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E3 2017: That Post-Kojima ‘Metal Gear’ Game Will Not Release This Year

Wednesday 14th June 2017 by Derek Kraneveldt

Briefly: Last Summer, Josh asked just what the hell was wrong with Konami after the reveal of Metal Gear Survive, a WTF-inducing Solid Snake and friends fighting zombies game that Hideo Kojima clearly had nothing to do with.

We’ve seen little else from the title since its reveal at GamesCom 2016, to the point where we’d almost forgotten that it even existed (leaving the world a slightly brighter place). It turns out, however, that the title is playable on the show floor amidst the giant lines at this year’s ongoing E3, but at this point the game will not be hitting your platform of choice until next year.p

Polygon learned earlier today that the development team requires a little more time to polish the game, and thus the title has been “pushed back a few months.” Naturally, Metal Gear games and delays are no stranger to one another — this game’s existence at all however, remains a mystery to all of us. What would it have been like to be a fly on the wall when this concept came up?

Forgot what it’s all about? Watch the reveal trailer below, and let us know if you’ll be picking this one up in early 2018.