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Corruption In Video Game Journalism: What Does It Mean For You?

Tuesday 19th August 2014 by Shane O'Hare

A very interesting topic has come up over the weekend. The entire events and goings on have been collected in this, albeit long, video. If you care at all about video games in the slightest, then I HIGHLY suggest you give this a watch.


The sites and people implicated in this video are some of the big dogs in the video game journalism industry. It brings up a great topic that needs to be addressed. Accountability and Honesty.

If any of the allegations are true, then we have ourselves a huge problem on our hands. When personal agendas (we here at Geekscape have No Agenda) get pushed through big media outlets, like the ones implicated in the above video, we have a failure of the industry. You as consumers need to keep people like us in check, so that we can accurately cover the topics you hold dear. If this kind of stuff goes on, then you the consumer will be hurt.

One of the interesting things to come of this is the mass censorship of the above video and it’s topic. When it was posted on Reddit’s /r/gaming earlier, it was immediately removed from the page and all the comments deleted. It wasn’t until the video was posted on /r/videos that I found out about the subject. Turns out the head moderator of /r/gaming felt the video was against Reddit’s rules, but the head moderator at /r/videos felt like it was NOT.



What is interesting about this, is that the moderator from /r/gaming in question has publicly reached out to Miss Quinn.



Now this isn’t about if she fucked a couple (5) guys. It’s about her using her relationships with people in the media to affect articles and news to profit. To knock out competitors, or people that she deemed “oppressive”. Its about creating a terrible image for females in the video game industry.

Miss Quinn has said that she won’t respond to anything about this above subject because it’s not about “video games”. What I have to say to you Miss Quinn, is you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You’ve vocally taken a stance on things that do NOT directly correlate with gaming, but pick and choose when that topic is valid. You’ve said that this is just a push to crush creativity. This is NOT a push to crush creativity. This is the start of a movement to keep people like me, people like the folks over at Nerd Reactor, the people at Kotaku and others honest.

The Question of The Day

So the question of the day, the dear readers of Geekscape, is what do you think of this whole incident? Please consume the evidence and form your own opinion. We want to hear from you how you feel about the subject of Honesty in Journalism. How do you the readers think we the Press should be held accountable? Please share this post, share the video and propagate the formula. Honesty.


I would like to point out that during the writing of my piece, the video from Mundane Matt had been re-uploaded. His take down was the catalyst for the story getting out. It goes back to the start of my article. When corruption in the industry is rampant, you the consumer hurts. Miss Quinn abused YouTubes DMCA take down policy, and will most likely abuse Twitter’s abuse policy in all of this. Her correspondence with the Reddit /r/gaming mod needs to be taken into question as well. His public response thread is full of questions that aren’t getting answered.

  • NULL

    Honestly? I think it is a private matter that people should have kept private from the start. I don’t think it even warrants coverage. The argument of integrity and journalism ring hollow to me. It sounds like people trying to reframe things in a way that justifies certain behaviors. “It’s okay for us to yell about this because we’re protecting freedom!” or something.

    Look, even if she did what people say, it doesn’t give people a right to harass her. If this truly is enough of a concern that you legitimately feel compelled to action, you best rise above the actions of an unfortunate number of your peers.

  • Icey

    Sleeping with your boss to get ahead and with a Kotaku editor for more press are things that need to be brought to attention whether you like it or not. Corruption in the gaming industry and the “gaming journalism” industry needs to be addressed and a stop needs to be put to it. If it was a male in this situation no one would be calling him the victim. Every website, bar maybe Kotaku if it was the same situation, would be calling for their head. But because it’s a female white knights feel the need to protect her even if she did some vile disgusting things that made her money that she should be held accountable for.

  • Taylor Huston

    So all this started because some butthurt dude wrote a long blog post bitching about someone who just dumped him? Why is this getting covered again? Regardless of whether or not the things he claims are true, which as near as I can tell there’s no hard evidence backing up his claims, it’s no ones fucking business. What happens between two people in a relationship should stay between those two people. Who she did or did not sleep with is her business, and I can’t blame her in the slightest for not wanting her private sex life to be public knowledge, regardless of who the other people involved in said sex life may be.

    Meanwhile actually important stuff happened in the real world.

  • 111

    That is not it sadly. It started also when she fucked over a charity event in order to get more money. It started when she claimed she was harrased when a couple of imageboard posts were made about here. It happened when she and people around her used their influence in the industry to keep a sexual harrasment incident that she was the main culprit at bay. It happened when she used all the fame to promote his “game” which she made free (tbh she would get shit on by the likes of TotalBiscuit if that “game” cost anything and rightfully so) and now she hosts a patreon campaing and making thousands of dollars each month to “create awesome stuff”

  • MundaneMatt

    Thanks for the mention.