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Enter ‘The Cave’ Next Week For Just $14.99!

Tuesday 15th January 2013 by Derek Kraneveldt

Last month we showed you a wonderful trailer for Ron Gilbert’s upcoming adventure, The Cave. The quirky title quickly jumped to the top of my most-wanted list, where it will stay until it lands in my greedy digital hands.


Looks like I (and anyone else who’s looking forward to it… but mostly me) won’t have much longer to wait, as publisher Sega of America announced that The Cave will be available next week for the cool (and ridiculously low) price of $14.99 on all platforms.


Wii U and PS3 players will be able to start their adventure on Tuesday, January 22nd, while Microsoft and Valve loyals will be waiting until the 23rd.


Get excited, The Cave is going to be something special.