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DVDs You Didn’t Know Were Coming: April Edition

Wednesday 6th April 2011 by Saintmort

Well, Another Month, another group of outrageous DVD releases. But enough of my nonsense chitchat lets get right to it.

April 5th – This Tuesday is a good day for someone owning a blu-ray. You get everything from Oscar Nominated films like People vs. Larry Flynt and Taxi Driver, Musicals like Fiddler on the Roof, Sci-fi classics like Tron & A.I. Artificial Intelligence and quirky comedies like Lars and the Real Girl and Jawbreaker. However the pick of the month would be getting the blu-ray release of Benny & Joon. Johnny Depp stars as Sam, a bizarre slapstick comedy fan who falls in love with the mentally unbalanced Joon (Mary Stuart Masterson). When Joon’s brother Benny wins Sam’s custody in a poker game he is forced to deal with the quirky new roommate as well as keep him away from his sister. The movie is admittedly a little strange and sometimes too bizarre; but Johnny Depp performs note for note perfection renditions of classic Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton routines that make it worth multiple views.

April 12th – This week is a little weak; this is possibly because on April 8th the 3rd Chronicles of Narnia movie is getting released and on April 15th Harry Potter And the Deathly Hollows Part 1 will hit DVD/Blu Ray. The only things worth noting is that H.R. PufNstuf is coming to DVD and more importantly Pixar’s greatest achievement The Incredibles will finally hit blu-ray. Jonathan London has said multiple times on the podcast that this film is the best Fantastic Four movie we’ll ever get.

April 18th – On DVD/Blu-Ray you got some Oscar nominated films like Rabbit Hole (was that nominated? All I remember about the Oscars was James Franco being stoned) and The King’s Speech. Disney is opening the vault once again with Bambi so you should probably “invest” in that by reselling it on eBay for $70 when Disney closes the vault once again. If you’re in a mood to just throw money in the trash you can purchase Glee: Encore on DVD and Blu-Ray (which is literally just a collection of performances from Glee; that being said, since there’s no story line, it might make it the best Glee Related purchase you could ever make). On Blu-Ray we’re getting Short Circuit 2 (which somehow I think is the only short circuit movie I ever saw) but the picks of the week are Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. Why? Why the fuck not. These movies are complete garbage. But still, they’re a blast to watch with friends.

I’d also like to point out that I can’t find any information on these movies but reportedly films titled Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, Stripperland! and Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies are getting DVD releases this week as well

April 26th – Such cult classics as El Topo and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas are getting blu-ray releases. But the Pick of the week is easily Dinoshark. Why? Well.. let’s let the amazon.com product description do that job for me:

It was frozen in glacial ice over 150 million years ago. Global warming has just hatched it in the Arctic. And now, it has traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a massive Mexican buffet of sailors, swimmers, lifeguards, jet skiers, horny tourists, bikini babes and more. It thrives in warm water. Bullets will not pierce its prehistoric armor. And it can leap out of the ocean to devour helicopters and parasailers. Can a rogue fishing boat captain and a sexy science teacher stop this ravenous pliosaur before it takes a monster bite out of the local fiesta and all-girl water polo tournament? Eric Balfour and Iva Hasperger star, along with award-winning B-movie producer Roger Corman himself; in the top-rated Syfy sensation about the blood-crazed primeval mutation called Dinoshark

Fuck yes! This sounds like the best movie since Shark Attack 3!


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