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DVDs You Didn’t Know Were Coming: June Edition

Wednesday 8th June 2011 by Saintmort

Summertime and the living is eeeeeeeeeasy.

Going stay indoors watching TV.

Summertime and I want watch DVVVVVVVVVDS.

I need Matt to tell me what I should see.


JUNE 7th

Adam Sandler/Jennifer Ainston’s romantic comedy Just Go With It comes out on DVD & Blu-Ray. You may remember this movie as being the film with the easiest resolved solution ever (the kids are from a previous relationship) but I suppose if they went with that solution the film is only 30 minutes long.  The Coen Brother’s Academy Nominated Western True Grit is also getting a Blu-Ray DVD release along with Sanctum. Meanwhile on Blu-Ray the complete Superman Motion Picture Anthology is getting released. This box set contains every Superman movie from the original 1979 movie all the way to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. Meanwhile Adam Sandler’s first 3 hit films come out on Blu-Ray (these would be my picks of the week) Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and Bulletproof. Wisely Going Overboard still has not appeared on Blu-Ray


Avoid At All Costs

JUNE 14th

ScyFy original wanna Battle: Los Angeles and Red Riding Hood are getting a Blu-Ray/DVD release. I’ve yet to see either of these films so I can’t personally speak of my thoughts of them, but I’m willing to bet that Battle: Los Angeles is bad but entertaining while Red Riding Hood is just plain terrible. Also out on DVD/Blu-Ray is Hall Pass which I have seen and can say is worth viewing. It is not the funniest movie I’ve ever seen and it does drag at moments, but when it hits the right note it hits it in a gigantic way. My pick of the week though is Jackass 3.5. I finally saw Jackass 3D last week and am totally pumped up and ready to see the shit that was too outrageous for the theater.

JUNE 21st


Hitting DVD/Blu-Ray this week is Season One of Louis C.K.’s show Louie. I’ve yet to to see it but I adored his short-lived HBO show Lucky Louie. I’m hoping it will present the same anti-sitcom humor as his HoneyMooner’s tribute was. Also on Blu-Ray DVD is the Philip K Dick adaptation Adjustment Bureau and the Vegas Comedy Cedar Rapids which I’ve wanted to see since Jonathan first mentioned it on the podcast back on Episode 198. However as badly as I want to see it, we all know my love of terrible made-for-tv movies so my pick of the week is obviously Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid.


JUNE 28th

After reading Jontathan’s infamous rant did you get curious about Sucker Punch but didn’t want to drop money at the theater to see it? Well you’re in luck that and Season of the Witch are now out on Blu-Ray/DVD. If you remember the days when Adult Swim used to show serious anime as well as outrageous comedy than you’ll be happy to know Cowboy Bebop: the Movie is coming to Blu-Ray but My pick of the week is Lord of the Rings Complete Trilogy coming to on Blu-Ray. I can’t wait to see Peter Jackson’s beautiful landscapes and Gollum in that clear Blu-Ray picture!


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