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“Breaking In” Countdown To The Season Finale

Sunday 15th May 2011 by GeekscapeStaff

“Breaking In” Season Finale Airs Tuesday Night at 9:30 after Raising Hope

This week on the podcast our guest is Alphonso McAuley, Cash from Breaking In. We like Alpohonso. He cracked us up at Wondercon and he’s a genuinely funny and cool guy. Let’s help our friend keep his job.  

As geeks, we’re a cynical bunch. We don’t trust new things easily. So when Fox comes to us and says they have a show tailor made for us, we’re skeptical. “Breaking In” debuted to some strong numbers, but hasn’t wowed the folks at Fox. They’ve tentatively canceled it, but are now doing us a solid by trying it in the Tuesday comedy block after “Raising Hope.” Even if the show isn’t your cup of tea, do those of us that like it a solid and watch the finale Tuesday night. Tell your friends to watch it. Let’s keep a funny show with a lot of wit and heart on the air. Fox is no stranger to changing their minds, and they seem open to being convinced. Let’s convince them. Most of the geeky shows we were amped for next season are cut, no Wonder Woman, No Locke and Key, Smallville is done, and it’s the last season for Chuck. Let’s help determine what kind of TV we get in the future by not giving up on the geeky shows we still have, for now. 

For those who haven’t yet seen “Breaking In” here’s every episode so far but the pilot.