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Asura’s Wrath DLC announcement: New episodes AND characters; Ryu and Akuma

Tuesday 27th March 2012 by Shane O'Hare

Today the crew over at Capcom and CyberConnect2 announced that starting this afternoon on PS3 (28th XBOX), players of the crazy genre blending anime-fueled  experience, will be able to purchase and download the first in a series of DLC for the game.

Today players will be able to grab “Episode 11.5”. 11.5 offers insight on what happened between Episode 11 and Episode 12. Then next week, April 3rd, “Episode 15.5” hits the PSN and XBL stores. Both of these episodes offer a shift in the art style, taking an Anime approach. Check the trailer below, make sure to watch the WHOLE thing.

As you can see Street Figher favorites, Ryu and Akuma, make an appearance. Expect to get your hands on them in May with the Lost Episode packs.

Here is a full rundown of the entire DLC schedule and pricing. Hit the thumbnail below.