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Check Out This New Shirt From Our Buddies at Graphic Lab: “Where the Dragons Are” by Jonathan

At WonderCon 2012, Geekscape shared the aisle with the hilarious mofos at Graphic Lab T-Shirts! We became quick friends, so I offered to have their main mofo Robert Acosta shoot me designs that I thought might appeal to you guys.

Graphic Lab shirts are always $10 and have a limited availability window. If you like what they’re offering, jump on it!

Here’s their current “Gilmore-centric” shirt (you guys remember Gilmore dressing as Max from Where the Wild Things Are for like 4 Halloweens in a row, right? Well, add Skyrim to that equation!):

Title: Where the Dragons Are
Artist: Ken Oliver
Shirt Color: Grey
Price: $10

About the Design:
Where the Dragons are is the story of a Dovakiin named Max who travels to the land where the dragons are. After gnashing his terrible teeth and shouting his terrible dragon shout the dragons name him the wildest thing of all!

About Ken:
I work as a graphic designer in Roanoke, VA. I spend my time staring at glowing rectangles, occasionally finding time to eat and sleep and sometimes I even get to see the sun.

Run over to Graphic Lab and place an order if you want one of these because they’ll be all gone next week!


Jonathan is Geekscape's Editor in Chief. He started Geekscape in order to make new friends. He has yet to make any friends but everyone else seems to like each other just fine so something seems to be working. He can also be found on twitter!

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