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EA Announces Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Friday 24th February 2012 by jake108

EA is churning out another war-based FPS set to release this Fall. GameInformer reports that the story will follow Tier One Operations, will run on Frostbite 2, and will release this October.

This from EA’s webpage:

We’re excited to bring you up to speed on the next Medal of Honor, titled Medal of Honor Warfighter. More details to come in the next few weeks but, we’d like to share a visual inspiration and representation of this title now:

While I enjoy the gameplay and certain elements of Battlefield 3, EA needs to rework their marketing strategy and really hit it out of the park with this new Medal of Honor game if they want to stay in a business dominated by Activision. We could go back and forth on the topic of Battlefield/MoH vs. Call of Duty, but numbers don’t lie.

Building hype won’t be a problem. I’m excited to see what Danger Close and EA will do to set themselves apart from the Call of Duty franchise.


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