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Amy Jo Johnson, Original Pink Ranger, Open For A Role in New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

Monday 10th November 2014 by Eric Francisco

Full disclosure: The video below is from Power Rangers fan blog No Pink Spandex, which is run and operated by a friend of mine, Lisa. I helped her film footage of Amy Jo Johnson performing at New York City’s The Bitter End.

In a new video series from No Pink Spandex, which will showcase artists pursuing current projects outside of Power Rangers, Amy Jo Johnson opens up about going to her first convention at this past Lexington Comic-Con and performing at The Bitter End in New York for the first time in ten years. The one thing that’s lighting the internet on fire, however, is that she admitted she would be open to a role — whether it’s starring or a cameo — in the upcoming Power Rangers movie from Lionsgate.

Literally nothing else except the title, the screenwriters, and the fact that one of the biggest-name producers left is known about the new Power Rangers film, so understand that Amy Jo hasn’t been offered a role that we are aware of. Or anyone else from the original cast. I’m sure there have been calls to the Jason David Frank estate once or twice, but who knows.

Amy Jo Johnson made a comeback in the pubic consciousness this past weekend when she performed on a street corner in Toronto, busking in a Pink Ranger costume. Don’t worry, it was not a depressing episode of a one-hit wonder on hard times. It was in fact, a celebration. Fellow Power Rangers co-star David Yost dared Amy to perform in the outfit should she meet her fundraising goal for her first feature film, The Space Between, which led to the internet going bananas.

Amy Jo’s career post-Power Rangers has been varied, nabbing leading roles in television dramas like Felicity and Flashpoint and carving out her name in independent music and film. She clearly has a passion for the arts, often making personalized videos of her singing to fans who pledge her film projects. Welcome to 2014, where your childhood crush will sing to you over the internet.

I’m excited and happy for Amy Jo. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet — after filming at The Bitter End, she was swarmed by fans so I couldn’t even shake her hand — but not only does she seem to be happy, she’s given the opportunity to make art that she wants. Not many people have the privilege to say that. Furthermore, she’s a woman director. Hollywood is devoid of the female perspective, so if a former Power Ranger wants to blaze a trail, I will totally support her.

I for one would absolutely be welcome to seeing Amy Jo Johnson back for Power Rangers, if only briefly. What say you?