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Anime Expo 2017: Here’s A First Look At Blizzard’s Upcoming D.Va Statue!

Wednesday 19th July 2017 by Josh Jackson

If you’re an Overwatch fan, then you surely heard about Blizzard’s upcoming D.Va statue. Priced at a heartbreaking $450, we knew that it had to impress to justify the price tag. After seeing it unveiled in person however, and it’s hard to argue otherwise with all of the detail put into it.

When explaining the process of bringing Overwatch‘s gaming goddess to life, the design team knew that she couldn’t be in her Mecha from the start of the design phases. D.Va is unique in the sense that she’s actually two characters, so the team wanted that to be well represented when it came to her statue. With as many minute details that the Mecha has, it was the most challenging statue for them to design so far. Determined to stay one-to-one with the game assets, the legs in particular were a unique challenge to represent, with so many small sections in the joints needing to look like they would properly function while looking like it does in the game. The entire process was completed using both hand and digital work, taking about 8-12 weeks to fully sculpt. To put the finishing touches on the statue, the team used dental tools to create scratches, making both Hana and her Mecha look battle hardened.

With so many intricacies going into the design, it’s not hard to see why it’s so expensive. But then again, owning a piece one of last year’s waifu of the year winners is priceless. Check out our photo gallery below and let us know if you’re going to take out a second loan to pick this up, and let us know if you know any good divorce lawyers in the comments, since I’m pretty sure my wife won’t be happy when this shows up at my door.