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Celebrate Christmas With ‘The Aquabats Supershow Holiday Special!’

Monday 25th November 2013 by Shane O'Hare

This just in! This just in! Aquabats! Aquabats! It looks like our favorite teenaged superheroes are returning to television with three brand new specials! When do you ask? Well this Christmas of course!

After the first five episodes of Season 2 aired, The Aquabats kind of went radio silent for a while. No news of when the next episodes will air, or if they would even get filmed for the matter! Looks like the silence was a good thing, as they have three brand new specials ready and raring to go for our viewing pleasure. The first one, simply titled “Christmas With The Aquabats” hits your TV screens on December 21st!

The first special titled “Christmas with The Aquabats!,” Ricky’s perfect Christmas is threatened when the Aquabats arrive in a strange village and are convicted of breaking a law that forbids any Yuletide celebration. Their only chance at saving themselves and Christmas is for the big man himself, Santa, to lend a mitten! The special includes guest stars Matt Walsh (“Veep”) as Santa and Robert Smigel (“TV Funhouse,” “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog”) as the voice of The Krampus. “The Aquabats! Super Show!” is produced by Awesome Forces! Productions.

The Aquabats have said in the past that they try to bring people they enjoy as artists onto the show to work with them, and we can clearly see this special is full of great talent. The other two episodes will air on December 28th and January 19th respectively.

The second special, “Shark Fighter!,” finds the Aquabats face-to-face with mutant land sharks and when the legendary Shark Fighter (Rhys Darby, “Flight of the Concords”) arises to take on the Bats, he ends up being the big brother Crash has always wanted. The third special is “Kitty Litter!,” where the Aquabats encounter a new villain who blames them for his villainous condition and devises a plot for revenge that uses the cuteness of kittens to battle his enemies.

This aquacadet is super stoked! This is the best Christmas present an Aquabats fan could ever hope for!