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DVDs You Didn’t Know Were Coming: July Edition

Tuesday 5th July 2011 by Saintmort

It’s July! It’s time for San Diego Comic Con or as I call it Geek Mardi Gras! Also in the world of Matt Kelly, by the time you read this I’ll be moving to Los Angeles. Sadly this means that while I call them the pick of the week, I probably won’t actually have the money to purchase the DVD/Blu-Ray

JULY 5th

In the world of new movies on DVD/Blu-Ray we’ve got instant cult classic Hobo With a Shotgun, the newest in Kung-fu 13 Assassins and Uwe Bowell’s BloodRyane: The Third Reich which geekscapists Witney Siebold and William Bibbiani both gave a positive enough review that I’m at least mildly interested in seeing it. Das Boot is finally getting a blu-ray release. The appropriately short-lived super hero series The Cape is coming to DVD. However, if you frequently listen/watch the Geekscape podcast you will know that my pick of the week will absolutely 100% be Boy Meets World Season 6. It’s the long awaited college years; quite possibly the greatest and most bizarre season of Boy Meets World and kids who grew up watching TGIF on their Friday Nights will know enjoyable this season truly is.

JULY 12th

So normally when I’m doing my research and I find movie titled something as awesome as Dinocroc Vs Supergator it’s normally the pick of the week, but this week has so many quality releases it’s hard to go with the bad SyFy style film. The Lincoln Lawyer, Insidious, Brother’s Justice and Miral are all getting released on Blu-Ray/DVD. Also coming to Blu-Ray/DVD is Buster Keaton: Short Films Collection which is a must have for any budding film student and/or self proclaimed film historian. On Blu-Ray is Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece Brazil, but the pick of the week is Robot Chicken’s 3rd Star Wars Special. While I’m not the world’s biggest Robot Chicken fan, I find their Star Wars specials to be a level of brilliance that Family Guy only could wish their specials were.

JULY 15th

Arthur is coming to Blu-Ray/DVD and while I’m sure it’s Oscar worthy, you should put that money towards Rango 



July 19th

Tekken and Limitless get their Blu-Ray/DVD releases today. Also coming to Blu-Ray/DVD will be the direct to DVD movie The Reef, I know nothing about this movie, but it has a fun DVD cover which probably means it’s garbage, but the shark obsessed me will eventually end up watching it. Coming to Blu-Ray we have the beautifully shot silent film Beauty and the Beast, Chocolat, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Boyz N the Hood and Amelie one of the most interestingly shot and touching modern French films. BBC fans will be excited to see Doctor Who Series 6 Part 1 will come to DVD and in the “Holy Fucking Shit That’s Awesome” category Season 1 of the classic Nickelodeon Show Hey Dude will come out! However my pick of the week is Take Me Home Tonight, a film that went above and beyond my expectations and is currently my favorite movie of 2011 (it should be noted that I haven’t seen Super 8, Super, Natural Selection or Attack the Block… all which have a good chance at the title by December)

July 26th

Dylan Dog, Life During Wartime and Source Code are all getting a DVD/Blu-Ray release. John Belushi’s greatest films Animal House and Blues Brothers are getting their blu-ray releases today but the Pick of the Week has got to be Puppet Monster Massacre, I don’t know what the hell this movie actually is but it seems to be a love letter to the 80’s b-movie. Also check out this bad ass DVD cover!



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