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All 5 Star Trek Captains Unite for UK Event by Shane O'Hare

Today it was announced that Destination Star Trek London will have all five captains from the various Star Trek series will be together, FOR THE FIRST TIME!  We got Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway (My personally favorite) and Archer(Who I feel got a bad wrap with enterprise. I loved that show).

Not much else to say. The event coordinators said they expected 15,000 attendees but after a cryptic 14,000 preordered their tickets.

For more info on this crazy convention, check out their official website.

Shane O'Hare

The northern most Geekscapist. I've been doing the 'scape since before it was cool! Video games are my main prerogative but I can be passionately geeky for many things.

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