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Disney Is Closing the Great Movie Ride Next Month And Now Nothing Makes Sense

Sunday 16th July 2017 by Saintmort

As announcements roll out of D23 there’s only one that’s worth caring about. It’s the announcement that Disney will be closing down the Great Movie Ride next month. This news has me more depressed than any celebrity death in the last decade.

Every time I went to Disney I would ride this 3-4 times. It is without a doubt my favorite ride. What’s weird is that it’s one of those rides that you either LOVE or you never even knew existed.

The Great Movie Ride was the primary attraction when Hollywood Studios (at the time MGM Studios) originally opened it’s doors. The Dark ride takes you through various infamous movie moments ranging from Singing in the Rain and Casablanca to more recent (at the time) films like Alien and Raiders of the Lost Ark. The ride ends with each car enter a giant movie theater and being presented with constant stream of the greatest moments of cinema over the last 100 years.

I recall my senior year riding it with dreams of California and a film career in my heart. As I was overcome with each movie quote and iconic shot I began to cry. I openly wept to myself. It was a reminder of what I wanted so badly. I fantasized about the day I would be on the ride and see/hear a moment from something I wrote.

Last year I rode it for (unknowingly) the last time and cried again. I am no longer pursing my filmmaking dream, but the ride reopened that desire. I remember looking at how beautifully it showed the power of iconic film and felt that desire to create reignite in my heart.

It’s depressing that it’s leaving. It actually hurts. For me a Disney trip won’t ever feel quite like Disney again without this ride that brought me so much joy and inspiration. If comments from fellow Disney geeks in my life and online are to be taken seriously, I’m not alone in this sadness. People are not happy at this news.

It’s doubtful we will be able to stop this from happening. August 13th the ride will close it’s doors for the last time. I won’t get to take one last ride on it in time. If you do have a chance in the next month, ride it one last time for me.

So long Great Movie Ride. Thank you for years of service and inspiration. Thank God people have filmed POVs of their rides and uploaded that to YouTube.