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Blue Estate Review Volume 1 – Reviewed

Wednesday 14th September 2011 by tonystark553

So here we have a book that would like you to think it’s this quirky gum shoe detective story with some nutty plot twists and crazy characters. Meh.

Our main protagonist, who we see very little of, is a Jonah Hill lookalike who lives in the shadow of his father, one of the best cops the LAPD has ever known.  While he struggles as a private dick (haha, that never gets old) he basically worships the ground his father walks on.  He’s likeable enough because he’s a nice kid and seems to be pretty clever as well.  Jonah Hill actually would be perfect for this role, should it ever become a film.

It’s just a shame that the only thing our “hero” does in Volume 1 is narrate what is happening the entire time.  He’s pretty much living vicariously through his father as he walks us through what’s going on in this case.  There’s psychotic, homicidal, Russian drug lords, hot chicks in bikinis, and tons of blood.  The plot is nothing too heavy yet.  Basically we’re getting the set-up of who’s double crossing who and why.  Most of it centers around a vicious Russian boss who everyone in the story is basically connected through.  Kind of like a Kevin Bacon type of thing.  Anyway, not everyone is exactly honky dory with this guy, and I won’t give it away, but someone mighty close to him has some kind of plan of removing him from the equation.  We meet other characters, but in general, that’s what we get plot wise so far.

There’s definitely good pacing going on, and the story is certainly building to something.  But with these first four books, we definitely don’t see the bigger picture yet.  I don’t think it will be anything too surprising, but I am actually interested to see how our star will fit in to this Hollywood murder/betrayal plot.  Will he prove to his father he can be a real cop?  Will he get himself killed?  Who knows at this point.

I’m not a huge fan of this type of art, but I won’t complain simply because at least I can tell what’s going on.  It’s also kind of funny when it comes to some of the torturing scenes, the jagged lines and crazy colors really animate the gore and pain in a weird way.

I won’t say Blue Estate is awesome, or even anything entirely fresh.  But it isn’t bad at all. It’s an easy read, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s funny, it has decent plot twists, and I am interested to see where Volume 2 takes us, and how these interwoven characters will end up affecting each other.  I’m thinking most of them will blow each other to bits but it’s purely speculation.  We have a half decent set-up and I think it will be a good time, regardless.