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Crowdfund This: ‘Never Hike Alone’ A Friday The 13th Fan Film

Wednesday 8th February 2017 by Shane O'Hare

Welcome back to another installment of Crowdfund This. Where we here at Geekscape share with you amazing and incredible crowdfunding campaigns that you need to see. This time around take a look at Never Hike Alone: A Friday The 13th Fan Film. Horror fans, take note!

Never Hike Alone is a 22-minute short film that follows the story of KYLE MCLEOD (Andrew Leighty), an avid backcountry hiker who, while on a solo backpacking trip, discovers the long lost remains of CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. Ignoring the campfire ghost stories from his childhood, Kyle’s curious nature draws him in to see what is left of the camp since it was closed after the infamous 1980 Friday the 13th murders.

This has got me absolutely pumped! Not being a hardcore horror fan, Friday the 13th has always been my favorite horror franchise. With the announcement that the upcoming remake was cancelled by Paramount, Friday fans don’t really have much new content on the horizon.

Never Hike Alone aims to fill the void left by the feature film being shutdown, and they need your help!

The majority of principle filming has been completed. The team over at Womp Stomp Films just needs a little bit more to get the project finished.

For more information, and to peep some of their INCREDIBLE backer perks, check out the official KickStarter.