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Awesomenauts are GO! – The stylized side-scrolling action game gets a May 1st release by Shane O'Hare

The perfect combination of: Castle Crashers , Lost Vikings and Team Fortress 2. That is the easiest way to explain the awesome that is “Awesomenauts”. The game hits PSN May 1st and XBLA May 2nd. In the mean time, check out the epic trailer below. I am personally sold on this game, just by the trailer alone.

Shane O'Hare

The northern most Geekscapist. I've been doing the 'scape since before it was cool! Video games are my main prerogative but I can be passionately geeky for many things.

Posted  Fri 30th Mar 2012 Modified  Fri 30th Mar 2012 Tags  , ,


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