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Celebrate The Lunar New Year With Overwatch’s Latest Event! Check Out ‘The Year Of The Rooster’

Tuesday 24th January 2017 by Shane O'Hare

The best thing that Blizzard is doing with Overwatch (that is going to contribute greatly to it’s longevity), are their Seasonal Events. Summer games, Halloween, and Christmas were all a hoot to play. Players get access to awesome character skins, emotes and game-modes; while some levels got a nice makeover. All have been well received by the community and really show that Blizzard cares about the quality of life for Overwatch. Valve, take note. Santa hats on the CS:GO chickens aren’t enough.

A few weeks ago we got teased for their newest event celebrating the Lunar New Year, and today we finally get the full list of details! Check out the trailer below.

We got ourselves a HUGE series of goodies to track down and fight for. Over 100 different cosmetic items can be had from Lunar New Year Loot Boxes. As always, players can earn them from play or buy them for real cash.

The event starts TODAY and goes until February 13th. You can find me frantically searching for that Mei skin. Mei is bae.

  • Nice Skins and that new game on arcade is really fun.
    Enjoy it a lot.
    Working to get the Winston Monkey King Skin… its so cool!!!!