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Dwayne Johnson To Crush DC Universe As Black Adam!

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 by Eric Francisco

When young Dwayne had seven bucks in his pocket and swore he’d never be broke again, he must not have expected that he’d become rich by playing a superhero in a blockbuster Hollywood film. The former Brahma Bull layed the smackdown — on Twitter, because this is 2014 — by finally announcing what we all suspected: He will be Black Adam! But in what? A Shazammovie? Which if it wasn’t Dwayne Johnson we’re talking about here would be bigger news than the casting of the villain.

There’s nothing about a Shazam! movie beyond Dwayne Johnson’s announcement, so Black Adam could very well show up in the upcoming Justice League film. Or maybe there is a Shazam! movie. Either way, this is one strange way to announce a big superhero movie. Who is directing? Who is producing? Who is Captain Marv Shazam? No one knows, but we know Black Adam.

Actually, John Cena would fit right in as the Shazam!

Photo credit: WWE

The movie ticket costs only $9.99!

An Untitled But Really Big Superhero Movie comes out in 2017, maybe.