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Crowdfund This: ‘Beats Of Rage: The FP 2’

Monday 3rd July 2017 by Derek Kraneveldt

Briefly: It’s been 84 years…

Not really, but it’s been almost 6 years since The FP first blew our freaking minds. Back in the day, we had our own screening of the feature, had basically the whole family on Geekscape, and spent way, way too long playing The FP rhythm game on our phones.

I even dressed up as a member of the 248 for Halloween one year.

Jason and company have worked on a bunch of cool projects in the years since The FP, but naturally, myself and fans all over the world wanted to see what happened to our pals from Frazier Park.

I’m so, so happy to see that after what seems like years of teasing, Beats of Rage: The FP 2 is finally on its way.

Jason and crew have already shot the first 30 minutes of the project, with the intention of pitching Beats of Rage as a television series. Jason notes that “We were going to try and pitch is as a TV show… but, politics YO! That could take a mo suckin’ eternity. Plus, we think this shit is so dope, we’re sick of waiting! Let’s just finish the movie and get this shit up into your living room with a beer in your hand ASAP!”

That sounds great to me. We’ve waited this long, NOW LET’S SEE THIS SHIT! FOR THE DUCKS!

Here’s the synopsis for Beats of Rage:

In a dystopian future… the world is in a booze drought. Disputes are fought to the death via the dancing arcade game Beat-Beat Revolution, which has absolutely no relation to Dance Dance Revolution. Alternate Reality yo.

In this ghetto ass fantasy, in order to save The FP once again… again, JTRO -The Beat-Beating champion from a legendary bloodline of beat-beaters and KCDC – his mystical hype man, must quest deep into The Wastes, a world decimated by the beat wars, in order to compete in the ancient Beat-Beat tournament, “Beats of Rage”. JTRO travels deep into the realm of his birthplace where he must dig deeper than six feet to vanquish the self-proclaimed lord of the Wastes, AK-47. Will JTRO fulfill KCDC’s prophecy? Will he be able to RENIG before it’s too late and save The FP from runnin’ dry once and for all?

In just a couple of days, the team has raised nearly 25% of their miniscule $25,000 goal. We’ve seen freaking Potato Salads make more cash than that, so fans should definitely be able to hit this target (and way, way more than that). Naturally there’s some shit in it for you (aside from simply letting this exist). Backer rewards include credits, soundtracks, copies of the film, shirts, having your photo in the film, a ticket to the premiere, and even a role in the movie.

Did I mention that you can watch 10 minutes of the project right now?

Yeah, you can.

So for For Jason. For Frank Sanders. For us. It’s time to show that you’re a true member of the 248 and make this shit happen. Open your chequebook. Click the freakin’ share button. Make Beats of Rage: The FP 2 happen.

You can head to the IndieGoGo page right here, and watch ten minutes of the project below.