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A Swift Punch To The Face! The Geekscapepod For September 10th, 2012!

Sunday 9th September 2012 by Jonathan

That’s right… you’re getting it early so I can get the word out on Bob’s Kickstarter campaign! Enjoy the second Geekscape of the day!

Robert J. Peterson joins me from CC2K Online to talk about his brand new novel The Odds, currently going through a Kickstarter campaign! The Odds sounds awesome, equal parts Big Trouble in Little China, Battle Royale and… chess! We also plug our upcoming Comikaze panel with producer Michael Uslan and actor Thomas Jane! And why not use this opportunity to discuss the problems with the Punisher movies? Does Robert think that they do anything right? Also, Jonathan explains the brand new, Muslim Green Lantern and explains why he deserves to be read! And Robert says that Keanu Reeve’s ‘Side by Side’ does a great job of exploring the discussion between film and digital!

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  • CaptainK17

    I did not notice the image until now. Why is Punisher punching a bear!?

    Also I have to disagree with Robert on the piracy issue. Most forms of media have excellent distribution systems now (Netflix, iTunes, Steam, ComiXology etc, minus things like HBO). I use all of these frequently, and it’s wonderful.

    I know very few people that do the same though. Most of the people that I know never even look at these other methods, and jump right to bittorrent or other avenues.

    I ask people why they decide to do that, and the answer, 100% of the time, is that it’s free. In fact most of them look dumbfounded at the fact that I pay for stuff.