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BookCon Moving to Chicago in 2016

Sunday 31st May 2015 by Eric Francisco

This weekend’s BookCon is winding down, but already they’ve announced some big news. Next year, the convention will be moving from New York City to Chicago, and for what appears to be one day only.

Some people are naturally expressing disappointment, but I think a change of scenery could do some good. It’s nice to know that fan enthusiasm can be applied anywhere, beyond comic books and movies.

When I told people I was going “to a BookCon,” I had to tell them it’s basically Comic-Con but, you know, not. This is how we break stereotypes, people. By expanding.

My full post-con report from this past BookCon is coming shortly, and I had a blast. It’s a different atmosphere than Comic-Con. It’s far more relaxed and low-key, but the enthusiasm is the same and you meet the same kind of people. They’re just not in Doctor Who cosplay.

Did you go to BookCon this weekend too? Or are you in Chicago and marking the date on your calendar? Let us know.

Eric Francisco

Eric is a graduate of Rutgers University and is working to become a filmmaker/producer, but he really just wants to be a Power Ranger. He likes his sugar with coffee and cream.