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Darth Maul Revealed in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season Two Finale Teaser!

Monday 28th March 2016 by J.C. Marquez

This week is a big one for Star Wars fans. Before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on digital outlets this Friday, the current season of Star Wars: Rebels will end in a special hour-long episode on March 30.

In a season in which we saw Hera, Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, Chopper, and Captain Rex deal with Darth Vader and the new Inquisitors (Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother), fans will finally get to see some key moments teased all season long. The inevitable showdown between Ashoka Tano and her former Jedi Master-now-Sith Lord Darth Vader is arguably the moment all fans of the series have been waiting for this season, but there are plenty of other moments that will reach their conclusion. Will Ezra be tempted by the dark side of the Force by Darth Maul? Will we see (to use wrestling terminology) a face turn from Agent Kallus? Is the crossguard lightsaber which Ezra finds related to an ancient order of the Knights of Ren?

Hopefully many of these questions (and more) will be addressed and answered in the Star Wars: Rebels hour-long finale this Wednesday at 9 P.M. PST on Disney XD.

J.C. Marquez

J.C. has been in love with video games since he walked into a living room full of his older cousins huddled around a T.V. playing Metroid on a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System. With Zelda tattoos covering the better part of his left arm, J.C. spends his time his wife and baby daughter, playing on his 3DS and Wii U systems, as well as teaching English and running a Smash Bros. Club. He is an avid fan of comics, Japanese wrestling, horror movies, and art. Considers Pee Wee's Big Adventure to be the greatest film ever made.