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Breaking In Season Finale 21.0 Jump Street Review

Tuesday 17th May 2011 by GeekscapeStaff

If you haven’t noticed by all the Breaking In content on the site the last couple of days, we kinda dig on this show. It’s a fun, energetic and witty comedy that packs every episode full of story, character, and pop culture mastery that as a geek, you are instantly sucked in. The show focuses on Contra Security’s team of hackers, grifters, con-men, and thieves as they attempt to protect their clients by testing their clients limits. While the show gained notice for it’s casting of Christian Slater as the head of Contra Security, it’s the talented young cast make up the team that keeps you coming back.

The season finale takes the team back to Cam’s (Bret Harrison) high school to help a teenage nerd fend off a cyber bully. Through some poor planning Cam and Cash (Geekscapist Alphonso McAuley) end up making the situation worse and end up bringing in the big guns, namely Oz (Christian Slater). Also at the school is teacher Patty (the fabulous Nora Kirkpatrick), a former classmate of Cam’s that apparently had a thing for him, which helps Cam not think about his crush on Melanie (Odette Annable). A crush that is getting to the point of interfering with the operations of the office. The episode culminates with the entire team taking over a highschool prom, a fitting end to the first season.

Most definitely watch this show Tuesday night at 9:30 on Fox. After being cancelled Fox has decided to give it one last shot and has moved it to the more appropriate Tuesday night comedy block. Fox is still in need of some convincing and we have an opportunity to help save a show with a ton of potential.

This episode is worth tuning in for. While the show has a few kinks it could stand to work out, (like what is that voice Michael Rosenbaum is using & why is it never consistent from one scene to the next?) at it’s core the show is full of heart, has a great sense of controlled chaos and a really dynamic cast. Plus, I want a second season where we get more of the talented Nora Kirkpatrick (there is a throw away line referencing her accordian,which she plays in real life), more of the break out performance from Alphonso McAuley, and more of the sheer insanity this show is throwing at us. 

Watch “Breaking In” Tuesday Night at 9:30 on Fox, after Raising Hope, and watch Alphonso McAuley on this week’s Geekscape Podcast.