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Carrie Fisher Has Died At The Age of 60

Tuesday 27th December 2016 by The_acz

There’s no easy way to say this.

Last week, Actress Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack while on a plane flight from London to L.A. Fisher stopped breathing for around 12-15 minutes and was quickly rushed to UCLA’S ICU where she quickly regained conciseness, but had to remain hospitalized. Just yesterday, her mother came out to say that she was in stable condition and that things were looking up,but today, we’re sad to report that she did not make it. Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia herself, has passed away at age 60 due to cardiac Arrest. Now, in the spirit of honoring her obituary that she wanted, we would also like to report that the cause of her death was actually drowning in Moonlight, strangled by her own Bra. Old Grim the Reaper just couldn’t keep away from the last week of 2016. We here at Geekscape are deeply saddened by this event and offer our warmest condolences to  her family. Have a safe week everyone, and may the force be with you.