to the beloved Geometry Wars series on XBLA. If you are one of the few that haven’t bought this in the five years it’s been out, now’s the time to jump on this deal for Super Stardust HD.


Sound Shapes – PSN, PS Vita


Buying once, playing everywhere in the confines of the Playstation ecosystem, is something that I want to happen more. Even if your game is not that good, I would buy it just to have the option of either using my PS3 while at my desk, or my PS Vita while out getting groceries to finally eat something other than ramen noodles. Side-scrolling platformer with a huge focus on the musical aspect of each level. Traversing the levels collecting dots that increase the number of tones playing in the background of the level is the main focus of Sound Shapes as well as user created levels. This musical Little Big Planet-esque gem is a must for PS Vita and PS3 owners alike.


Gasketball – iOS

Tell me this doesn’t reek of late night infomercials:


Even with the 100 pre-made levels, the big appeal here is playing all the user created content. Hopefully, enough people shell out $2.99 for the the complete level-building kit so we have a never-ending flow of crazy Gasketball levels.