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The Best of the Bullet Bill Changes Everything Meme

Thursday 1st March 2012 by Gilmore

In 2006, before the internet was overrun by tired old advice animal memes, we had 4Chan, we had Something Awful, we had Fark and maybe a few other places. Memes weren’t on the news and they sure as hell weren’t performing at real, televised awards shows. But much like the transgendered dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, life found a way.

And also in the summer of 2006, Geekscape‘s Jonathan London annoyingly gave his friend Graham a piece of advice that would unknowingly set off one of the greatest message-board-based memes of all time. They were playing New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, Graham was rushing through a level, and Jonathan warned “Careful. Bullet Bill changes everything.” And indeed, he does.

Bullet Bill Changes Everything

Bullet Bill, for the uninitiated, is the lovable yet deadly giant bullet/bomb that has killed countless of us who have dared underestimate him in a Mario game.

And so, with uttering of one of the nerdiest things ever said out loud, the geek community couldn’t stop putting Bullet Bill into some of humanity’s darkest moments (and some randomly great ones), showing once and for all that Bullet Bill truly does change… everything.

NOTE: Some of these may be horribly offensive.

JFK Shooting Bullet Bill Murder Lee Harvey Oswalt

Who Shot Mr Burns Bullet Bill



and of course…

And a bonus from Reddit, where an old Scapist mentioned in the comments that yes, Bullet Bill Changes Everything:

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