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‘Community: Age of Yahoo’ Season 6 Trailer Now Online!

Tuesday 3rd March 2015 by Eric Francisco

We’ve made it to season six.

Our beloved Community begins its sixth season very soon — on Yahoo! Screen, March 17th — and a full trailer has just went online. I’m embarrassed to say I can’t for the life of me embed Yahoo! video, so you’ll have to click for it here.

Despite losing several of the key cast over the last few years, Community appears to not have missed a beat and remains the same show we know and love (except for whatever the Gas Leak Year was). The spoof of Age of Ultron is just inspired.

Community season six is resembling your favorite buddy from college still be his old funny self. Just with a few wrinkles and a few hard hits from reality.

I’m also not sure what influenced the change in lighting, but the study table looks drastically different. Forget the empty seats, the sun looks like its setting. Symbolic of the show’s imminent end, or just the change in ownership? That’s for you to decide.

New cast members Danny Glover and Paget Brewster are on full display, and it appears Paget is set-up as a rival of sorts for Britta. It might be my eyes but the constant cutting between the two have blurred them for me and they honestly kind of look alike.

Community airs March 17th on …Yahoo! Screen. I need to get used to these Chang-es.