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Elijah Wood and More Coming At You in Season 10 of Rooster Teeth’s “Red VS Blue”!

Wednesday 25th April 2012 by Jonathan

Earlier today I received the following press release about the just announced 10th Season of Rooster Teeth’s beloved Red VS Blue. The new season features voice acting from Elijah Wood and will be the conclusion to the Project Freelancer storyline that’s been running through the series recently. Here’s the announcement trailer, followed by the original press release!

Rooster Teeth Productions is thrilled to announce their award-winning web series, Red vs. Blue, will return for its 10th season, featuring the voice of Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy).  The season will premiere exclusively on the Rooster Teeth website on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th.   Following the premiere of each episode they will be added to the Rooster Teeth YouTube page, which recently passed the 1 billion views mark!

Co-directed by Burnie Burns and Matt Hullum, Red vs. Blue humorously chronicles a civil war being waged by two equally hapless armies.  The Red Team and the Blue Team are fighting a battle that they know very little about and have no clue how to win.  This truly original narrative is told using machinima from the Xbox® game Halo® and stunning CGI animation.  The result of this innovative combination is the hilarious story of a non-committal struggle to control the least desirable place in the universe.

The 10th season of Red vs. Blue will bring the conclusion of the Project Freelancer story line and welcome new members of the team.  Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) joins the cast of Red vs. Blue this season as the voice of the artificial intelligence program, “Sigma.”

“After meeting the folks at Rooster Teeth a couple years ago, I was pleased to be asked to provide a voice for Red vs Blue. The character of Sigma, shifty and deceptive, was fun to bring to life,” said Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy).

New episodes of Red vs. Blue season 10 will premiere exclusively on RoosterTeeth.com each Monday.  Older episodes will be available on the Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel.  Red vs. Blue is also available for purchase or rental on iTunes and the Xbox Zune marketplace and will be available on Hulu this summer.  DVDs are available at Best Buy and other major retailers. Special mini-series are released on the Xbox Halo Waypoint Channel.

The Rooster Teeth YouTube Channel, which has over 1.7 Million subscribers, is home to Red vs. Blue episodes along with several other Rooster Teeth series.  These include RT Animated Adventures, which follows the shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff in animation, Fails of the Weak, a weekly compilation of the best in video game mishaps, and a wide variety of live-action comedy videos, behind-the-scenes clips, and video game tutorials.  As of April 16th the YouTube channel reached, and surpassed, 1 billion total views.

“Hitting one billion views was a confusing moment for us. We had heard the number ‘one billion’ before in conversation, but we didn’t think it actually existed. As everyone knows, the highest number ever recorded by modern scientists is four million. We here at Rooster Teeth are proud to have shattered that record. We look forward to many years of driving the twin industries of online video and number science,” said Rooster Teeth Founder Burnie Burns.

For the latest developments on Rooster Teeth and Red vs. Blue visit the Rooster Teeth Facebook, Rooster Teeth Twitter and Red vs. Blue Facebook.

About Red Vs. Blue Season 10

Project Freelancer casts a mighty long shadow. In nine seasons of Red vs. Blue, the top-secret military operation has affected the lives of the Blood Gulch crew in more ways than they even know. Now in the climactic tenth season, we experience the conclusion of the Project Freelancer story by watching how it all began and how it all went wrong.  Witness the birth of series villains and heroes, betrayals and alliances, all while the Reds and Blues embark on a hunt for answers from the one man that started it all – with a few diversions along the way of course.

Red vs. Blue Season 10 is the gripping and hilarious finale to the Project Freelancer saga, complete with newly animated battle sequences, a quest for revenge, and last but not least – your favorite inept space marines. Set in the universe of the enormously popular video game franchise Halo®, Red vs. Blue combines innovative machinima and animated sequences that have made it the world’s longest running web series of all time.


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